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Gracepoint -- Did A Relative Kill Danny?

Updated on October 12, 2014

Police look at the victim's family, but what about their own family?

I have to say I wish this show was as interesting as the promos make it out to be. It was the promos that made me want to watch this show. Unfortunately, the show itself is kind of meh. The show had 8 more episodes to wrap this thing up, and so far it's just not very interesting, and it may come down to the characters. None of them are very likable.

Ellie's son definitely knows something about Danny's death. Did he do the deed? Only time will tell. He has a nightmare about Danny and is hoping when the police question him his mother will conduct the interview, knowing she'll go soft on him and not see he's hiding something. Ellie pops his balloon and says because they're related, someone else will have to do the cross-examining. The kid better pray it isn't Carver, cause he won't go easy on him just because he's a kid.

Carver isn't having a great time, either. Seeing Renee in town doesn't make his day and he won't even speak to her after what went down between them in the past. Then he seems to have some kind of spell and runs to the john where he shoots himself up with a needle. Is he sick or is he a junkie?

Renee seems to have come to Gracepoint to try and schmooze everyone. She tried it with Carver and he acted like he smelled something bad and got away from her as fast as he could. While she managed to make Owen all fluttery in all the right places, she did nada for Owen's boss, Cathy, who owns the paper and wouldn't really give her any space to operate out of. But her schmoozing may have worked on Danny's sister, Chloe. She gives her back the stuffed animal she left at the sight of Danny's murder. But otherwise we didn't see her doing any kind of investigative reporting.

Meanwhile, when Carver wasn't shooting up whatever, he was scouring the town trying to find some kind of lead of Danny's killer. Captain Jack claims he saw Danny talking with a strange man one day. Carver's detecting nose leads him to the trailer of Susan Wright, who won't let him in, and for very good reason. Inside it appears she has Danny's missing skateboard.

A search of the entire Carver house finds money taped under Danny's bed in his bedroom and cocaine under the floorboards of Chloe's bedroom. Chloe says Gemma Fisher gave the coke to her, but swears she isn't using. She also says she has no idea about any money when she gets accused of hiding money under Danny's bed.

The Solano family isn't thrilled when Ellie explains they can't have Danny's funeral, because until Danny's killer is caught they need his body to link him to the killer. I'm sorry but this makes absolutely no sense. No police force keeps a body for what could be months cause they need it to get evidence off it. They go over the body and take all the evidence off the body and store it in an evidence locker, then release the body to the family for burial. This was the biggest piece of BS I've ever heard spouted on the show. If the Gracepoint Police Department is too incompetent to have a coroner that can remove evidence from the body and give it to them, then they need to call in someone who can. Or is it the Gracepoint Police Department that couldn't keep evidence safe and thinks it's a good idea to keep the body and leave all the evidence on said body?

Beth Solano's mother is getting on her nerves, so she goes out shopping, then breaks down at her car. The local priest, Father Paul, shows up and it seems the two must of had a relationship together before he took up the collar. Earlier, Father Paul acted a little odd about Danny, because Cathy started a memorial for him and he said he should have thought to do that, himself. Beth confides in Father Paul that she's pregnant but she doesn't want to tell anyone in her family, including her husband, Mark. I'm not sure Beth's mother like her son-in-law, Mark, cause she goes to Father Paul and pushes him to be there for Beth. Shouldn't she be pushing her son-in-law to be there for his wife?

Carver discovers that Danny was keeping an online diary and let's say he didn't say much good about dear old dad, Mark. They also find out Mark lied about where he was during the time Danny disappeared. Mark is caught on a surveillance camera and he's really cagey about what he was really doing. Then the police discover where Danny was killed and Mark's fingerprints are all over the place. So Mark has just gone to the top of the list of the suspect list, but why would he want to kill his own son?

Furthering the whole Father Paul and Beth Thorn Birds feel is Mark going ballistic when he sees Father Paul on TV talking about Danny. He goes over and confronts him and tells him to stay away from his family. So it seems Mark knows all about Father Paul and Beth's past relationship.

Meanwhile there's a creepy repairman snooping around the files of Danny's murder left out on the desks. When confronted by Carver and Ellie about what he's up to, he claims he's some John Edwards type and that Danny has a message for them. Carver isn't buying this hocus pocus hogwash, but then the man gives Carver a message that seems to hit him where he lives and prove the man isn't a fraud.

In other news, Carvrer's big secret, according to Renee, is he was assigned the case of three missing girls and fumbled the case.

Like I said, the story really hasn't got me on the hook. The murder mystery so far isn't very interesting and none of the characters are very interesting of likable. But since the show is only going to run for 10 episodes, I may as well stick with it til the end. Maybe it'll get better as we get closer to the final episode.


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