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Gotham -- Will The Ogre Set The Real Barbara Free?

Updated on April 28, 2015

And Penguin's twisted plan is finally revealed

As we last left off, Gordon was searching desperately for Babs when he realized she was going to be the Ogre's next victim. I'm calling it now. This will lead to the end of Gordon and Lee and the reunion of Gordon and Babs.

It's the morning after and Babs is still alive. Jason asks Babs to stay. He tells her the night they met he was going to kill her until he saw something in her. He believes she's the woman he's been searching for. He says he's going to let her go and she's going to sit down and have breakfast with him.

Babs tries to escape but the door is locked. He tosses a hood over her head and says they'll do it the hard way.

Gordon feels to blame for what's happened to Barbara. Lee tries to talk sense to him, but his feeling of guilt won't be dissuaded.

Ed comes to the police department with two large suitcases containing the cut-up remains of his victim. He takes it to the lab and says that if there's no body there's no crime.

Harvey says Penguin may know something but warns Gordon not to get in any deeper with him.

Jason has Babs chained up in his room of pain. He's seems to be shooting her full of electricity. He's got a gag in her mouth.

Alfred goes to identify Reggie. Alfred isn't buying it was an accident. Alfred intends to see that Reggie gets a proper send-off.

Bruce gets sent a key by Cat. It's what she purloined from Blunderslaw's pocket.

Penguin sets up Marone's death in the diner.

Gordon asks where the Foxglove traveling brothel is. Penguin doesn't want to tell Gordon what he knows. Gordon grabs him saying Penguin doesn't know him or what he's capable of. Penguin loosens his beak but squawks that Gordon owes him a big favor now.

Bruce goes to Wayne Industries with his key. He sets off the fire alarm as a distraction.

Harvey offers to go undercover at the Foxglove.

Jason removes the leather gag from Babs mouth and she spits in his face. He says she makes his hands shake. She says he's a psycho, while he says it's because she's The One. She slaps him when he unchains her. He says she's scared and it's okay. When she says that Jim will find her, Jason slaps her. Then he gives her a glass saying it's water and she's dehydrated. Then he tells her to come here. He shows her his collection of pictures of his victims. She faints in horror. He says he's going to set her free, cause she's the one.

Bruce let's himself into Blunderslaw's office. He tries to find the safe the key goes to. He does, but he's caught by the man, himself.

Blunderslaw closes his safe. Says he's been waiting for Bruce ever since Cat took his key. He says that Bruce is a special case and when members of the Wayne family reach a certain age they have to have the talk. He says his father went along with things like his father before him did, although he initially wanted to clean up the company.

Lucious Fox tells Bruce that he knew his father well. He was a good man. He wasn't the man that his company thought he was. That's all he'll say.

Miss Kringle comes to the lab as Ed is trying to dispose of the remains. She walks in the lab and sees the pieces of her cut-up boyfriend, not realizing she used to sleep with that and get roughed-up by that. Then she asks if Ed has seen her abusive boyfriend.

Penguin hires an irish hit man that's associated with Falcone named, Connor, to whack Marone. Marone's meeting a crony of his that just got out of jail at the diner. It's some kind of tradition, which is why Pengy was so hot to have that diner.

Harvey, looking all hot and fine [the dude cleans up nicely] goes to the Foxglove and sees all sorts of perversions. A woman comes on stage introducing Ingrid and Garrett. Harvey calls a halt to things saying he's a cop. As much as Harvey has seen, this must have been something, else cause it revolted even Harvey.

Babs laying on the couch as Jason wakes her up. She starts crying when she sees him. He takes her in his arms and comforts her. She's afraid he's going to kill her. Instead, he asks her who he should kill. He thinks by having her kill will set her free and make her like him. Either she picks someone or he'll kill her. She says she can't. She eventually caves and names someone.

The Madam of Foxglove doesn't want to talk, but Gordon threatens him and says to talk to Sally. She shows what Jason did to her face. He did it to her nine years ago. For some reason he let her go. Sally tells Gordon not to arrest Jason, but to kill him.

The irish hit man arrives with a present from Falcone. He delivers Penguin's message. Unfortunately, the gun won't fire. Marone kills him, vowing to get Falcone for this. Sounds like Penguin set both Irish and Marone up and wants the big moron to think Falcone tried to pull a hit on him.

Okay, anyone think Babs named Lee as the person for Jason to kill?

Butch tells Penguin that Marone is still alive. Yep, he planned the whole thing. He tells Butch he removed the firing pins and wants to ultimately be free of Falcone so he won't have to be under his thumb anymore. Even if that means he has to cause a gangland war to do it.

Ed talks to his victim's skull, before smashing it to bits.

Gordon and Harvey arrive where they think Babs is being kept. The apartment is empty. Harvey tells Gordon he needs to prepare himself that he might not be able to save Babs. Jason calls and says Babs is safer with him than he was with Gordon.

Nope, I was wrong. It seems Babs told Jason to kill her parents. Babs watches, seeming a bit out of her head, as Ogre takes a knife and goes to dispatch her parents.

Gordon and Harvey arrive at Bab's parents house. Music is playing. Her parents are dead on the couch. Babs comes out with blood on her dress asking what he's doing here, while Ogre knocks out Harvey.

Ogre and Gordon fight as Babs just stares. Ogre holds a knife to Babs throat. Harvey shoots Ogre as Gordon holds a cloth to her bleeding neck saying it's going to be okay. But is she?

Bruce back home. Bruce says he hasn't been honest with Alfred. He tells him that Cat and him found Reggie and Cat pushed him. He also tells Alfred about Blunderslaw. He also tells about going to enter Blunderslaw's safe and that Blunderslaw said his father decided to remain quiet about all the bad things the company was doing.

Lee says she was scared Gordon would blame himself because he protected her instead of Babs. Gordon says he loves her and not Babs.

Ed goes to see Miss Kringle. Ed apparently sent Kringle a typed Dear Jane Letter from her dead boyfriend and she really believes it's from him. Well, this chick isn't the brightest bulb in the package since she makes a habit of picking boyfriends that push her around. She doesn't realize he spelled out his name, Nygma, in the first word of every line of the letter.

Bruce puts his father on his crime board. Falcone gets a package. It's Irish's head. Marone makes several attacks on Falcone's businesses. The Captain says they're in a shooting war.

The irony of this thing is Penguin predicted at the start of the season that a war was coming and now he's succeeded in making his own prophecy come true. Excellent twist.Was the twisted bird always planning for this to happen?


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