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Great Tv Shows Like the Vampire Diaries

Updated on July 14, 2019
The CW TV Network Logo
The CW TV Network Logo | Source

Before CW was creating some of the best shows on TV, they premiered The Vampire Diaries. This went on to hook a lot of audiences to the show, with its great in-depth storyline, and gripping drama, as well as it’s special effects, and of course, it has vampires in it, so what's not to like.

Shows like The Vampire Diaries.

  • Heroes
  • Teen Wolf
  • Gossip Girl
  • The 100
  • One Tree Hill
  • The Originals
  • The Carrie Diaries
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • 90210
  • The Secret Circle
  • Make It Or Break It


The premise of this series is that a group of people get superpowers out of nowhere. You might think this has been done before in other series, such as Agents of SHIELD, or Misfits, but with Heroes, you are invited along on the journey of the characters coming to terms with their superpowers.

This might be a classic series now, but it's still excellent viewing and will keep you on the edge of your seat, as the Heroes come together to prevent a catastrophic event happening on earth.

Superpower characters are a popular genre in TV shows, and although they might not be as big budget as some of the Hollywood blockbusters that you see in the cinema, this is still a pretty good incarnation of the genre, and will keep you on the edge of your seat, as each of them comes to terms with their new superpowers.

Heroes Cast Poster
Heroes Cast Poster | Source

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Teen Wolf

We have a mix of Twilight-style storylines with Vampires, and werewolves. Teen Wolf is a gripping drama that follows the life of a teen called Scott McCall after he is bitten by a werewolf. His life goes from easy to difficult. How will he manage to keep his secret to himself, and make sure his girlfriend or family don’t find out, and also manage his life of a typical teenager.

The cast is really spot on, and the storyline is gripping with so much amazing acting, and great werewolf effects. It’s nothing like the original Teen Wolf film, this is much darker and serious, and there are 100 episodes, so there is plenty for you to catch up on if you haven’t experienced this breakthrough drama yet, which originally aired on MTV.

Teen Wolf Cast Poster
Teen Wolf Cast Poster | Source

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Gossip Girl

Taking place in the beautiful city of Manhattan this TV show has an amazing amount of on-screen chemistry and acting, and will have you wondering if these characters are really friends or enemies in real life. The talent that was picked to star in this show is second to none. It's a funny take on city life and a look inside the lifestyles of the elite. With many people commenting on social media that the teens act like adults, while the adults act like teenagers, and this is so true.

Friendships and relationships are put at strain with the secrets and betrayals that the characters introduced to the storyline. You will be left with your jaw wide open once you start to get into the each of the seasons. The drama and plot twists will have you hooked, and unwilling to reach for that remote control to turn your TV off. Be warned, this is an addictive series.

Gossip Girl Cast Poster
Gossip Girl Cast Poster | Source

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The 100

The ultimate disaster series. The Earth gets nuked, and the only survivors are those sent into space. 97 years later a few teenagers are sent back down to earth to see if it's habitable again. Once arriving back, they don’t foresee the dangers that await them, and unexpected things start to happen, that they are not prepared for.

This is a great CW series, and although it is slow to start, this is to help with the build-up of the characters on the show, as there are quite a few. Once the series gets going though, it makes for great viewing, with different characters who survived the apocalyptic landscape living underground, and in caves. The team that is sent down face a great many difficulties that carry the storyline along beautifully, keeping you hooked for each season.

The 100 Cast Poster
The 100 Cast Poster | Source

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One Tree Hill

It started off as a teen drama with the hopes of maybe running a few series, but it spawned 9 series and a total of 187 episodes. This Teen romance drama captivated audiences on a weekly basis of over 3.5 million viewers. The show is centered around two brothers, as they compete for places on the high school basketball team, and their subsequent love lives around their high school sweethearts.

There are quite a lot of sub characters too, and the show is beautifully made, with an excellent and engaging script. Although it might seem a bit stereotypical, tuning in to a few episodes will have you enthralled with the relationship issues, surrounding the people of Tree Hill, including drugs, affairs, and marriages. The show won two Teen Choice Awards, which says a lot for it, as it was up against some stiff competition during its period of airing.

One Tree Hill Cast Poster
One Tree Hill Cast Poster | Source

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The Originals

The Originals is a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and delivers just as much bite as its predecessor. It features the Mikaelson family who is a family of vampires known as The Originals, as they are the first vampires to ever exist. There is a lot of plots that are carried over from The Vampire Diaries, as well as bloody killings, and romance with love bits galore.

There are only five seasons but more than 90 episodes, so you will enjoy this thrilling drama, with dark and atmospheric scenes, a storyline that is full of plot twists. New friendships and relationships are formed between those that shouldn’t be consorting with each other, but this is what makes the storyline gripping all the way through, not to mention also the great blood-sucking cast.

The Originals Cast Poster
The Originals Cast Poster | Source

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The Carrie Diaries

Taking place before Sex and the City, this 1980’s fun drama, sees Carrie live her life in Manhatten during her final year of high school. Just like Sex and the City, the story revolves around love, and her life in high school, as well as her internship at a law firm, while also working at a magazine company.

Although there were only 2 series of this TV show, it still is a must-see, as Carrie Bradshaw is portrayed amazingly, and the storyline is light and fluffy combined with a bit of quirkiness. It’s a great watch if you’ve been a fan of the original show, as it has that style of the theme to it. There is also plenty of shopping involved and some great outfits.

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Pretty Little Liars

Four Friends find out that their dead friend is somehow sending them text messages from beyond the grave. These text messages, all threaten to reveal their dark secrets, but do they believe that this mysterious texter is really her?

The series is slow to begin, but that's to build up the tension between the characters and give you some background information into the lives of each of the characters too. After a few episodes, you will start to be on the edge of your seat, as edge episode heightens the drama of the series.

Pretty Little Liars Cast Poster
Pretty Little Liars Cast Poster | Source

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Although not quite as many vampires as The Vampire Diaries, this drama is nothing like the original Beverly Hills 90210. It’s centered around a family from Kansas who move to Beverly Hills, and how they face their new surroundings, and the relationship building and struggles that happen to them. This show did get some negative reviews when it first came out, but as it progressed through the seasons, of which there were five, something changed along the way, maybe the writing, but it became more gripping. Maybe it was just being able to relate to these teenagers starting their life in the adult world.

The acting at times is a little fiery, with passion written into the script, and lots of relationship drama included, so if you like that sort of thing, and seeing how the rich live in Beverly Hills, then you’ll love this up to date take on the popular formula.

90210 Cast Poster
90210 Cast Poster | Source

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The Secret Circle

No vampires here just witches. After a 16 year old teen’s mother dies, she moves in with her grandmother only to find out that she is a witch, which then proceeds to turn her life upside down. She undertakes a number of adventures with her five witch friends, that will have you hooked for the 22 episodes.

The show was canceled as the special effects costs were cited as too high, yet, there is still much drama to be had and an interesting and fun storyline. Many people including myself wish that there was more series, but you can always enjoy what there is, and wish for your grandmother to reveal to you that your a witch, maybe if it won’t even happen. After a few episodes, the series does get quite dark, and the special effects add to that, and it becomes a romantic drama. With its unpredictable plot, you’ll be enthralled with this drama, and only cry when it ends too soon.

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The Secret Circle Cast Poster | Source

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Make It Or Break It

This is a hard-hitting drama that follows the lives of a group of teen golden achievers as they prepare for the Olympics. The drama follows their ups and downs, their happiness and frustrations, as well as their relationships. The series is quite light hearted and has been subclassified as a comedy-drama.

The cast are gifted actors and make you believe in their struggle, and importantly the stunt doubles perform excellently well too. It’s very believable and gives you an insight into the lives of the teen gymnasts that put their bodies through years of grueling discipline to achieve their goals. Although only quite a short series, with 3 seasons, it has 48 episodes, which will have you hooked from the beginning to end.

Make It Or Break It Cast Poster
Make It Or Break It Cast Poster | Source

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