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Great American Headache- Interview with Justin Wilson

Updated on May 30, 2014


Interview with Justin Wilson from Great American Headache:

1. Justin, you told me that before you were "G.A.H" your band had a different name. What was it?

Initially we were calling ourselves “Enemies of Modern Music” Cheesy? Mayhap, but I liked it because it was a nod to the Smashing Pumpkins, who are/were a great influence to me.

2. Why did you change it?

For two reasons. ONE: D.J found out it was part of the name of a Smashing Pumpkins record and decided he hated it. TWO: There was actually another band already with that name. It sucks…but in the long run I like Great American Headache better anyway.

3. What sort of music does G.A.H play?

Psh. We rock. No other way to put it. We play rock music.

4. You sing and play guitar. Do you play any other instrument?

I played the trumpet in high school….not sure if I can still play. I can sorta play keyboard/piano. I used to play drums. I can play the xylophone….kazoo…..

5.How long have you been playing the guitar?

Tricky question. Technically 8 years….on and off. I didn’t start playing regularly until 2 years ago. Pretty much just prior to G.A.H’s inception.

6. Who else is in the band, and what is their role?

My good friend’s D.J Blake and Josh Hickey. D.J plays drums and Hickpiece plays bass. This isn’t the first band I’ve been in with either of theses guys. D.J and I were in a band called STALE for years, playing the scene, semi-touring, and even recording two CD’s. We’ve been in several others as well…but I suppose that’s for another time. Um…Hickey and I…..know these guys in a band called Josh Smokes Too Much. A lot of people think that this is us. I would like to say right here, right now, that this is not us. We are just good friends of Jimmy and Kyle.

7. How, and when did your band start?

As a said before D.J and I have been in a lot of bands together, so really it was only a matter of time before we were in another one. It was actually our former bass player, Ron Martin, who put the lineup together. He came back from North Carolina and kept saying….we’re supposed to be in a band together. So we did. I guess that was like a year and a half ago.


8. Where can someone go to listen to your music? (Online)

Go to our MySpace. That’s the easiest way.

9. If someone asked you "what other band do you sound like", what would you say?

Ugh. I can’t lie. I hate this question. Truthfully, we don’t sound like any other band. The pieces are too different to make something too similar to anything else. BUT….I’ve heard people compare us to Mudhoney, Nirvana, and the Foo Fighters.

10. What are you doing to promote your band?

On MySpace they refer to it as whoring. Really…..talking to anyone who has an open ear. What I’m looking for is people who are looking for a band like us……not just mindless dribble….but really emotional, meaningful, ROCK MUSIC. We play out when we can. Promotion is kind of a bitch.


11. Where do you go (locally) to play to the public?

Right now…..well we play parties on occasion. Play open mic’s. We are just now getting ready to get back out there, after the switch of Ron to Josh at bass.

12. How could a person get a hold of you to hire you? or Those would be the best ways to reach us. Just so you know…we’re willing to play ANYWHERE, if given enough notice.

13. Where does G.A.H practice, and how often?

Right now we’re playing in D.J’s parents barn. HA. We’ve been trying to help D.J get his house back in order so we can play there instead. We generally play two to three times a week.


14. How many songs does G.A.H have, and what are the names of them?

Loaded question. All in all there are 12 songs that have been started, worked on, lyrics, riffs, or whatever. Of those 6 have been worked on extensively and four of THOSE are already recorded. Songs available now and/or soon are: Cuffed, Right the Ship and Furrow Deep, Pour Us, Slings With Arrows, Beyond Comprehension, and The (Last Mile).

15. Do you have a clan of "groupies" that follow your band around? (Regulars that support you?)- People you want to recognize here in this interview?

Ah…the Loyal Army of Prostitutes. HAHAHA. No actually…. we don’t play out enough to have anyone follow us. There is a swell of support on MySpace. I would like to say thanks to Plummer, Ashley, Brittany, Ben, KarmaKaze (Evan, Kevin, and Albert), my sister Erin, Talbert, The Silver Fox Alfredo Torres, and the Devastating Powhatan Bros. Also, I would like to thank you Shannon, for thinking we were good/important enough to interview me.

(awwwww...Your Welcome!)

16. If you were approached by a "Big-wig" in the music business who was interested in you, how would you explain G.A.H, and what would you say to promote yourself to him/her?

Tough to say. The only thing I suppose I could say…and I say this to everybody. Either you like us or you don’t. We rock and I know it so…. if that’s what you’re looking for I‘ve got nothing else to say.

17. One last thing... What do you want the readers of this interview to know about you and G.A.H?

We may not be the greatest and best band ever….but we WILL be you’re favorite band in life, if you give us the chance. I promise this. We will be THE most important band of this new millennium. Thoughts are in the clouds. Dreams are reality. It is not stupid to chase them. All I want is to bring rock to the few ears willing to listen.


Are you going to go check out "Great American Headache" after reading this interview?

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    • TheRealTruth profile image

      TheRealTruth 8 years ago from Virginia

      hey Shannon....

      crazy to think the band has gone through yet another lineup change. UNREAL.

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

      Shannon 8 years ago from New York

      By the way, everyone, TheRealTruth IS Justin Wilson! Isn't he great? Go check him out here on hubpages, or check his band out on MySpace!!!

    • TheRealTruth profile image

      TheRealTruth 8 years ago from Virginia

      hate to leave a second comment...but I just wanted to add that one of our songs drew a comparison to the Smashing Pumpkins.......big BIG deal for me.

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

      Shannon 8 years ago from New York

      Thanks linda! I was actually really proud of this one. Not only was I writing a hub, I was also helping out a friend, so thanks for the comment!

    • lindagoffigan profile image

      lindagoffigan 8 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Great way to present an article through interview format with information about an up and coming band. KUDOS.

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

      Shannon 8 years ago from New York

      LOL..... Ya think???

    • profile image

      DJ 8 years ago

      whoa. best interview. ever!

    • MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

      Shannon 8 years ago from New York

      So I am not the ONLY NERD??? lol... Your Welcome Justin.

    • TheRealTruth profile image

      TheRealTruth 8 years ago from Virginia

      im such a nerd.....leaving a comment on my own interview....thanks again shannon.