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Gotta Love Horror Movies

Updated on October 25, 2013
Halloween 2
Halloween 2
Final Destination
Final Destination
Sorority Row
Sorority Row

True Classics

Since I was a child I can recall the many movies which allowed me to escape the horrors of living with domestic abuse. Among my favorites were Casablanca, Gone with the Wind and since I also had a passion for vampires, Dracula movies to me were not only intriguing but also tantalizing. Being able to live the life of an immortal being to me was amazing, and so I found myself getting my hands on every vampire movie imaginable.

Since then I have continued to watch movies throughout the years, and when I was old enough to tolerate them became a diehard horror buff. My movie repertoire has changed throughout but I still find myself making time to watch some of those classics that truly swept me away and they are Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula, The Raven about a crazed surgeon who tortures the girl who rejected him, The Black Cat who stars both Lugosi and Boris Karloff, The Son of Frankenstein and The Ghost of Frankenstein.” All of these movies are worth watching over and over again, especially during the best time of the year for everything horror, and that is of course Halloween.

True Horror

Which brings me to my other horror favorites, “Psycho” was one that kept me from taking showers for well into my teen years and then we have to discuss Halloween I and II, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Hostel and Saw sagas and The Ring as well as Friday the 13th. Each movie surpassed the other and every year these director’s take it a bit further by adding more gore, and more body counts.

I pretty much enjoy every movie genre, and am absolutely thrilled each year when I look forward to some of these amazing directors tackle yet another project. This week Rob Zombie will take us once again to the Halloween saga as he continues to brings us just another remake in H2. This violent tale of psychological horror focuses on the aftermath suffered by Laurie in the wake of Michael's rampage through Haddonfield.

In addition to Halloween 2 we will also see yet another “Final Destination”. In September we have the “Carriers,” about a global epidemic, Sorority Row, about an initiation gone bad, Whiteout, about a US Marshall stationed in Antarctica and investigating a murder; and last but not least Jennifer’s Body, about a gorgeous cheerleader who is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off boys in a Minnesota farming town.

I guess these next few months will keep me pretty busy at the movies, but I for one can’t wait. Both H2 and Final Destination will be released on August 28, 2009 and the others throughout September. The Carriers on September 4. Sorority Row and Whiteout on September 11th and Jennifer’s Body on September 18th respectively…

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