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Gotham -- Under The Big Top

Updated on February 16, 2015

Is Jerome The Joker?

Bruce asleep on the couch.

Mama Penguin on the stage of Oswald's singing.

Fish awakes in her underground kingdom.

Babs is back and she runs into Cat living in her apartment with Poison Ivy.

Gordon and Leslie go to the circus. Yeah, like I said, it's a bad idea, especially in Gotham. You want to stay away from places like that in a place like Gotham.

Some clowns arrive and start beating up the Flying Graysons. Gordon steps in the melee to stop them.

Things turn bloody at Oswald's when Penguin goes on the attack.

Gordon questions the clowns on why they attacked Grayson. There's a fight between the Grayson and Lloyd families. The fight may have been about the snake dancer named Lila.

Gordon goes looking for Lila and finds her son, Jerome. She can't be found. He's worried about his mother. Gordon asks Jerome to let the snake out of her cage. Gordon follows it to where it goes. It leads him to Lila's body.

Gordon accuses the ringmaster of knowing about Lila's body before the snake found it, and he says they found her that way.

Fish says they need to do something about the person stealing body parts and that she'll get some of them out of this alive.

Ringmaster takes Gordon to where they initially found the body.

Harvey looks at all the circus people Gordon brings into custody, while Jerome is questioned by Gordon. Owen Lloyd and Alphonse Grayson was his mother's lovers. Lloyd says he attacked Grayson because he knows he killed Lila. The hatred between the Grayson and Lloyds go back three generations. Grayson accuses Lloyd of killing Lila.

A group of men come to Fish's group demanding someone identify themselves as 57A. Fish asks her people if they're ready. Fish tries to bargain with the man for stuff. Fish's men beat up and kill 57A when they won't deal. She tells them to bring the manager to her, but offers to go with him as long as one of the men stays as a hostage, but he won't. Fish kisses the man on the forehead of the man the group sacrificed.

Ed says Lila was killed with a knife. Gordon sends the rest of the circus troupe home, but keeps Lloyd and Grayson in custody, as either could still have done it.

A blind man shows up at police headquarters. Paul Cicero claims to be a psychic. He says Lila sent him a message from the other side. Gordon doesn't want to hear it, but Leslie wants to hear it. A servant of the devil lies in the iron sisters. Leslie not thrilled how close-minded Gordon is about the psychic.

Brucie plans to meet with the board of Wayne Enterprises. Alfred thinks it's a bad idea and dangerous. Brucie thinks the local crime lords were given shares of Arkham by someone at Wayne Enterprises.

Penguin playing Heart And Soul on the piano.

Babs models a new outfit. It's a short black outfit that has skank written all over it. She says Jim loves her in that color. So she's back after Jim, again. Can't believe she's taking fashion advice and love advice from two street teens. Like they know how to catch a man and get one back that you threw away.

Jim has dinner with Leslie. Leslie thinks the clue the blind psychic gave was about the Arkham Bridge. She makes him go now to investigate. They find a hatchet. THFC is written on it. The Hell Fire Club, Jim surmises is what the initials stand for. Gordon doesn't think the Hell Fire Club is back, and calls to have some people picked up.

Leslie warns Gordon he could be wrong about what he's thinking. She goes to leave him to it. He lets her come with him at the last moment, since she's very excited about the case. He goes to interview Cicero. Gordon says he's an accessory to murder. He accuses him of planting the hatchet to make him think satanists were involved. Gordon thinks he's trying to protect someone.

He has Jerome brought in. He accuses Jerome of killing Lila. He says Cicero told him what to do to cover up what he'd done. Gordon thinks Cicero is his father. Jerome finds out it's the truth and his father isn't who Lila said he was. He doesn't want to believe it. Jerome starts crying. Then he starts laughing and turns nasty. He says it looks like the bitch got him with a zinger in the end. He killed her because she was nagging him to do the dishes while she was banging a clown in the next room. He seems quite insane.

Leslie says the resolution of the case was thrilling and thanks him for letting her be there with him. She asks if they can go home now. They kiss. Gordon seems really happy for once. Babs comes in and sees Leslie and James kissing and leaves.

Penguin listening to someone playing when Victor comes in. Victor says Don Falcone thinks Penguin is messing up running the club because his numbers stink. Victor brings Butch with him. Penguin freaks out seeing him.

Victor says Butch is harmless. Victor says he worked on Butch for a couple of weeks. Butch is to help Penguin run the club and make it a success. Victor says Butch will do whatever Penguin says now. Penguin tests it by asking Butch to dance for him, which he does.

Bruce meets with the board of directors of Wayne Enterprises. He says he has questions for them. He asks about underworld involvement in the Arkham project and chemical weapons. He thinks high level members of the board have colluded with criminal elements. He says he'll be bringing the issues at the next shareholders meeting. The board of directors are not happy with young master Wayne.

Harvey guesses Gordon got laid by Leslie.

Fish told the Manager will see her. Thomas Schmitt gets to stay behind while Fish goes up to meet the manager.

I have to say I really thought the young actor playing Jerome nailed the whole Joker persona. I could see Jack Nicholson's Joker in his creepy smile. Good actor and great performance. I'm also enjoying Fish in her new surroundings. I've even started to root for her.


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