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Gotham TV Series

Updated on December 28, 2014


Before Batman came on the scene to fight against the crimes of Gotham there was James Gordon. A new recruit to the force, he seemed to be a lone sheep from the start. Knowing that Gotham had become crime riddled he believed with all his heart that at some point someone could make a difference in this city. He goes to investigate the murder of the Wayne family who seemed to have been killed for no reason but as we soon find out there is a lot more to this than meets the eye and how this one crime leads to much darker plot than James could have imagined.


When the new series of Gotham started I didn't really know what to expect as some of the synopsis of the overall plot were a little confusing. One listed it as Batman but without the Batman actually in it, so then you wonder how could you possibly make a program based on Gotham city and not have any Batman in. Others just list it as a crime drama and so on so you can see why I got lost. However there is tonnes of Batman character references in it so if your a fan of the Bat characters then its good idea to watch and try to spot them.

Well I was sceptial too until I started to watch it and its actually pretty good. Ok I know some people are going to moan and say 'What do you mean only good it's fantastic!' yeah its not it is just good. Ok lets break it down. I always like to start with strong characters which I must admit Gotham does have. The detective that we follow is James Gordon, around has this dry outer appearance is a man who is actually a pretty nice man at heart. He wants to try and make things better but isn't sure how in the world he is going to do it being one man in a massive city like Gotham. (Batman referance there if you don't play the games or know anything of Batman) There are the old favourites as well. One of my favourites in this series being Cat Woman. A 16 year old girl who is sharp, bubbly, graceful individual who seems to always turn up at the wrong place at the wrong time.


I also like the new penguin character through he seems very difficult to read at times. Sometimes I think 'oh he is so clever' and then in the blink of an eye your sitting thinking 'what in the world did he do that for the stupid idiot!!'

Oh and Fish Mooney! Its just nice to see a strong female role in a story, enough said.


However its not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some characters which you want more out of but leave you lacking and there seems to be a lack of consistency with them. Harvey (James's partner not Two Face) for example drives me crazy. He was depicted as this rogue, a man of the streets and knew how to get answers, was a friend yet someone to be feared all at the same time. Brilliantly set up. Then suddenly he changes to someone who only relies on his fist or his gun, doesn't want help anyone else or suddenly thinks he can be the hero of the people but must do it all himself. I don't mind a character developing and changing step by step but this man changes in leaps and jumps! Another Character like this is Alfred. I love Alfred normally but other than a few crafty lines and a few soft touches thrown in he seems to be too rough for my liking. But I think this is bad writing as the actor who plays him is very good at the part overall.

The other side of this which is why I say its good is because of the weak lame attempts to keep dropping hints at other batman characters. Ok in the first episode you are sitting trying to identify which characters other characters we might see later. To be honest for me there was so many references in episode 1 it got to the point where I was certain they had used them all up. We knew exactly who everyone was there was no mystery left at ALL!! Then on top of this the continued lame character dropping continues either with a line being said which is a quote from a Batman Film or an item

For example we already know Edward Nygma who is in the crime lab dealing with evidence will eventually become the Riddler (which I have to admit is one of my favourites in Batman franchise so sneakily looking forward to it) but just to make sure you definitely know its him they even dropped a ? in his cup or have him continuously asking questions. I can understand that some people don't know the series / comics / films / games of Batman but comes on! This is just not needed. By now I want to be getting into the nitty gritty stuff and really start to pull the guts out the story line. And instead I still feel like we are dancing around dropping hits for other characters.


Don't get me wrong I like the overall concept behind Gotham. Some of the crime scenes have been very imaginative and there are other stories which are much darker than others which I think are the more interesting out of them all. Just for me these stories seem spoilt and interrupted at times because of the reference dropping.

There is a good selection of music on the program which I quite enjoy. It really emphasises aspects of scenes specially when something unexpected happens.

Some of the backgrounds and scenes for me were a little too fake in places but the more I watch the series the better its getting. I think it must have been teething steps until it got settled. But it shows good progression when a series is able to adapt and adjust to make the show better as it goes.

It may not seem like it but I am looking forward to seeing how this series ends and what they do with the next one. Even if your not a fan of Batman it is worth a patch but you will need to watch a few episodes to get the pace and for the story to really kick off.

My rating 5 out of 10.

Gotham and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

Gotham TV Series Trailer


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