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Chilling Performances

Updated on November 2, 2016


This is a collection of viral-video performances from the past that make you sit back and admire the talent of those who performed them. The performances range from music to sport, but they are all impressive.


Neil Patrick Harris at the 2013 Tony Awards

If you haven't seen the opening to the 2013 Tony's, you missed something epic. Forget about the singing, forget the dancing, when he jumps through that elevated hoop, you knew how talented the guy really is.

Charlotte and Jonathan Tryout for Britain's Got Talent

Charlotte and Jonathan on Britain's Got Talent in 2012.

What Makes it Great: The backstory of Jonathan being very shy and being picked on for his weight issues. Then he comes out and has this amazing opera voice.

Charlotte and Jonathan

Bon Jovi Goes Acoustic

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora: Life Beat Concert 1996.

What Makes it Great: The second chorus when Richie gets to fly solo and you realize just how good he really is. Plus, the acoustic version of this one makes it new and interesting.

Wanted Dead or Alive

A New York State of Mind at Vanderbilt

Billie Joel at Vanderbilt University.

What Makes it Great: The fact that the student 'has the chops' to ask to play with Billie and then rocks it. Just an awesome moment for him and everyone in attendance.

NY State of Mind

Heart Kills the Kennedy Center Honors

Heart at the Kennedy Center Honors, covering of Stairway to Heaven.

What Makes it Great: The fact that the talent in the room include so many stars, including Led Zeppelin. And then they add not one choral ensemble to the song, but a second huge one. You can see the surprise and joy on each of the faces of the guys in Led Zeppelin that it's awesome.



Atai Omurzakov and his dancing skills.

What Makes it Great: The way this guy can move is awesome and the whole arrangement of his act is pretty darn cool too.


Attraction Tries Out for Britain's Got Talent

Attraction on Britain's Got Talent.

What Makes it Great: The story that they tell is pretty incredible. The song is perfect for their storyline as well.

Read All About It

Greyson Chance Performs at His School Talent Show

Greyson Chance's cover of Paparazzi.

What Makes it Great: To see how talented this kid is at such a young age for one. Also, to watch as everyone starts out laughing at his song choice then realizes it's actually being sung extremely well. The dig by the teacher at the end is also kind of funny.


Jeb Corliss Uses a Flight Suit

Jeb Corliss Flying to Awolnation.

What Makes it Great: Zipping through the air and being less than ten feet off the ground at one point is pretty insane. Plus, who doesn't dream of flying.


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