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Gotham -- Up Up And Away!

Updated on October 11, 2014

Gotham is hit by a crazed Balloon Man!

If this episode taught you one thing it's to not overlook someone you think is a glorified extra. This week's villain played what seemed like an insignificant role at the beginning of the episode to the point I could barely remember him when he was unveiled as the Balloon Boy.

The episode begins where it ended off with Cat claiming she saw the face of the man that killed the Waynes. Gordon takes her from the guy that's planning to take her away with the other street orphans and returns with her to the scene of the crime. Gordon is very skeptical she was even at the scene of the crime, even though she describes everything that happened. To prove she was there she saw she's dropped the wallet she stole down the sewer. Gordon handcuffs her while he goes down in the sewer to check her story out. He finds the wallet proving she was there, but she picks the lock on the handcuffs and takes off, so he's just lost his witness [not to mention child he took custody of and was supposed to return].

While this drama was going on, Penguin returned to Gotham. When an old crony recognizes him, he quickly dispatches him. Then he kills someone else for their shoes so he can get a job in the kitchen of the restaurant run by rival mob boss, Don Marone.

Pengy isn't the only problem Gordon has. Barbara's obsessed love stalker, Montoya, lets herself into Barbara's apartment to blacken Gordon's name to Barbara and try to slip her a little tongue at the same time. Fish face lied to Montoya that Gordon killed Pengy on Falcone's orders. Well, it wasn't exactly a lie, since Fish Face doesn't know the truth, and Montoya doesn't even question what kind of agenda this heifer has, all she cares is she can blacken Gordon's name and get him away from the object of her obsession. Babs pushes the in-heat Montoya away and makes her give back her copy of her key to Babs apartment.

Fish Face is kind of dumb and stupid. She's lucky Falcone didn't put a bullet in her head after she tried to screw him over. She's lucky all she got was her boy toy roughed up. Not only does she try to get both Gordon and Falcone in trouble with that moron Montoya, she also sends some bully-boys after Falcone's girlfriend. Seems she's just dying to be a dead Fish floating in the harbor.

There's also a new arch villain in Gotham. Or perhaps we should say he's a precursor to Batman. He's Balloon Boy and he's out to get the most corrupt of Gotham, so he's basically got a lot of victims to choose from. He's gotten his hands on some weather balloons and he's putting them to good use by attaching them to each of his targets.

Watching this episode I couldn't help thinking of the old song, "Up Up And Away," In fact, it would have been absolutely hilarious if that song had played as all these felons went floating away into the sky. It would be a moment of very dark humor.

Balloon Boy's first victim is a man named Ronald Danzer who was guilty of being behind a Ponzi Scheme. When he went floating away, Harvey thought it was a great thing, cause the guy was a scum. The next victim is a scum also. He's crooked cop, Lt. Cranston, who is the next to go floating away. As corrupt as Harvey is, himself, he's still got the whole Brotherhood of Blue going as he suddenly wants to make Balloon Boy pay.

Showing being a man of God won't protect you, especially if you're a bad man of God, Balloon Boy sends Cardinal Quinn floating away in the sky night. Unfortunately for Balloon Boy his attempts to clean up Gotham will be short-lived as Gordon figures out who he is. He's Davis Lamott, the guy that was going to take Cat away to juvie. That's what I mean about not overlooking a character you think is insignificant. Lamott just seemed like an annoying extra and he turned out to be the star villain of the episode.

As Gordon is trying to nab Lamott, he and Lamott almost fly off into the sky on one of his balloons. Harvey ends up saving Gordon's life, again. Harvey better watch out. Gordon may just end up making him a decent cop, again.

As Lamott is being taken away, he tells Gordon he won't be the last vigilante who will set out to clean up Gotham. Strangely enough, it may be Lamott that gives Bruce Wayne the idea to become Batman one day. Speaking of Bruce, Alfred is teaching him to fence and worrying cause the kid isn't eating. He also sees the kid somehow got the grisly crime photos of his parents murders.

I know Gotham is basically the origins story of Batman, but it's a terrible thing to say that I find the Bruce Wayne part of the show the least interesting. The most interesting character on the show is Jim Gordon, as it should be since he's the lead character. The thing I'm wondering most about Gordon at the moment is if he really ends up marrying Barbara. We know he has a daughter named Barbara, but maybe his wife's name wasn't Barbara. Although it would be really kind of creepy naming your daughter after your ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile if Gordon thought all his troubles were over when he took care of Balloon Boy, he finds out otherwise when he gets home. Barbara confronts Gordon about what Montoya told her and in the middle of their conversation the doorbell rings. When Gordon opens it he gets the most unpleasant surprise of his life when he sees Penguin standing there.

Seriously, while this will shut Montoya's foul mouth up and make her look like a fool, this is going to get Gordon in all sorts of trouble. Falcone will know he didn't do what he was told. And that's pretty much going to put a target on his back as a kill order will be put out on him. That's if his own police department doesn't try to whack him first.


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