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Gotham: They Call Me Mr. Freeze

Updated on March 1, 2016

And Penguin meets a Strange man...

It's been a long hiatus but Gotham is finally back. Unfortunately, so is the life-suck leech Lee, who pulled the oldest trick in the book and Gordon asked her to marry him because of it. I say it's the oldest trick in the book, because the woman is a doctor. Don't tell me she doesn't know how to correctly use contraceptives. Considering she was feeling threatened over Gordon's feelings for Barbara, it's hardly a good time to get yourself knocked up. I'm still wishing she lied about being pregnant as another of her ways to control Gordon and make him dance to her tune.

Gordon at the podium talking about finding Bruce. Gordon says Penguin escaped with Galavan. He says he was able to find them. Gordon lies that he wasn't there when Galavan was beaten and shot. Barnes watching Gordon like a hawk as he speaks. Yeah, I don't trust Barnes.

Gordon tells Leech all the charges against him were dropped. Leech questions if Gordon really wants to go back to the force. Leech makes it clear she's be happy if he didn't. And there in a nutshell is why she makes a bad mate for Gordon. Dent and Barnes watch Gordon walk off with Leech. Dent asks if Barnes believes what Gordon said. He says there's no proof to prove he's lying, but one gets the bald one would love it if he could find some.

Penguin on the run and once again powerless. Butch is now running Gotham's underworld. Great, Tabitha Galavan is back. I thought she was gone. I hoped she was gone. She says if it wasn't for her HE wouldn't be the new King of Gotham. She straddles his lap saying she wants to be his partner in crime. They're keeping her around, why?

A female cop come upon Victor Freis asking him about an abduction. In Star Trek terms she's be labelled a Red Shirt. She asks for his address. She demands he open the back of his fan. When she sees what's in the back, she's horrified by what she sees. That's just the beginning of her horror. He freezes her. Hello, Mr. Freeze.

Ed and Harvey go to see Ed about the frozen cop. He believes it was cooled liquid helium. Ed gets in Harvey's face for calling him dummy and Gordon gets Ed to apologize. Good idea, since Ed's alter might have decided to show Harv who the real dummy is. Gordon asks Ed about Penguin. Ed says he found Penguin and nursed him back to health and he made the mistake of trusting him when he said he changed.

Barnes catches Penguin and says they'll find out what really happened to Galavan. Like I said, I don't trust Barnes. Why is he so determined a fiend like Galavan, who was going to murder a child, no less, get justice. The way he's so hot to find out what really happened to Galavan, I think the bald turkey was working for Galaturkey. I remember him saying he thought of Gordon as a son, but he sure turned on his β€œson” real quick. He doesn't seem this hot to find out who froze a cop, though, does he?

Barnes questions Penguin. Penguin says he took Galavan to the river and slowly killed him. Barnes trying to get Penguin to give him the goods on Gordon. Gordon doesn't break, either, when Baldy tries to trick him into saying something to incriminate himself, when he doesn't get what he wants out of Penguin. Then he's forced to reveal that Penguin backed up Gordon's story. Barnes says he's trusting Gordon and not to make a fool out of him. That's great, but I wouldn't trust Barnes as far as I could throw him.

Victor comes home to see a blonde sleeping on the couch. It's his wife, Nora, who is dyng. He caresses her hair to wake her up. He says he's having trouble with reanimation at work. He says he can freeze her before the disease she has kills her, but he can't bring her back, yet. He says he'll figure out how to do it. He says he needs more time.

Wayne Enterprises makes liquid helium. Harvey tells Gordon three people have been abducted by someone with a blue van. Victor tells Nora he has to work for a few hours, as he heads down to his basement where it appears dead bodies are hanging from the ceilings and he has frozen bodies, as well.

I must say the show is so much better without Galaturkey, but I got a feeling he may be back, somehow. Why else keep his crummy sister around.

Ed comes to see Penguin. Ed asks if there's anything he can do to help. Penguin says he's beyond help, and asks Ed to take care of his mother's grave. Penguin is told by a guard he's being taken to Arkham.

Victor trying to reanimate one of his freeze victims.

Harvey and Gordon meet with Lucius about liquid helium. He says Thomas Wayne shut down a few odd programs, including one involving liquid helium. Let me guess? Those programs are going on at Indian Hill.

Penguin arrives at Arkham and someone throws food at him. Penguin stands on top of one of the luncheon tables. He says he's powerful and vicious and King of Gotham but the inmates mock him and do the same he does. Penguin breaks down and cries.

Victor unfreezes his victim. He thinks his latest solution works until his victim's body starts to melt into sludge.

Nora starts coughing and Victor can't find the right meds for her to make her stop. He finally does and she's fine. But she only has one pill left. He says she'll die without them. He leaves the apartment to get a refill. The pharmacist makes him wait while he rows up a bandage. Then he won't give him the pills because he doesn't have the prescription and only the bottle. The pharmacist refuses to do it even though he tells him his wife is sick. Victor says he shouldn't have done that. And the smug pharmacist should heed the warning, cause he's about to get an ice bath courtesy of Mr. Freeze.

Penguin's brought into the office of Arkam's psychiatrist, Dr. Hugo Strange, for a session.

Victor returns and gets the medicine he needs and freezes the pharmacist. Called that one. Gordon and Harvey approach as he's loading the pharmacist into the back of his van. Harvey and Gordon give chase and have a smash-up. A head ends up going through their windshield, as Victor gets away. I think it was a frozen head.

Strange asks Penguin not to make speeches on top of cafeteria tables. Penguin says being in Arkham is a pillow fight compared to what he's been through.Then Strange brings up the death of Penguin's mother. He asks if he regrets killing Galavan and Penguin says his only regret is he can't kill him, again. Strange says he will cure him and rehabilitate him.

Mr. Freeze brings his latest victim home. His wife hears him dragging the body down the stairs. She calls out for him, but he goes out, again. Then she goes to find out what's going on. She heads down to his lab and sees the nightmare that's going on down there.

Gordon and Harvey find the prescription bottle for Nora Freis. They come to the house to search it and find the lab. Nora says Victor told her they were mice. Harvey takes her out. Victor is watching from afar as Nora gets in the back of a police car.

Penguin sees someone he knows named Nigel who is laughing madly and doesn't seem to have eyes, as all he has is bloody sockets, as he keeps saying, β€œSee no evil, do no evil.” Was that some of Hugo Strange's work?

Gordon tells Nora they need to find her husband. Harvey says she's going to jail if she doesn't spill what she knows, but Nora says her husband did these horrible things for her and she can't betray him.

Victor comes to the Gotham Police Department to see Gordon. He says he's come to confess that he's the one whose been freezing people. The cop he talks to won't believe him and tells him to take a seat with the others.

Ed leaves the pharmacist's frozen corpse in the morgue and when he returns it's gone.Victor sees the pharmacist come in and realizes his latest serum works, while the dumb cops handcuff the pharmacist. I'd hate to be a crime victim who comes in there for help. They'd probably handcuff them, as well. Victor leaves, saying he's coming back for Nora.

Strange takes a secret elevator down to Indian Hill. He's told the Firebug won't cooperate with their experiments. He learns that Mr. Freeze can reanimate people and is excited about it. Watch out, Mr. Freeze, Dr. Strange may have plans for you.

As for Barnes, I keep looking at his head and thinking he's make a perfect Egghead. Galavan kidnapped the mayor so he could replace him and had all the candidates running for mayor killed so no one would interfere with his plans. He also sent Jerome to the police department to kill the captain and then who replaces her but Baldy Barnes. Would Galavan really allow a good cop to be put in charge of the police department and interfere with his plans? Or did he have the captain killed so he could put his own man in place of her. One that could keep Gordon occupied with his so-called determination to clean up the Gotham PD, which is something Gordon has wanted from day one. It makes sense he's on Galavan's payroll and since he's got the perfect head for it, anyway, why not make him Egghead.


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