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Gravity Review

Updated on October 23, 2013

Gravity Movie Review

Gravity is a visually stunning movie with a somewhat predictable storyline with minute &flawless attention to screenplay with great visuals. From the opening scene which combines the silence of space with the beauty of the earth, the movie hooks you in. Both George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were fantastic in their roles. The movie also managed to maintain the tension throughout without becoming just another thriller. It is the story about a character's strong will to survive in the most hostile environment most people will never imagine. In space sound cannot travel, a point that is ignored in some films involving scenes in space. When a ship explodes we hear it explode. When a person opens a door in space, we hear the door.

To the director Alfonso Cuarón's credit, he does not shy away from the terrifying silence of space. Most films that employ visual effects, the effects are noticeable (even for some of the biggest budget Hollywood flicks). What I mean by that is, when watching some action films; you can tell when a real object shot by a camera has turned into a CG object. No matter how good CG gets, this fact will probably always be true. Space is an interesting place to portray using visual effects. It is a place filled with mystery because only very few in this world’s population have been there and the visual effects in Gravity portray space and the events that unfold in it brilliantly. I could not see the filmmaking. I had no idea how they filmed it but I thought I was in space. I was completely engrossed. I am sure most of you who saw this would have felt the same.

In moments of sheer terror, the audience is left in quiet and calm state. Most of these moments are filled with brilliant musical scores. The cinematographer was dazzling and kudos to the editor too. Editing was really crisp and I was never aware of an edit and felt as if the entire film consisted of one continuous shot. I strongly believe that any film sets up its own expectations for the audience, as to what kind of film it will be, and what the ultimate conclusion should be.

As i have put in the title of this write up, Gravity for me is much more from being a normal movie. It was an enchanting experience.

Gravity - Official Main Trailer [2K HD]


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