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Great Elements of Suspense, Humour and Drama in justice Woman

Updated on May 21, 2013

Neither was it luck and nor was it mere chance that landed ‘’Justice Woman’ to a staggering 1 million YouTube views! The first three episodes in Season 1 went on to make all the right moves in the world of web series. The comedy drama web series has a smart pace that keeps audiences hooked. Suspense and surprise elements are sprinkled every now and then in the episodes to maintain the drama factor. Hitting on comic shades such as traditional mother, gay thoughts and friendly banters, ‘Justice Woman’ is a fine mixture of serious legal subjects and sophisticated comic elements. Focus points are introduced in the first episode itself. People are made to realize what to expect as the theme and structural elements in the show from the very beginning.

Episode 1 opens up with a death stone of Sofia Escala as a short narrative lights up the screen stating how the protagonist is here to fight the unjust running within the judicial system. The director uses a very different approach in asking a direct question to the audience as to whether Sofia Escala aka ‘Justice Woman’ should stay alive or not. There are references to an ongoing legal case and glitches within the police department enquiry and the judicial system.

Actress/Director/Producer/Writer Vanessa Verduga plays the central character (resembling ‘lady of justice‘) who is seen walking the streets Bronx, New York. She works as an assistant in the District Attorney’s (She is proud to be an ADA) office. Episode 1 establishes the fact that there are loopholes within the system which go unnoticed and how innocent people are put on trial. Sofia Escala is initially seen amazed by high-level prosecutor Brent Renard’s achievements in the legal world. She is seen to reflect a lot on Brent’s power and legal presence. The latest case State vs. Lopez becomes a questionable thing for Sofia as she strongly feels there are anomalies in it.

‘Luck be a Lady’ is the first episode where there are introductions with patch of funny elements. Escala says how she needed a place to hide when she was out of law school. Her mother is shown in a very funny manner. All the nagging and a typical mother preaching how her daughter should become a doctor or a lawyer are quite funny. ‘Justice Woman’ does a lot of justice in delivering itself as a comedy drama.

Her stunning screen presence adds a special tone of glamour and class to the web series. Her confusion as a legal assistant and how to carry forward her motive of fighting justice is fine-tuned and presented well in her expressions. We get introduced to her friend and assistant Robert (Roberta) Gallion acted out by Lee Kaplan. Robert’s presence is quite funny with his gay overtones. His way of speaking on the phone and Sofia’s commentary on him is quite funny to watch. References of “Law & Order” are present. She also speaks how she is on the right side of the law. Brent Renard is introduced in this episode with everyone seen congratulating him for his success in a recent high-profile case.

Sofia Escala walks with full air of her ADA presence as she believes in providing justice to the right people. She explains how she is a lady luck justifying the tagline of the episode – ‘Luck be a Lady’. Every single character she meets is seen to be in awe of her looks and presence.

Joe in her office is clearly after her and asks her out which she declines in a funny way. Roberta’s funny way of describing Joe as a ‘poor guy’ is quite funny. It is evident how Escala and Roberta are close friends and they share most information. Sofia’s awe for Brent is also established in a funny way by Roberta when the latter states that Brent is divorced and has kids. How could a stunning lady like Sofia fall for him?!

In the final shots, Sofia is seen to be deeply engrossed in her thoughts related to Renard. She is walking the streets in the dark hours. The question she asks is ‘How was the murder weapon found by police was seen in two different locations at the same time?’ This question becomes the central question for the upcoming episodes. The first episode ends in suspense when a hand falls on her shoulder and she gives out a shocked expression.

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