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Greatest SuperCouples on Soap Operas- of all time

Updated on December 28, 2014

10-Bo and Nora 'One Life to Live'

Starting at list at number 10 is Bo and Nora from One Life to Live. They were a fun couple in daytime. She was a lawyer he was a cop.
Nora came to Llanview in 1992 to try to convince her daughter Rachel to resume her college studies. She became a partner in a fellow lawyers law firm. Bo was married to Sarah Gordon who was tragically killed in a hit and run accident. Nora began working with Bo to try to find out who was responsible.
Slowly their love story the began with Bo and Nora celebrating Mardi Gras at the Palace Hotel. Together they enjoyed old movies, popcorn and jitterbugging! They became engaged when Nora had a brain tumor and had surgery to remove it. She was temporarily blinded and had a second operation that restored her vision.
They married in 1995 with Little Richard presiding and singing at their wedding. It was a traditional wedding in Bo and Nora fashion which was 'rock 'n roll.

9- Robert and Anna - General Hospital

They met in 1976 working as partners for the World Security Bureau. They were wed secretly in Italy. When their bosses Sean Donely and Cesar Faison found out they arranged to have the marriage broken up by leading Robert to learn that Anna was a double agent. Anna was injured in an explosion and divorces her due to her being a double agent. Robert is not aware that Anna is pregnant. She gives birth to a girl named- Robin and gives her to a family friend to raise. This happened before either came to Port Charles.

Robert came to Port Charles to help defeat the evil Cassadine family. He became friends with Luke and the two worked together to bring the Cassadines down. Anna arrived in town in 1985 and when her and Robert met up they decided to put the past behind them. It was then that she told him about Robin who was 7 years old at the time.

They team up together to go after their old boss Sean who is trying to steal the Aztec treasure.Anna forced herself to wear a fake scar as her penance for working as a double agent. They had to pretend they did not like each other and while on a train with Sean, he pulls the scar off of Anna. She was hurt by his action and this caused some discord between her and Robert, however it freed her from having to wear the scar. On the train, Robert and Dean get into a fight over the treasure, Sean thinks he killed Robert and decides to turn the jewels over. Robert tricks Sean by dressing up as the evil Mr. Wu, and then throws Sean into jail.

Later in 1985 Robin is kidnapped by the real Mr. Wu and Robert and Anna with the help of Sean, rescue her. Sean helping to save Robin is what led Robert to eventually forgive him for attempting to steal the Aztec treasure.

Robin, played matchmaker for her parents by sending them faux valentines. Anna and Robert fell back in love and after a murder attempt they soon made love. Robert proposed to Anna, and they were married in Lila Quartermaie's Shakespearean Garden. This was not the hay ending for them as more trouble was soon upon them. Together they have had other love interests, kidnappings, presumed deaths and tragedies, but Robert and Anna have always have found their way back to each other.

They were 'killed' in 1992 but in true soap opera fashion were not dead and came back from the grave. They have a granddaughter and in 2008 Robert had a bout with cancer.

8- Josh and Reva Guiding Light

Josh and Reva were childhood sweethearts who were reunited in Springfield. Reva came to town to cause trouble between Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis- who was Reva's ex-husband. Josh found our and dumped her.

Meanwhile Billy and Josh's dad H.B. Lewis decided to marry Reva. Josh learned about the marriage and crashed his car which made him become paralyzed. H.B. and Reva too Josh in to help him recover. Soon, they gave into their passion and made love. Reva became pregnant with H.B.'s baby and Josh left town.

Upon returning to Springfield, Reva became pregnant with Marah- Josh's baby. But still they were torn apart by other people. They had a second child, a son named Shayne and then Reva sufferered from postpartum depression. She was presumed dead when she drove her car off a Florida bridge.

She turned up a few years later on an Amish farm. They did eventually marry, divorce marry again. Guiding Light was cancelled in 2009 and Josh and Reva declared their love for each other in the final show.

7- John and Marlena- Days of Our Lives

John came to Salem in 1986 as an amnesiac but information seemed to suggest he was the presumed dead Marlena's husband- Roman Brady. John and Marlena were then married until she died in a plane crash.

John (Roman) had some love interests until Marlena reappeared and it was learned that she spent the last four years in a coma. Soon the real Roman Brady came home and it was revealed that John Black was an imposter who was programmed with the memories of the real Roman, and he was a dangerous assassin. The fake Roman went back to using the name John Black. Marlena tried to reconcile with Roman, but the passion between them could not be denied and an affair they had produced a daughter-Belle. This was the end of Roman and Marlena and they divorced.

They faced more obstacles and then in 1997 John asked Marlena to marry him. The wedding was interrupted when Roman returned to town believed to be dying. John and Marlena hid their feelings for each other, but soon Roman realized he could not win her heart back. John and Marlena finally wed July, 1999.

They faced many more obstacles from brainwashings to another ex husband reappearing. John and Marlena married for the third time (their first legal marriage) on December 5, 2006. John was shot and fell into a coma. He awoke and it was revealed he was the son of Colleen Brady and his worst enemy- Stefano DiMera. John became a victim of a hit and run and while in the hospital died.

Once again John came back to town. Stefano had faked his death. He had no memory of his love for Marlena and so they divorced. John had an accident that left him temporarily paralyzed but it helped him regain his memory. They remarried January 2009.

6- Cliff and Nina - All My Children

What fan of All My Children can forget the great love of Dr. Cliff Warner and Nina Cortlandt. They met at Pine Valley Hospital when Nina was recovering from an appendectomy. Nina's father- Palmer did not approve of the romance and plotted to break them up. Nina, who is a diabetic develops retinopathy, a condition that will make her go blind if not treated. Palmer refuses to tell her there is a cure so Nina breaks up with Cliff as she does not want to be a burden to him. Cliff soon learns about Nina's condition and s able to get treatment for her. They reunite and agree to marry.

While Nina and Cliff were separated he met Sybil Thorne a nurse at the hospital. She wanted to get Cliff for herself. So being vulnerable after Nina left him he turned to Sybil and made love. She ended up pregnant with his child. Nina and Cliff are going forward with their wedding when Sybil informs him before the wedding that she is pregnant. Hoping that this will not tear them apart- Cliff goes forward with the wedding in November 1980. Sybil gives birth to a baby boy she names Bobby. Nina learns from Sybil that Cliff is the father, so she files for divorce. Soon Sybil is found murdered and Cliff is arrested. It turns out that Sean Cudahy is the one who killed her.

Nina reunites with Cliff before the divorce becomes finalized and Nina adopts Bobby as her son. Soon she takes a job as a secretary with Steve Jacobi who becomes taken with her. She fights her attraction to Steve to make her marriage work, but during a bad storm with power outage she makes love to Steve. Nina begins an affair with Steve. Cliff catches her one night and when she comes home he tells her what he know and demands they divorce.

Steve asks Nina to go away with him and they are in a plane crash. An associates of Steve's whom Cliff becomes close to, dies. Nina tells him she should have died in the crash, in turn Cliff hugs her and tells her he is glad she is alive.

Nina and Steve separate, but Cliff takes up with Dr. Amy Stone. She is seriously hurt in a car crash by a drunk driver, Cliff is the only available surgeon operates on her. he cannot save her and blames himself. Nina consoles him and they marry for the second time.

They divorce and remarry two more times before finally moving to Denver, Colorado to begin a new life.

5- Greg and Jenny- All My Children

Who can forget young lovers Greg and Jenny. They met in 1981 when Jenny came to Pine Valley with her mother. Their romance starts and finally in 1982 Greg tells Jenny he loves her.

Jenny learns her father who she thought was dead- Ray Gardener- is in prison for rape. Liza who wants Greg for herself bribes Jenny. She tells her unless she breaks off with Greg she will tell him about Jenny's dad. So Jenny runs away with her friend Jesse Hubbard to New York city., who was falsely accused by Liza of attempted rape.

Greg trying to forget Jenny begins dating Amanda- Liza's longtime best friend. She realizes that Greg is still in love with Jenny and discovers her whereabouts from Liza. Amanda cannot be like her friend and hide it from Greg, so she tells him where Jenny is. Greg and Jenny are reunited.

Greg is injured in a fall and becomes paralyzed. Not wanting to burden her he breaks off with her and encourages her to go to New York to pursue her modeling career. She becomes engaged to another model- Tony Barclay, even through her heart still belongs to Greg.

Greg regains the use of his legs and follows her to New York to try to win her back. They reconcile on Jenny's wedding day to Tony. Shortly after they are married. Tony is angry and plots to kill Greg. On their honeymoon at Willow Lake, Tony wires Greg's jet ski to explode, but jenny gets on it instead. She is injured in the explosion and later dies at the hospital.

4- Jack and Jennifer Days of Our Lives

Jack, was adopted and raised by the wealthy Harper Deveraux, a U.S. senator. Jack did not know that he was really Billy Johnson. His mother Jo, gave him up for adoption out of fear for her abusive husband.

He was married for a time to Kayla Brady. When she did not return his feelings he raped her. Jack became a newspaperman at The Spectator. Jennifer Horton was a young, inexperienced woman in the ways of life. She dated but never consummated any relationship, waiting for the right man to come along. Working at the paper she began to see Jack in a new light.

Jack also began to have feelings for Jennifer after she was injured going after a story for the paper. Jennifer wanted to foster a baby whose mother was sent to prison for robbery. To help Jenn, Jack came up with a plan to fake a marriage so he could spend more time with Jenn. She did not want to at first, but then agreed, but the agency refused to give a baby to a man who had assaulted his ex-wife.

They had more ups and downs and Jenn began dating another man. They ended up on a cruise for work when they finally made love for the first time. back home Jack killed his father Harper who was about to kill Steve Johnson on his wedding day. He became despondent and pushed Jennifer away. So she went to New York to try to help her boarding-school best friend Katarina from an arranged marriage to Lawrence Alamain.

Jack went to New York after Jenn and the two declared their love, but she refused to give up helping her friend. Lawrence forced Jennifer to go through with the wedding he kidnapped her and her Grandmother, making them go to his country. Jack flew to Lawrence's country to try to protect Jenn, but he was hit on the head and incarcerated prior to the wedding. Lawrence then raped Jennifer.

Jennifer was traumatized, and had a hard time becoming close to Jack again. They went through more trials before she finally confessed to Jack what happened. Jennifer pressed charges against Lawrence and during the trial Jack realized what he put Kayla through. Lawrence was convicted of marital rape and served a few years of jail time

Jack finally proposed to Jenn after the trial. They were married in 1991. the marriage produced a daughter- Abigail. Jack and Jenn have been through more ups and downs, but have always found their way back to each other.

3- Bo and Hope Days of Our Lives

Bo was a bad boy who rode a motorcycle and was a former Merchant Marine. Hope was 'Daddy's Little Girl' a spoiled rich girl who also had a wild streak. They were childhood pals and reconnected in 1983 when long haired rebel Bo rode his motorcycle into town. He stopped at Shenanigan’s for a beer. Hope asked him for a ride home on his motorcycle, he agreed, and their romance was started. She was smitten with the rebel and he also was with her.

Hope was to marry rich politician Larry Welch and Bo kidnapped Hope from the wedding and fled to the Bonnie Tyler hit, Holding Out for A Hero. He had a friend Howie stand in as the bride. They then stopped to talk things out and finally kissed to James Ingrams song Whatever We Imagine . Eventually, Welch found out and forced Hope to marry him anyway by threatening her family.

They made love for the first time at a New Orleans plantation, Oak Alley Plantation. Hope was dressed in a beautiful full skirted gown. They finally married in 1985 in England.

They have been through numerous tragedies, kidnappings, brainwashings and more, but Bo and Hope always manage to find their way back together.

2- Tad and Dixie- All My Children

Dixie arrived in town because of her uncle Palmer. Soon after she met Adam Chandler who was married to Brooke English. He realized Dixie could give him what Brooke could not- a son. They had an affair and Dixie became pregnant. Brooke hired Tad to investigate the paternity of Dixie's baby, and the two became friends. They had fun together until Dixie realized that Brooke hired him for information on her. She tried to make it work with Adam, but Tad she realized found his way into her heart.

Dixie married Adam believing her loved her. Tad tried warning Dixie about Adam and soon he was beaten up by thugs hired by Adam. Dixie nursed tad back to health, and when Adam Jr. was born he finally told Dixie he loved her. She was married and told him she would stay with Adam, but it proved hard for the pair to stay away from each other. When Adam Jr. was kidnapped Dixie called the one person she knew could help her- Tad.

Adam wanted the baby to himself so her tried to convince Dixie she was losing her mind. She admitted herself into a Sanitarium, but Tad could not be stopped to get his beloved out of the place. While on the run with Tad she finally admitted her feelings to him.

Tad proposed to Dixie while wearing a bright yellow chicken suit and she excepted. Dixie got custody of Junior and the two finally wed in 1989. Their happiness was short lived when Palmer and Tad's real mother Opal- tried to break them up. Their plots drove a wedge between the two and Dixie moved out. Unbeknownst to Dixie- Palmer served Tad with divorce papers. Believing it was over- Tad had an affair with Brooke who became pregnant. Dixie found out and they divorced.

Dixie the became friends with an evil man- Billy Clyde Tuggle, while Tad pursued a relationship with Brooke, who truly loved him. Billy Clyde kidnapped Dixie and as soon as Tad found out he ran off to find her. He proposed and they were planning to remarry until Tad went after Billy Clyde and while on Lockport Bridge a violent scuffle broke out. Both men fell off the bridge- Billy Clyde's body washed up on shore, Tad's body was never found. Dixie was devastated.

Dixie went on with her life believing Tad was dead. Finally, two years later Tad came back to town as an amnesic- believing he was Ted Orsini a vineyard owner from California where he was for the past few years. Nola Orsini- his 'mother' soon realized he was not her dead son Ted but really Tad Martin. Nola died before she could tell him, he took her body back to California to bury her. Brooke put two and two together that Ted was Tad and flew to California to confront him. She put the missing blanks together for him and urged him to come back to town and help Dixie. It was to late, she had already married Brian Bodine.

Tad learned Brooke had his son and was going to marry her, but the night before the wedding Dixie came to him and confessed her feelings. But, the next day she realized she confessed to the wrong man- it was really Ted Orsini! Tad and Brooke's wedding had gone on. Dixie became close to Ted and Tad did not like that. the two men had a fight over Dixie and Ted stormed off. Dixie arrived- revealed her feelings and the two finally made love.

Ted was mad and devised a plan to kill Tad by taking him on a Canadian camping trip. Dixie figured it out and flew in to prevent Ted from killing Tad. Brooke and Tad divorced. Then in 1994 Tad and Dixie remarried. Their happiness was not to be as more trouble came between them. Dixie left town to start a new life, leaving Tad all alone.

Two years later Dixie came home to Pine Valley and to Tad! They had more heartache but were remarried in 1999 for the third time. The marriage went through more trouble and Dixie left again in 2002 for the Caribbean where she gets a divorce. She regrets this returns to town and becomes pregnant. She flees to Switzerland to have the baby. She writes tad she is pregnant and wants to come back, but has an accident where she is presumed dead.

She returns to town in February 2006, attends a Mardi Gras party and keeps her face hidden from everyone. Tad finally sees Dixie in April 2006. He is furious that she left them believe she wad dead and that she gave their daughter away after letting Greg Madden convince her that Tad could not love a daughter, who, Madden claimed, would remind him of Dixie's death too much for him to love the child properly.

The two begin to reconcile and Tad invites Dixie on a date. However, in 2007, she dies that day after eating poisoned pancakes that were meant for her daughter-in-law. Dixie's ghost appears numerous times/ On May 17, 2011, despite her many ghostly appearances, Dixie is revealed to be alive and being held in a locked cell by David Hayward. She is one of the patients in David's medical experiment called Project Orpheus. She manages to escape where she finally makes it back to town.

Eventually, officer Monroe finds her and takes her to Oak Haven, she runs into Erica, who has recently been admitted. Erica helps Dixie get out, along with Annie Lavery, Marion Colby, and Janet Dillon.

Dixie makes her way to the park and sees Tad, who is talking to her through the stars. He asks for a sign from Dixie, and she calls out his name. At first, Tad thinks he's imagining it, but then, Dixie calls out again. Tad turns around and he sees Dixie, they finally reunite. As they spend time under the stars that night, Dixie slowly regains her senses again in Tad's presence.

1- Luke and Laura- General Hospital

Luke came to town on the advice of his sister Bobbie to break up Laura and Scotty. Laura got a job at Luke's disco as a waitress. He was smitten with her and one night believing he was going to die due to the mob he 'raped' Laura, one of the most controversial storylines in soap history. The song used was Rise. Laura fell in love with Luke. He was given a villain to hero make-over.

Laura would not tell Scotty about the rape. He learns about it the day of Luke and Jennifer's marriage when Laura writes a letter to Luke. Scotty interrupts the ceremony on Frank's yacht and knocks Luke overboard, leading everyone to believe he was dead. He reveals himself to Laura. He has stole Frank's encoded black book, which holds the details of his criminal dealings. They go on the lam in and had many adventures. They posed as newlyweds 'Lloyd and Lucy Johnson'. Luke and Laura find enough evidence to have Frank arrested and celebrate by making love. When they came back to town Laura being nervous of the spotlight declares she still considers Scotty her husband. A heartbroken Luke rejects her after hearing that.

Laura continues to make amends with Luke. He takes a job working for the Quartermaines'. Alexandra, is in search of the Ice Princess, the world's largest uncut diamond. Luke and Laura finally get back together until Robert Scorpio an agent with the World Security Bureau informs Luke the statue that the diamond is hidden in contains a formula for a dangerous substance called "carbonic snow" that is powerful enough to freeze Port Charles.

Alexandra ,gets the diamond and she decides to deliver it aboard the Titan, the Cassadines' yacht. Luke and Robert stow away on the yacht and unbeknownst to them Laura also gets on board. They all arrive on Mikko's private island in the Atlantic.Charles' and discover his plans to use the Ice Princess to turn the world into the ice age. He freezes Port Charles even through it is the middle of summer. After struggling with Luke, Mikkos is killed and Luke figures out the password to the machine and is able to turn it off.

Eventually they came back to town again and in the most watched episode of all time married. Elizabeth Taylor (as evil Helena Cassadine) in attendance, put a curse on the marriage. Luke and Laura's wedding, which aired on November 16 and 17, 1981, achieved the highest ratings in the history of daytime television. Scotty also returned and caught Laura's bouquet! He reveals he is contesting his divorce from Laura. The two men fight and Luke is the victor-fleeing with Laura.

Shortly after the wedding aired, Laura disappeared. She returned in 1983 and it was revealed she was held captive by the Cassadine's. Stavros Cassadine had spared her life because he had fallen in love with her. He forced her to marry him, the marriage was invalid because she was already married to Luke. Stavros came to town to claim his wife, but was killed after falling down a flight of stairs in a fight with Luke. They left town with Laura being pregnant.

In 1984 they returned for six weeks for another adventure. They left town again and did not reappeared until 1990s when the mob caught up to them and they had to leave their place of refuge again. By this time they had a son- Lucky. Laura becomes pregnant again and gives birth to daughter Lesley Lu 'Lu-Lu'.

Lu-Lu is diagnosed with aplastic anemia and needs a bone marrow transplant, no one in the family is a match. Laura's son by Stavros, Nikolas donates his marrow. He comes to town with his uncle Stefan. Luke finds out about Nikolas and has a hard time dealing with it.

This has not been the last for our favorite supercouple. They have been through much, much more. Luke and Laura are regarded as daytime television's quintessential and most iconic couple.


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    • profile image

      Lauren 2 years ago

      Good list! My top 10 are:

      1.Jason and Sam-GH

      2.Luke and Laura-GH

      3.John and Marlena-DAYS

      4.Tad and Dixie-AMC

      5.Sonny and Brenda-GH

      6.Bo and Nora-OLTL

      7.Bo and Hope-DAYS

      8.Josh and Reva-GL

      9.Jack and Carly-ATWT

      10.Victor and Nikki-Y&R