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Gracepoint -- A Body Is Found

Updated on October 7, 2014

And a killer is loose in town...

The show opens panning over the dark and deserted town of Gracepoint. For some reason there seems to be almost sinister quality about the town. Then we see a teenage boy standing at the edge of a cliff looking down. There's something dripping from his fingers. Is it blood?

Next we see local cop Ellie returning from a vacation, I guess. She thinks she's going to get some big promotion, only she quickly gets shot down. She learns a man named Emmett Carter was hired instead. To say the least she's not pleased.

Needless to say she's not thrilled when she has to go on patrol with Carver. They're first called to investigate a cut fence. Where the fence is located looks like where Young Danny was last seen standing alive. Then they're told a body has been found on the beach.

Meanwhile Beth is noticing Danny isn't at breakfast, but doesn't think much of it. She just assumed he left early like he does on most days. However when she goes to his game and learns he's not there she become concerned. She starts calling everywhere she can think of to see if anyone has seen Danny. Then she starts driving around. When she gets caught in a traffic jam she's told the police found a body on the beach. She goes running to the beach and is held back from seeing it. But Ellie confirms it's Danny.

At first, since Danny's body is laying beneath a cliff on the beach it's assumed he killed himself. But an exam of the body reveals Danny's body was put there and the killer was trying to make it look like an accident or suicide. So it looks like they got a murder on their hands. Because of that Carver wants to keep the identity of the victim a secret.

When Carver and Ellie go to officially break the news to the family that Danny is dead, Carver tells Ellie to watch the family closely. He thinks if one of them had something to do with it they may give away something to her since she knows them. Carver seals off Danny's bedroom, since that's the last known place he was before he went missing.

Ellie's nephew, Owen Burke, is a reporter working for the Gracepoint Journal. He figures out who the body on the beach is when he sees Danny's sister, Chloe, bringing flowers to the spot where Danny was found on. He then wires the information to Renee Clements a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle and the news of Danny's death becomes known both far and wide. Meanwhile Danny's father, Mark, keeps a vigil by Danny's body in the morgue, being told he can't touch him.

When Carver finds out he hits the roof and blames Ellie when he learns it was Owen that did it. Carver, however, has problems of his own. The Chief wants Carver to hand the case off, but he refuses, declaring he was exonerated. And when Renee Clements sees Carver giving the press conference she recognizes him and says she can't believe anyone hired him, again.

The cause of death is revealed. Danny was killed by blunt trauma to his head. And Danny was facing his attacker when he was killed. Meanwhile Beth and Mark are blaming each other for Danny's death. They both throw accusations at each other for not realizing he was missing from the house.

It seems that Tom, Danny's supposedly best friend forever, may know more than he's saying. He asks if the police will want to examine his computer and when he learns they will he goes to deleting everything. He doesn't just put it in the trash, he re-formats his hard drive so whatever was on there will be gone forever.

Back in San Francisco, Renee Clements calls Owen to inform him she's coming to Gracepoint. I suppose the big question is it because of Danny's murder or because of Carver.

The big question is why Danny snuck out of his house in the middle of the night and just who did he meet? Was it somebody he knew or was it a stranger. And just why would someone want to kill this boy.

Since we still don't know much about Danny, it's hard to say who's a suspect and why someone wanted to kill him. He supposedly was spending early mornings with the salty Captain Jack Ryan as played by Nick Nolte. I was shocked to see his name in the credits as I thought he was too big a star to ever be on a TV show. And I had a hard time recognizing him under all that brush. The good captain could be a little seedy or shady and possibly involved in some kind of nefarious activities.

As for Danny's best friend, Tom, his primary reaction to learning his best friend was dead was to cover his own butt. Just what is he hiding? And was he really Danny's best friend. Or could he be Danny's killer.

It'll be interesting as we learn more about the secret life of Danny Solano and see who emerges as the top suspects for killing the teen.

Since we the viewers know a bit more than the police do, we can speculate that Danny was the one who cut the fence and was standing at the end of the cliff looking out at the sea when the person who killed him met him there. They may have gotten into a fight and in the process Danny was hit on the head. Then Danny's killer tried to cover up the crime by moving Danny's body below the cliffs to try and make it look like he'd jumped. However, they made a mistake in how they posed Danny's body because it tipped off the police that Danny didn't fall off the cliff.


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