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Gotham -- You're Gonna Need An Ocean Of Calamine Lotion

Updated on October 3, 2016

Fish and Penguin come face-to-face!

Last week it went something like this:

Gordon [with flowers in his hand sees his Leech tonguing another dude, so he slithers back to Gotham.] Leech broke me heart. I now be money hungry bounty hunter who drinks and moons over me Leech's picture. Meanwhile, Penguin put a price on Fish's head, while Fish's DNA was rejecting her new enhancements every time she used them. Trying to solve the problem she abducted Peabody who said
Strange could fix her up, then she had one of her freaks touch Peabody until she aged to death. When Poison Ivy stuck her nose in Fish's business she tried to have her freak do the same thing to her and she fell through a hole. Since the show has said PI was going to be aged, she'll probably re-emerge as some sexed-up bombshell.

Bruce is brought before the Court of Owls. The head owl removes her mask. Bruce says he knows her. She's been at Wayne Enterprise events. She says her name is Kathryn and wants to know what he found. She realizes he was bluffing with his threat. Bruce says he believes the Court of Owls killed his parents. She realizes he's here to make a deal. He tells her if he dies Wayne Enterprise will be given over to the federal government. He says Wayne Enterprise could be a good cover for her. She demands he stop looking into his parents’ murders or the deal is off. Having no choice he agrees. She says he won't see her again as he's knocked out again.

Valerie Vale shows up at Gordon's hole in the wall. She says she can help him get Penguin's million dollar bounty for finding Fish. She tells him that Cat is her source. He agrees to find Cat.

Gordon comes to Barbara's club wanting Barbara to tell him when Cat is. She says she wants a kiss, but he won't give it. He also claims she wasn't the one who broke their engagement, he acts like it was him. Whatever, loser. She took off and dumped you because you didn't offer her any comfort after she was kidnapped because of you. Valerie Vale cuts him out of the action once Babs gives a clue where Cat might be found and takes off saying she likes Barbara. I think Mr. High and Mighty had nerve going to Barbara for help when he does nothing but sneer and spit in her face. This guy is completely unlikable on every level.

An aged Poison Ivy comes out of the water and stares in the mirror at her new self. A man offers to help her. She'd better watch it, since she's older now a man might be apt to attack her since she's no longer a child.

Valerie Vale tips Harvey off to where Fish might be. He agrees to give her a scoop in return. Fish is there with her band of freaks. Gunfire breaks out as the freaks go on attack. Fish appears to escape in the melee.

Penguin giving a press conference. He labels the freaks with Fish as monsters and gets the crowd revved up to kill them.

Alfred tries to wake up Bruce whose been left on the couch. Bruce tells Alfred he saw them and spoke to them. He says it worked and they agreed to the deal. He tells Alfred he had to promise not to investigate anything anymore. Bruce says he'll keep his word. Alfred asks how does Bruce know that they'll keep theirs.

Lucius Fox helps Gordon slip into the morgue. He shows Gordo the remains of Peabody's aged body. They both think Fish will go after Strange next.

Two of the freaks abduct Harvey. Not that I'm sure that money-hungry Gordo will care. Harvey is brought to Fish. She says she needs to find Strange. She kisses him and uses her stuff on Harvey to help her find Strange.

Seriously, does the show think Gordon is even likable let alone someone we would want to root for. Frankly, I'm sick of him slithering around the police department. You don't want to be a part of the department then keep your carcass out of it.

So far my favorite moment tonight was Babs telling Gordon she dreamed he had his legs cut off and she has to push him around in a baby carriage. I think she has a lot of anger issues with Dickwood Duck. Not that she doesn't have plenty of reason for them. How many times has the woman been targeted by someone trying to get at him and how many times has he been there for her...try never.

The man brings Ivy back to his place. She asks for water. She's drawn to his wilting plants and tries to water them. She says she's different inside and out. She gives the man a murderous look when he tosses the plant out.

Fox and Gordo try to tell Baldy that Fish has Harvey. Baldy isn't worried until they show him his badge. Strange is in a mansion outside Gotham where the government is debriefing him about his experiments. Harvey approaches the guard trying to get Fish through the gates, but he doesn't have any. Identification on him. The freaks have to take the men out. Fish enters the house and comes face-to-face with Strange.

Right now, Fish is my favorite character on the show despite all the online haters. Unfortunately, she won't be around for long. According to onliners after this episode she'll be disappearing for awhile.

The effects of Fish's mojo wear off Harvey as the police surround the place. Fish demands that Strange fix her or she'll make him wish he was dead. Gordon arrives to confront Fish. Gordon says he can get her out of there, if she gives him Harvey. He also agrees to give her Strange.

Penguin and his angry crowd surround the building. Gordon calls Penguin to tell him where he can find Fish and what he has to do to make that happen. Fish heads out with Strange. There's mass chaos between the freaks and the angry mob. Penguin has a gun and points it as Fish. If Fish had been killed by Penguin it would have been instigated by Gordon.

Penguin wants to know why she didn't kill him. Fish says because he's hers. He was her umbrella boy. She says everything she did in her life, the best thing she did was turning him into the Penguin. Penguin lets her go and tells her not to come back. She and Strange disappear together. May they be back soon. That was the best scene of the whole show and great acting by all three actors.

Penguin fakes Fish's death by pretending to burn her on a funeral pyre. Gordon is actually sickened by the sight. What did he expect? He’s the one who set it in motion.

Poison Ivy kills the man for throwing away the plant and takes off looking all sexed up. Told you so.

Alfred says he wants Bruce to take dancing lessons to fill all his free time. They hear someone break into the mansion. Alfred comes with a gun. It's the Bruce Clone. He asks them not to hurt him.

Valerie Vale shows up at Gordon's place. Valerie says she thinks he made a deal with Fish to save Harvey's life and let Fish take off with Strange. She says he double crossed her by giving her to Penguin. Valerie says Fish isn't dead; Penguin would have dragged her in front of the mob. She turns him on and he starts kissing her, meanwhile Leech returns. Oh, joy! I guess we're all supposed to be excited that the walking case of boredom is back. Sorry, that's not a good cliffhanger. That's a reason to not to want to watch. And why any woman would want Gordo is beyond me. He has no personality and looks like he hasn’t bathed recently, not to mention living in a hovel.


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