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Gotham -- Will This Be Galavan's Last Stand?

Updated on January 26, 2016

Or will he live to bore another day?

It's the season two fall finale and the question on my mind is will we finally be free of Galaturkey or will we be subjected to Kung Fu Ninja Weinie in the new year?

Alfred in the dump. He's still moving around so Princess Backstabber didn't succeed in killing him, but she's searching the dump with a bunch of men. Yeah, the backstabber can't face anyone to their face by herself. Really scary and dangerous female villain...NOT!

Lucius Fox arrives at Wayne Manor saying he's fixed the hard drive and finds the place empty. Meanwhile Galaturkey tells Bruce his real name and how he suffered because of Bruce's family. He reveals he plans to kill him. Galaturkey's monk comes and rubs holy water on Bruce's forehead, telling him at midnight he'll be slain.

Alfred hides before Backstabber can find him. Unfortunately, he gets buried under a pile of garbage.

Gordon dreams of Barbara falling as he wakes to Penguin and Ed singing. Penguin says Ed is his friend. Penguin says he and Gordon share a bond in regards to Galaturkey and if there was ever a time for them to work together, this is the time.

Backstabber comes back unable to find Alfred. Backstabber thinks an old butler is no threat to her and Galaturkey. Backstabber starts back-talking Galaturkey and he doesn't like it. Silver comes in saying she's fighting off a cold so she doesn't have to go to the ceremony. Galaturkey says he's not sure Silver is cut out for this because she doesn't want to see Bruce die. Galaturkey says he's going to give her a test. He demands she make Bruce fall in love with her before he dies and then smile when he dies, as that will be the only way to prove she's deserving of being a Galaturkey. Backstabber tells Silver if she doesn't succeed Galaturkey will throw her out on the street if he doesn't kill her.

Silver goes in to see Bruce. She says she's really sorry for what happened. She says she thinks he's a good person and she'd help him but she can't. Bruce says he has no feelings for her whatsoever. But he says she can stay if she likes.

Alfred undigs himself from the garbage.

Alfred makes it to the highway and tries to get a ride. Then gets tasered by a stupid cop for trying to take a man's car.

Baldy has put a warrant out for Jim's arrest and says Galaturkey is innocent. Baldy thinks he's working with Penguin. Baldy claims Jim is like a son to him. Me, I'm wondering if Baldy isn't on Galaturkey's payroll and if this is how Baldy treats a son, I wouldn't want to see how he treats an enemy.

Ed tells Boring Lee where Jim is.

Silver tries to get Bruce to talk to her. He says owls are his favorite animal.

Boring Lee arrives at Penguin's. Gordon wants to get her out of town. Boring Lee tries to get Gordon to give up his plan. She declares she's pregnant. And now she can really control Gordon, can't she.

Silver says her ninth birthday is her favorite memory. She asks what his is. She says her parents are really dead. Bruce tells her about camping with his parents in the forest as being his favorite memory. Silver says she can't let him die, and she's going to try and help him escape. She shoots one of the monks and leads Bruce out of the cell.

Silver and Bruce run through the halls and run straight into Galaturkey. He locks her up with Bruce. Is this a con or for real.

Baldy won't take it serious about Lucius Fox's belief that Bruce and Alfred are missing. Fox believes it was Galaturkey. Alfred is woken up with water dumped on him. Baldy still won't do anything when Alfred says he was attacked at Galaturkey's. Ed listens to the conversation.

Fox figures out Ed's riddle that Gordon is at Ed's as Harvey and Alfred head there. Meanwhile Miss Pregnant convinces Gordon to leave town with her. But she doesn't get what she wants when Alfred and Harvey arrive in the nick of time, so she leaves on her own. She tells him to call her when it's over. I'd love it if she lied about being pregnant, but since the actress is knocked up in real life we couldn't be that lucky. So does that mean she's Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl's mother. God, I hope not.

Silver starts crying and Bruce dries her tears. Silver tells him she loves him. She asks if he loves her and he says no. Bruce says he knows she's playing with him. He says when he's dead, he doesn't want her to feel bad about tricking him. She tells Bruce that Galaturkey made her do this and he's going to kick her out or kill her. He says she's not evil, she's just young and scared and under the control of bad people. She says there's no going back to a normal life.

Penguin doesn't want to go along with Gordon's plan to arrest Galaturkey. Cat shows up to help them get into the building.

Bruce says he's a little scared but he's also a little happy, because he's going to see his parents. To save Silver from being tossed out by Galaturkey he kisses Silver and says he loves her so Galaturkey will think she passed the test.

The motley crew of cops and criminals head to Galaturkey's hideout, as Bruce is lead into his execution.

A monk is on guard as Cat sneaks in behind him. She jumps on him and knocks him out.

The monks are chanting, “Death to the son of Gotham.” Gordon and company hear it as they head to the chamber. Bruce is tied to a stake in the middle of the room as the head monk comes towards him. Bruce says he's a deluded old fool that will pay for this. Silver steps forward to try and stop it as Gordon and company enter the room and guns are fired.

Harvey shoots down the old monk as he's about to leap on Gordon, while Galaturkey and Backstabber escape with Silver. Backstabber knocks out Galaturkey before he can kill Silver as punishment for her betrayal.

Fox tells Baldy where Gordon can be found.

Galaturkey wakes up and Backstabber kicks him in the face as she and Silver escape by parachuting out of the window. She says he lost and he needs to accept it. Then Gordon comes to arrest him. Galaturkey brags you wanna bet if he'll get the chair. Gordon looks like he's about to shoot Galaturkey when Baldy comes prancing in and tells him to put his gun down. Penguin arrives and knocks Baldy out to get to Galaturkey. Penguin says Gordon needs to think of what's good for Gotham and that Galaturkey has the courts in his pockets and could get away with it again.

Gordon and Penguin take Galaturkey down to the river handcuffed. Talk about deja vu. Penguin starts beating Galaturkey with a board as Gordon watches, saying this is for his mother. Gordon pulls Penguin off him and then he shoots Galaturkey. Please God let him be dead. Gordon walks away in a state of shock.

Boring Lee waits for Gordon. He comes to her. He tells her it's over. He asks her to marry him. Oh, yuck!

The Gotham coroner brings another body to Indian Hill. He brings a Miss Peabody a body. I think it's Galaturkey. Oh, no, he's not dead. Seems we couldn't be that lucky. He'll live to bore again.

A man is running desperately trying to find a way into a car. He hides when someone in a suit stalks him and freezes him. Looks like here comes Mr. Freeze.


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