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Gothic Music I

Updated on December 12, 2016
Dark scene: Gothic romance

Gothic dark of the scene includes 12 different styles, some of which are already in effect do not exist in pure form. Their intersection is not as significantly as in other scenes, but still some areas obschirno used by almost all the groups. More 3 styles are borderline with other scenes. And although they are not fully part of the dark scene, the group released on the thematic labels and performing at festivals formatted along with the famous Gothic groups.


Post-punk is the starting point for many styles of music. Gothic rock, death-rock, darkwave , indie-rock, shoegaze, ethereal, dreampop and even dark folk, as well as many more styles emerged from the post-punk.Immediately I must say that not all of the post-punk band is gothic. The earliest Gothic post-Panker become British Bauhaus, although the term "post-punk" was applied in relation to another British project - Siouxie And The Banshees.

The standard post-punk is still considered to be one more British - Joy Division, which influenced many modern groups. Post-punk differs from the usual punk with its cold and detached sound, minimalist electronic components and monotonous rhythm with a strong bass parts. From well-known post-punk bands of the first wave should also highlight the British The Chameleons. It is worth mentioning another British team, who started it as a post-punk, and made a great contribution to world music, although it did not play post-punk for a long time and went away in a heavy metal sound. This British Killing Joke. In general, a large number of well-known groups, which have become the standard of other styles of dark scenes, it started its way in the post-punk. Examples are the two main kollektitsa: British Death In June, became the standard dark folk, and Australians Dead Can Dance, which I'll tell more later.

In America, at this time the scene did not stand still. In the early '80s there appeared Swans project, but he eventually began to experiment with the industrial sound and went to the experimental area of dark scenes, combining post-punk with industrial, noise and dark ambient, but his contribution to the history of the American post-punk project It can not be avoided. In the US, post-punk still is more indie scene, so the post-punk projects do not appear so often, though worthy periodically appear.

On the other side of the world at that time there was a project titled Foetus. Australians originally sought in the sound noise effects on the basis of post-punk, but not immediately be found. Many projects, which are now considered to be pioneers of a style of dark scenes, started his career with the post-punk. These are the pioneers ethereal Dead Can Dance, one of the pioneers of the style dreampop Cocteau Twins, the old-timers experimental industrial Cabaret Voltaire and legends of dark folk Death In June. Now the post-punk scene is almost completely within the competence of indie-labels, and only occasionally post-punk designs can be seen on the labels next to the gothic gothic rock.

We should also mention the British band The Cure, which otnoshenie to the gothic scene is quite relative, but it is very loved by many Goths. Modern post-punk scene is literally split into two parts, one of which remained in the dark stage and is oldschool-version. In fact, all modern projects playing oldschool post-punk are part of the dark scenes. Among them is a typical representative of the British project O'Children. But the modern post-punk bands use in their sound brit-pop, indie-rock and other areas, and are part of the indie-scene.

Back To The USSR:

  • Russia: Movies, Nautilus Pompilius, Picnic, Center, Industrial Architecture, bad joke, time to finish, Ice, SerdtsedŃ‘r, Sound of Mu, Scofferlane, The Quinsy, bad influences
  • Ukraine: The White Wine, Bernie Bandicoot, Sea Inside
  • Kazakhstan: Jaina
  • Georgia: Retsepti

Gothic Rock

The term "Gothic" was first applied to the music in the late 70's - early 80-ies. Has earned itself a description of the Bauhaus British band, who played, in fact, darkly depressed post-punk. Later, the cohort of post-punk, who had gone into a more unusual sound at the time, joined by another British group Siouxie And The Banshees. However, the standard and the pioneer of gothic rock style is considered to be another British group, which was formed in 1980 - The Sisters Of Mercy. They have become the object of imitation for many groups that can still be easily heard even in young projects, which play gothic rock today. In music, gothic rock can be used as live drums and drum machine.

The sound of gothic rock is very similar to the post-punk, but with a more vivid and clear shades of rock, not punk. In the lyrics predominate mysticism and dark romanticism. Peak of gothic rock fell on the middle of the 80s, when the light appeared bands like the British Fields Of The Nephilim, Inkubus Sukkubus, Skeletal Family, Alien Sex Fiend, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Americans Screams For Tina, German X-Mal Deutschland, Finns Two Witches and many other groups. Then gothic rock out of the shadows. It drew the attention of representatives of mass media, and the Gothic subculture is beginning to gain momentum.

The third wave of gothic rock began with the change of the decade. The rows of gothic scene replenished Americans Faith & The Muse and London After Midnight, the Germans The House Of Usher, Still Patient? and Garden Of Delight, Australians Ikon and Czechs XIII. Stoleti. Later, now known Finnish The 69 Eyes have changed their glam-rock sound to the Gothic, from which they now have moved away. Another British project Libitina, which appeared in the mid-90s, is actively used in the synth-goth sound. After a while the style's popularity began to wane, he was replaced by a more electronic style of Gothic music and sound has become more modern painting with rock mainstream. One example is the German Down Below and Mono Inc. Elusive and Norwegians.

However, in modern gothic rock scene there are a sufficient number of bands playing old classic gothic rock.Of these groups, you can select the Swedes and Germans Brotherhood Sweet Ermengarde. We should also mention the British project Abney Park, appeared in the late 90s, which combines modern gothic rock with elements of folk-rock, electronics with steam-punk concept. At an early stage of gothic rock group released on the labels, which can now be considered indie-labels, along with the post-punk groups. For example, one of these labels was a Beggars Banquet. Also, some of the group went on 4AD Records label focuses mainly on ethereal-sounding. Later came formatted gothic rock and death-rock label Strobelight Records. The modern gothic rock scene projects go along with the representatives of the dark electronic scene on labels Trisol Music, Danse Macabre and Resurrection Records.

Back To The USSR:

  • Russia: Lunofobiya, Doppelganger, Children Of The Gun, The Guests, The Imaginary Stigma, Spaun, Adrena, Tonecandle, Rot On The March, The House Of The Last Lantern, Puppet Lane
  • Ukraine: Rugaru, The Nightchild
  • Belarus: La Reine Margot, Dekollete
  • Lithuania: Siela, Mano Juodoji Sesuo (later works), Anapilis, Days of Yore


The term "death-rock" appeared in the US in the late 70s and was used in the description of the group Christian Death music, which became a pioneer of the style. While in Amerike gothic rock I was not so popular and widespread, so all US death-rock-group is associated with gothic rock, although the death-rock music was more Pankov, more rhythmic and less detached. The death-rock guitar sound becomes less crisp, dirtier, gets takoe kind of garage sound. The rhythm of the drum becomes more rapid. And depressive lyrics of gothic rock gives way to horror-themed cemeteries, vampires and zombies.

Vo time of occurrence of the style in the United States and Europe, a host of bands playing death-rock, among whom were Americans Kommunity FK, Naked & The Dead, and Theatre Of Ice, Irish Virgin Prunes.Later, from the field of gothic rock death-rock began to play X-Mal Deutschland, Alien Sex Fiend . In the mid-90s there was one more landmark to a group of death-rock - American Cinema Strange. Christian Death frontman Rozz Williams (Rozz Williams) creates a number of solo projects in a similar style with elements of other areas. The emergence and development of the Cinema Strange style was the impetus for the formation of many groups of death-rock in the late '90s: Antiworld and Penis Flytrap in America, Zombina & The Skeletons and Cauda Pavonis in the UK and Bloody, Dead & Sexy in Germany.

The modern gothic scene death-rock is a pure underground, but projects of this style are present in virtually every country, and came a kind of boom in the formation of similar projects in South America in the past few years. But still on the first roles were those same three countries. Among the modern death-rock-groups should be allocated Austrians Voodoo Church, Germans and Americans Zadera Fangs On Fur. At the dawn of the gothic scene in England was a club called the Batcave. In our time, the word came to be called the sound of some British death-rock groups, particularly controversial and unconventional Scary Bitches, who in the late 90's made a real splash in the gothic scene with their debut album.

In the mid-90s of the US release of death-rock was engaged known industrial-gothic label Cleopatra Records.Now all death-rock-projects scattered on various independent labels, the main of which remains Strobelight Records. It should also be added that many of the modern death-rock-team actively use and psychobilly horror-punk in their sound, and some once-death-rock-projects and all moved into this niche of the music industry. It should also be said that the US death-rock by many publications and labels is considered indie-scene and therefore comes not on the labels of dark scenes, and indie-labels with psychobilly, gothabilly and indie-rock groups.

Back To The USSR:

  • Russia: Flegeton, Grotesque Sexuality, Hapalochlaena Maculosa, Death Formation, Breathing Of Bones
  • Ukraine: Novocaine Mausoleum, Old Cat's Drama, Sociophobia, The Nightchild


Direction synth-goth began its development thanks to the birth of the Dutch band Clan Of Xymox, which at the beginning of his way just called Xymox. If you resort to crude and superficial style of description, it will be an electronic version of gothic rock. If we consider the sound deeper, it can be concluded that the synth-goth absorbed gloomy melancholy-detached atmosphere of gothic rock synthpop and romanticism with the major components of early music sound synth-scene. Guitar relegated to supporting roles, and nA first electronic sound came out. Initially, the Dutch have worked in the field of gothic rock, but after searching for a new sound, and transitions from the label on the label Ronny Moorings (Ronny Moorings) and the company became the pioneers of the style, which many confuse with darkwave.

Style in the end was developed in neighboring Belgium in a slightly different incarnation: Belgian musicians began experimenting with sound and reach the unity of the early post-punk sound with minimal synth, which has been called coldwave. Many believe coldwave individual style, but in fact it was merely a description of the sound of different synth-goth bands. Coldwave now called, and many post-punk indie-band scene, using sound minimal synth. In the early '90s Europe learned a new name has become legendary synth-goth-group from Italy called The Frozen Autumn.

The first and most atypical representative of electronic gothic music began Germans Deine Lakaien, who in 1985 played synth-goth with elements of classical music. Peculiar vocal Velyanova Alexander (Alexander Veljanov) is considered one of the best male vocals, not only in the gothic scene. Until now, the scene does not appear unique to this German Unicum. Also in the early 90s in Germany were two more formations igrayuschie in the style of classic synth-goth - In Mitra Medusa Inri and La Floa Maldita.

However, the most popular style of German project brought Blutengel his album "Seelenschmerz" in the early 2000s, which merged synth-goth and gothic electro, affect multiple groups in different parts of the world and earned a lot of fans. Many began to copy their sound. The style though is highly directional, but has in its ranks a sufficient number of followers surround Clan Of Xymox, The Frozen Autumn and especially Blutengel, to have a reason for existence as a separate line. In America in the early 90's there was another team with a synth-goth sound The Cruxshadows, who went into a three-dimensional sound and added a live violin, which became a kind of trump card musicians. In Austria, in the mid-90s there was another project entitled L'Ame Immortelle, who also made a great contribution to the development of style. At the beginning of the Austrians played a tough gothic electro, but eventually softened their sound and became a modern classic synth-goth, although group and then went into a guitar region, they left no trace in the development of style.


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