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Great Science Fiction Films Worth Watching

Updated on June 9, 2015

Strange Days (1995)

Lenny Nero is a former policeman who is now making a living by illegally selling a dangerous product. The device entertains customers by making them feel and see through the eyes of other people when worn on the top of the head. However, he soon becomes a witness of a conspiracy among cops that is far more dangerous than his business. By trying to solve the crime, he walks the razor's edge.

Directed by
Kathryn Bigelow
James Cameron
Graeme Revell
Time travel method in Primer by MJL. Picture by William lee0.
Time travel method in Primer by MJL. Picture by William lee0. | Source

Primer (2004)

A group of engineers have locked themselves in a garage to work on a device that would change human history. They have no budget, no support, only Aaron's garage where they are conducting their experiments and motivation to have their invention sponsored someday. It is hard to say what was their final goal, but what they finally construct is some sort device that can alter space and time and works as time machine. Soon the friends realize that it is time to build a bigger machine to try it on themselves.

Note: the movie has a very intricate plot and leaves the viewer with a feeling that it has to be watched over and over again.

For illustrative purposes I attached a table of time travel principle used in "Primer." It may help viewers to better understand the movie plot.

Directed by
Shane Carruth
Shane Carruth
Shane Carruth

The Man from Earth (2007)

Based on Jerome Bixby's novel, this film would be a good watch for anyone who is into deep philosophical movies about our place on Earth, our origins and the meaning of our existence. Professor John Oldman is quitting his job at the university. On the final day, he invites his colleagues to a farewell party, where he reveals to tham that he has walked the Earth since Late Stone Age. He never gets old, that is why he made it a habit to change place every ten years, when people start noticing that he does not get older. He does not know why he is immortal and this is the first time that he decided to share the secret with others. At first, the university professors hardly believe him, but as he continues the story, more facts about his life prove that he is telling the truth.

Directed by
Richard Schenkman
Jerome Bixby
Mark Hinton Stewart

Timecrimes (2007)

On a quiet september day a simple working man Hector arrives at his new home just to find out that a series of strange things have been happening around. As he later discovers, it is all connected with his neighbour's experiments with a time machine. Trying to investigate what is going on, Hector becomes a part of the experiment and travels several hours back in time. However, the consequences of such time travels have not yet been explored by the scientist and are hard to predict. While El Joven (the scientist) is trying to undo the side effects of these time travels, the story becomes more and more complicated.

Directed by
Nacho Vigalondo
Nacho Vigalondo
Eugenio Mira

Another Earth (2011)

As scientist discover our planet's duplicate, they try to establish connection with the twin planet. Upon receiving a response, they realize that another Earth's civilization is also the same as ours: same countries, same people, but did they make same mistakes in life as we did? A young girl Rhoda Williams committed an unforgivable crime by killing an artist's family in a car accident. Feeling the guilt, she decides to find the man (John Burroughs) who survived the accident and apologize, but instead, the only thing she can do is pretend to be a social worker and start cleaning his house. At the same time, she wins a trip to another Earth, but finally confesses and gives the ticket to John to hopefully meet with his family.

Still from the movie "Another Earth"
Still from the movie "Another Earth" | Source
Directed by
Mike Cahill
Mike Cahill, Brit Marling
Fall on Your Sword, Phil Mossman

Source Code (2011)

An Afganistan soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in a small metal capsule to discover that he is being observed by people in a control room. They tell him that he was killed in Afganistan and now the remains of his body are being stored in a special chamber, while the capsule he awakens in is the result of his brain activity. As the story unfolds, we discover that the whole thing is a device developed scientist Dr. Rutledge to allow traveling in alternative timelines for eight minutes. The Captain is thus a part of the time traveling experiment. He is given an assignment to disarm a bomb on a train heading for Chicago. To do so, his mind is materialized in a body of a man within the train for eight minutes over and over, until he puts the pieces of the puzzle together.

Directed by
Duncan Jones
Ben Ripley
Chris Bacon

I Origins (2014)

A couple of young scientists is on the way to a discovery that can change the way humanity sees the world, both spiritually and scientifically. Ian and his wife Karen are exploring the origins of evolution of human eye, trying to solve the mystery behind the belief that the eye is the mirror of the soul. They work on lab animals and also scan the eyes of hundreds of other people, just discover that some eye patterns repeat. Upon finding an eye pattern identical to his ex-girlfriend's who died, he undertakes a trip to India where the person with the same eye pattern lives.

"I Origins" Official Trailer

Directed by
Mike Cahill
Mike Cahill
Will Bates, Phil Mossman

Predestination (2014)

The film is about the life of a time travel agent who is on his last mission before retiring. However, this time he has to complete the most difficult task of all. While traveling back into past to change the future of mankind and save it from a bomber, he understands himself more and more. Some of the revelations are life changing.

Directed by
The Spierig Brothers
The Spierig Brothers, Robert A. Heinlein
Peter Spierig

Interstellar (2014)

The inhabitants of the Earth are facing imminent extinction due to worsening climate on the planet's surface. An experienced astronaut finds himself in a secret NASA lab, where he is shown around and offered a secret space trip through a wormhole to explore other planets that may be capable of carrying life. He accepts the offer and embarks on a dangerous voyage with a group of scientists and a robot.

Directed by
Christopher Nolan
Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Hans Zimmer


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