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Gotham -- The Penguin Meets The Riddler

Updated on February 10, 2015

And a future arch-villain is born

As we last left off, Fish was on a boat in the harbor when gunfire erupted and it looked like Fish was going to do a chest bump the the bad looking dude that entered her stateroom. I'm guessing he's an ex-love or relative and she's actually running in his arms not to attack him. Let's see if I'm right.

A man comes home to his apartment. No lights will come on. He hears someone inside. Two zombie looking dudes attack him.

Meanwhile, Fish is one thefloor. There's fighting surrounding her. She goes to the men watching her saying the first man that comes at her will die, and so will the others. Guess I was wrong. Isn't the first time and won't be the last.

Gordon out with Leslie, saying he hasn't been to her apartment yet. Leslie will be starting work at Gotham PD as the new medical examiner. She wonders if Jim will have a problem with that.

Gordon and Harvey find another victim minus his adrenal glands. It was the man who looked like he was being attacked by a couple of zombies. Meanwhile, Mr. Fear Factor is experimenting with the glands and injects them into his arm. He sees a woman coming down the stairs, walking through flames.

Looks like Brucie is going for an adventure. Alfie offers to go, but Brucie says he'll go by himself. It's apparently something him and his father used to do.

Penguin whines to Falcone about his experience and he wants to know if Penguin intends to clean up Fish's club. Falcone wants Fish wiped from the club and doesn't really care. He gives Penguin the club and tells him to get it open and he'll take care of Maroni.

Harvey says an office romance always ends in tears when he learns Leslie coming to work at the precinct. Then he discovers the name of the Fear Factor. It's Gerald Crane.

Mace is the boss amongst the prisoners were Fish is being kept.

Brucie connecting rocks in the woods.

Gordon and Harvey learn that Crane was a teacher and devoted father to his son, Jonathan. Crane's boss give them a paper he wrote on fear. Crane's wife died in a car accident, so it doesn't seem she was Fire Lady.

Crane intends to innoculate his son, Jonathan, so he'll be free of fear, as he claims he now is.

Maroni and Falcone have a meeting. Falcone tells Maroni to go ahead and kill Penguin. Meanwhile Penguin renames Fish's club Oswald's.

Fish goes to talk to Mace. She wants to know why he's the boss. She says she wants to make a deal with him, that she has skills that would be useful to him. All he has to do is protect her from the animals who seem to want to ravish her. Am I the only one that wondered if she was going to offer to service him when she was down on her knees in front of him?

Penguin and Ed meet. Ed makes a riddle about penguins. Ed doesn't seem to be the least bit afraid of him. It was actually a very interesting scene. If I had to place money on one of them, I'd strangely enough put my money on Ed.

Penguin comes to see Gordon. He refuses to comes to Penguin's party and says he doesn't want Penguin's help or for him to come the police station any more.

Crane prepares to inject his son with his serum. He starts screaming after he's injected.

Brucie lays some rocks on a pile of rocks already there Then he picks up one of the rocks and throws it. Then throws another and destroys the pile. Before collapsing on the ground and crying. When he stomps away, he rolls down the side of a hill.

Bruce hurt his ankle and can't stand up. And with the thunder sounding, it sounds like there's going to be a storm.

Gordon tells Leslie she can't kiss him at work now she's working there.

Falcone mentions a judge he knows that Maroni hurts. Maroni says he'll leave penguin alone for getting the judge. Falcon shows he has the judge confined in a room and Maroni can have him.

Harvey suggests Gordon go to Penguin but he doesn't want to do it. Harvey discovers that Crane's wife, Karen died in a fire and not a car accident. Seems she is Fire Lady. Gordon and Harvey believe Crane was too afraid to save his wife's life.

Crane tries to stop Johnathan from running away. He says he's not afraid like his father. Crane insists Jonathan to continue with his treatments.

Alfie waiting for Master Bruce to return, while he's still stuck in the woods trying to crawl on his belly out of them. He fashions a splint around his leg so he can walk, or so he doesn't damage his leg any further.

Fish tells Mace she's going to call him doc. Mace makes her sit on his lap. She stabs Mace in the neck and kills him, declaring she's in charge now.

Harvey and Gordon arrive at the Crane hideout. Jonathan urges his dad to leave, but Crane insists that Jonathan must finish the protocol. He gives his son an extra large dosage to complete it. Jonathan sees a scarecrow coming to life and screams. The screams lead Gordon and Harvey to Crane. They shoot Crane down. They call an ambulance for Jonathan whose convulsing from the overdose Daddy Fear Factor game him.

Brucie manages to climb back up the hill he fell down and finds Alfie waiting for him. Alfred reveals he's been there for an hour and didn't lift a finger to help him. Brucie says he wants to go home, but Alfie suggests staying there to watch the sun rise.

Penguin's opening night doesn't exactly pack the house. Maroni shows up at the club. Maroni says all is kosher between them as long as Penguin keeps his beak buttoned about all of his secrets. He also declares when Falcone dies, so will Penguin.

Alfie and Brucie watch the sun rise.

Jonathan stabilized by the paramedics. Leslie invites Gordon to go to the circus with her. Probably not a good idea being this is Gotham. Who knows what kind of weirdo will be lurking at the circus to cause murder and mayhem.

Fish giving a speech to her new gang when a woman is brought in saying someone took her eyes.

Jonathan will live, but he may have brain damage. He's in a constant sense of fear. That's all he sees every waking hour, his greatest fear. In his room he sees the creepy scarecrow [I think it is] on the ceiling, at the side of his bed and at the foot of his bed. Thanks, Daddy.


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