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Graceland series

Updated on January 28, 2014


Graceland show

‘Graceland’ is a 2013 USA series about a group of undercover agents who live in a confiscated house in California that they call Graceland. The house has FBI, DEA, and ICE all live in the house to be undercover to get the criminals. A new FBI agent named Mike Warren comes to live in the house because one agent’s cover was blown and was shot. The old agent had to in a halfway house for safety while Mike comes to Graceland as a replacement.

He was supposed to be in Washington, DC but has been transferred to fill in to be undercover. Paul Briggs trains Mike on the cases. The cast of the show is Aaron Tveit (Mike Warren), Daniel Sunjata (Paul Briggs), Brandon Jay McLaren (Dale “DJ” Jakes), Vanessa Ferlito (Catherine “Charlie” DeMarco), Manny Montana (Joe “Johnny” Tuturro), Serinda Swan (Paige Arkin), and Scottie Thompson (Lauren Kincaid). The show is very interesting to me because almost all the agents have an agenda to why they do and pick their cases.

The cast has some familiar faces like Aaron Tveit if you watched ‘Gossip Girl’ he was Trip, Nate’s cousin. Daniel Sunjata was in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ as James Holt and ‘Rescue Me’ as Franco Rivera. Brandon Jay McLaren in ‘Power Rangers: SPD’ as the red ranger and ‘The Best Years’ as Devon Syler’. Vanessa Ferlito was in ‘Grindhouse’ as Arlene, ‘Spiderman 2’ as Louise and ‘Man of the House’ as Heather. To me I feel like Paul has nothing to hide but the police think he does. In the pilot episode you will learn some things about the agents and which bureau they work for.

Also in the end of the pilot episode you will find out what Mike Warren is really there at Graceland. The show has comedy, drama and action which are three of my favorite genres now it has been mixed in one show. If anyone watches a show on USA, you will not be disappointed with this series. If you don’t watch any show on USA you will still like this show as well just like I do.

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