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Greatest 60's Garage Fuzz Rock Albums List

Updated on May 28, 2012

The Music Machine - Turn On

This album is a great example of 60's garage punk, full of fuzzed out guitars and a wailing Doug Rhodes on the Farfisa organ. The band gained a lot of attention for their all-black-clothing and the fact they all wore a single black glove The Music Machine formed as The Ragamuffins in '65, changing the name a year later.

Songs to jam: "Talk Talk", "Trouble", "Taxman" & "Masculine Intuition"

The Litter - Distortions

Thee essential 60s band you've never jammed before. Hailing from Minneapolis, forming in '66. A lot of garage bands from this time were known for doing cover songs mostly, The Litter made their covers better than the originals on almost all accounts. Snarling vocals with extended guitar & organ solos.
Songs to jam: "Action Woman", "Codine", & "I'm So Glad"

The Electras - The Best Of

Yet another 60's Minnesotian band, The Electras forming in '65 never quite got the recognition they deserved. Some of the most raw & soulful vocals of the genre happen to reside in this compilation. In 2010 they were inducted into the Midwest Hall Of Fame.

Songs to jam: "Dirty Old Man", "Soul Searchin", "Action Woman" (Their version is even wilder than The Litters "

The Sonics- Here Are The Sonics

No one is as notable as Gerry Rosalie when it comes to the world of garage rock. The Sonics lyrics covered everything from Satan to drinking poison, not a lot of bands in 65 had the "nads" to do so. This albums drum tracks were recorded with only one mic for the whole drum kit on a two track recorder to get a live raw tone. Drummers are still trying to achieve the tone Bob Bennett had. The Sonics tunes have been covered by the likes of; The Sword, The Cramps, The Flaming Lips & The Hives.

Songs to jam: "The Witch", "Dirty Robber", "Psycho", "Walking The Dog" & "Strychnine"

Zakary Thaks- Form The Habit

Too good to be unheard of, Zakary Thaks forming in Corpus Christi in the mid 60's. The drums are probably going to be the first thing you notice about the sound of this band, very complex beats for the time period & genre. In mid 66 the band released a 7" of "Bad Girl" & "I Need You" (Kinks Cover) which earned them the chance to play with their at the time heroes, The Yardbirds. The band went on to support acts such as Jefferson Airplane & The 13th Floor Elevators.

Songs to jam: "I Need You", "Face To Face" & "Green Crystal Ties"

Chants R&B - Stage Door Witchdoctors

Considered one of the greatest garage R&B bands from Christchurch, Chants R&B formerly known as "Chants" were very short lived with only the one album, but its enough to make them my favorite on the list. No album is more raw, fuzzed out, or holy in my mind. With influences like: Them, Otis Redding, The Yardbirds, & The Rolling Stones, how can you go wrong ?

Songs to jam: "Mystic Eyes", "Neighbor, Neighbor", "Early In The Morning", & "I'm Your Witchdoctor"


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    • Theeyeballkid profile image

      Theeyeballkid 5 years ago

      Great hub, I haven't heard of these bands before but Im listening to some of these songs now on youtube and MAN IT SOUNDS GREAT!!!! I love the thick dirty guitar sounds.

      Ive heard Tom Petty cover Mystic eyes before and loved that song, I didn't realise the original was by 'Chants R&B', what an epic tune.

      Anyway thanks for the introduction to these bands!...and welcome to Hubpages!