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Hollywood Gossip About Grace Kelly

Updated on March 17, 2015
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock | Source

Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock

I have in years past read a surprising amount of gossip about Grace Kelly and what had been going on. It seems also relevant in the light of the recent controversy about Tippi Hedren and the director Alfred Hitchcock and what she alleges to have happened between them.

There was a story that was recently put out in one of the magazines about Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock. She had starred in Rear Window that had been directed by Alfred Hitchcock.. It had come up for discusssion. He was reported to have made several passes at his different leading ladies. He had been pestering Grace Kelly about doing something for him. She had been putting him off. He said then to her that couldn't she do something. After all, he had been helpful to her and he just could not take it and needed something to satisfy him and his problem.

Grace told him that she would do something. She told him that she would the next day at a certain time, take her clothes off in front of the window so that he could see her then. The window seems to have been facing his place from far away so that he could see into the window. It was at night so she figured that no one else would see it. So she did that and then he was satisfied that he had something. It does have the ring of truth about it, but one never knows.

Tippi Hedren has complained that Alfred Hitchcock made several passes at her and made her life miserable. Hollywood is a different sort of place. There is a dispute on what she is saying from several actresses. The actresses saying he did not give them any trouble include Doris Day and Kim Novak. Hitchcock did like to work with blondes. He said that the blood showed up well on them. I worked at SAG temp and for a girl that said she was related to Tippi Hedren by marriage. She had a picture of her up with the family in the office. I think she may have had a hard time of it with Alfred Hitchcock.

I just read that Prince Ranier actually called Hitchcock up to get work for Grace Kelly. Hitchcock would have used her as Marnie but she could not play the role then. I think Hitchcock would have known that she was off limits.

Princess Grace and Prince Rainier
Princess Grace and Prince Rainier | Source
Princess Grace
Princess Grace

Grace Kelly gossip and as Princess Grace

Recently, there is also a new movie coming out about Grace Kelly. It is going to be starring Nicole Kidman playing her. It seems to be headed for trouble. The palace in Monaco has been sent a script about it. They complained that there was a lot of false reporting going on with it, but it does seem to be going on without any way for them to actually stop the movie. Her children Prince Albert of Monaco and his sisters are saying that there are many inaccuracies in the movie. They also say some scenes are just made up.

Before being married to the prince, she played a princess in The Swan. Considering how much gossip there is, everything seems to have gone very smoothly for Grace Kelly in Monaco. When she was living in Monaco in the palace there were some slight problems there. The staff was worried about her because she had been putting artificial flowers around in the rooms. They thought that they were very tacky. They were only using fresh flowers for it. That is how it was supposed to be. It was a terrible thing to them. It is a different style of life there.

Before Grace was married to the prince she had to be examined by the doctors there. There were a couple of different doctors that examined her. There was a rumor that she had been worried about what would happen with the tests. That is because despite what some might think of her that she was pure, she had actually before the prince had sex with several different men in Hollywood. Some of the men were her leading men in the movies. But she passed the test. It was just to make sure that she could have children.

She is said to have had an affair with Gary Cooper. One of the reported affairs was with Clark Gable. She was supposed to have admitted to it. Gossip is that she had wanted him for herself. There were others, so the list goes on. Some people in Hollywood were rather upset about all of this.

The prince had a girlfriend that was French before he met her. Word was that she had been tested also and she was found to be infertile. I have seen a rumor that the prince was looking for someone to help the kingdom with money. I don't know if that was true or not. They were in trouble in Monaco and needed more publicity and glamour. He had spoken to Marilyn Monroe, so the say, but it did not work out well. Then he met Grace Kelly. He had been an hour late but it went on to work out for them.

Grace Kelly was from a rich family with many children. Some people thought that part of her problems came from having been ignored by her mother when she was growing up. I have read that she was said to be her father's favorite. But some think that she did different things with men to spite her father.


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