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"Suicide Squad" Spoiler Review

Updated on June 19, 2017


Every summer, there's one movie that everyone looks forward to. One movie that is supposed to be a hit in the box office as well as a hit with the fans. This year, that movie was Suicide Squad. And it actually did live up to the two expectations I listed as it was a hit both with the general audience and the box office. The critics, though, were not fans of the movie. Hell, even some of "the less critical" YouTube based movie reviewers weren't fans of it. That surprised everyone, including me, and it just made me want to go see the movie even more to see for myself whether it was complete crap or not. The result... Is a mixed bag. Check out some of my in-depth thoughts below, and then check out my quick thoughts on several aspects of the movie below that.

Don't get me wrong, it is a fun movie just as we expected, but it's not a great movie by any means. The biggest problem I have with this movie is the story, because the characters, for the most part, are great. Margot Robbie does a great job as Harley Quinn and Will Smith does a bang up job as Deadshot. The rest of the crew is solid as well, but those two are by far the stand outs of the movie. But back to the story... It's not good guys and gals. What makes it not-so-great? The weak ass villain. I was expecting either the Joker or some other iconic comic book character to be the "big bad" of the film. But instead, we got Enchantress. Freaking Enchantress! I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I realized she was going to be the villain. I mean come on DC, you have an incredible catalogue of bad guys and you pick this one?! The character itself isn't very interesting, Cara Delevingne's acting isn't that great, and the fight the main cast has with her at the end of the film is pretty damn un-satisfying. Ugh, I just cannot express how frustrated I was with that decision. The next issue I have with the movie is that the squad spent a decent chunk of the movie on a mission to extract a high value asset. That "high value asset", is Amanda Waller. Why is all of that time spent rescuing her? So she can later get captured by Enchantress and help kick off the final act. It technically makes sense, but it was a poor decision by the writers in my opinion. The last issue I have with Suicide Squad is the Joker's presence, or lack thereof, in the movie. He played a huge part in DC's marketing for the film, and we were all led to believe that he would have a rather large part in the film. Well, he doesn't. He has a few scenes where he's acting like a mob boss and he has a great set of scenes where he helps tell Harley Quinn's origin story, but apart from those scenes he's barely in the movie. He does pop up at the very end to break Harley out of prison though, so I guess he'll be in another movie where he will hopefully get more screen time.

All in all, Suicide Squad is a very flawed movie. But as far as whether or not you'll enjoy it, if you watch it without thinking too much about the story, then you'll have a decent time. But if you were expecting an amazing comic book movie that would rocket DC up to the level of Marvel, you'll be quite disappointed.



- The team works well together.

- The team building scenes are quite nice.

- The action scenes, for the most part, were enjoyable.


- The villain is weak.

- The extract mission was alright, but the "high value asset" being Amanda Waller made me shake my head.

- Some of the characters have a rapid shift in their morals, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.



- The entire squad is great and the casting was spot on.

- Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller perfectly.


- Jared Leto's Joker is barely in the movie.

- Cara Delevingne's acting is not that great.

Overall Rating

2.5 Stars for Suicide Squad
2.5 Stars for Suicide Squad


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