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Melanie C's Music Review: The Sea

Updated on April 1, 2012
The Sea
The Sea

Melanie's very underrated fifth album.


The Sea

For those of you out there who may not know who Melanie C is, let me introduce you to one of the best voices to emerge from the last two decades. If you do, please don't roll your eyes and look away and please don't let the stigma of her past influence your opinion negatively. Most famously known as Sporty from the 90's super group the Spice Girls, she has been a successful solo pop artist since 2000. As a very influential artist with massive success in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, she has yet to make much of a splash here in the United States. Which is a very sad thing... Not only are we being deprived of some great musical gems, but she's missing out on some of great success that she deserves.

Many of you may recognize her from her world wide smash 'I Turn To You' but I want to focus on her latest album 'The Sea'. Released earlier this year, with physical copies in the UK and Europe and venturing into worldwide digital releases with Itunes and Amazon. Let's take a track by track look at the new album and see if we can find some new fans, and achieve some of the US attention that Melanie deserves.

Rock Me - This track isn't on the original album, but was recorded for Germany's coverage of the women's FIFA world cup. Fast lyrics driven by an even faster pace that is designed to get your pulse racing and build excitement for the game. It's quite a sporty tune.

The Sea -The album's title track opens up with the beautiful sounds of waves crashing against the shore. The waves lead into a dramatic drum climax that will send your ears into melodic harmony. The husky verses combined with a soaring vocal chorus are like two separate songs leading to an almost orgasmic blend. My favorite track from the album.

Weak - The song, full of longing desperation, is a soulful ballad. Selected as the second single for the UK, Melanie sings painfully about coping with the loss of a loved one.

Think About It - Worldwide debut single for 'The Sea'. This club ready song about living for the moment and not regretting the past was made for today's pop radio. Melanie's clear vocals soar with excitement with a no look back attitude.

Beautiful Mind - A very simple song about a girl who is afraid of the world around her. She builds her own sanctuary as a way of shutting out the evils in the world around her.

One By One - An almost folkish sounding ballad about a broken relationship. The main character is trying to tell her lover that their relationship has always been the focus. Pleading she says, let's pick up the broken pieces, one by one.

Stupid Game - This is a very 90's sounding rock song. Sadly, written ten years too late, it could have fit in perfectly with radio at that time. The song is obviously written about the press, but is also about being proud of yourself and staying true to who you are.

All About You - One of the more mellow pop songs on the album. Melanie very firmly sings about leaving a very self absorbed partner. The defiance in her voice portrays her frustrations perfectly.

Burn - This ballad is one of the standouts of the entire album. Definitely a fan favorite, and is being rallied for single number three. Emotional and gritty verses lead to an incredibly catchy chorus that will stay in your head and have you hopelessly humming along for hours.

Drown - A haunting song with an atmospheric melody about ghostly lost loves raising from their graves. Will you drown in those lonely emotions? Or do you coast above them with, confident the they past will stay buried. The slight electronic addition compliments Melanie's vocal talents perfectly.

Get Out Of Here - This is a very jazzy James Bond type of song. Melanie croons lusciously over the smooth background. Demanding freedom from an unwanted lover, the intensity grows and grows until her request turns into a forceful demand.

Enemy - Don't let the eight minute time scare you. Everything about the song is epic. From the surging chorus, romantic bridge and desperate verses. The vocal skill and emotional control she has in this song makes the perfect album closer.

Let There Be Love - A song that can be found on the German version of the album, is a sweet song about finding love. A classic ballad in every sense of the word. Lovely lyrics and lyrical delivery. Sensual backing music and pleasantly romantic.

Overall, I'm going to simply say let the waves of The Sea wash over you. It's a completely beautiful and emotional album from start to finish. While the album in it's entirety takes a few trips through the CD player to fully appreciate the layers of raw emotion that Melanie has offered here. Without a doubt one of Melanie's best efforts and deserves to be recognized for everything that it has to offer. You can find previews to each song at or You can listen to full versions and watch music videos at

Standout tracks: Think About It, Burn, The Sea, All About You

First German Exclusive Single 'Rock Me'

First Single 'Think About It'

Second Single 'Weak'

German Exclusive Single 'Let There Be Love'

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