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Green Street Hooligans Online Movie Review and The Story Behind The Film. Watch Trailer.

Updated on August 11, 2013

Green Street Hooligans Movie Poster

Original poster from the movie Green Street Hooligans
Original poster from the movie Green Street Hooligans | Source

Movie Sinopsis

An American Harvard undergraduate gets wrongfully expelled after covering for his roommate and moves to London, only to be introduced into the unruly world of hooligans.

Green Street Hooligans Movie Trailer

Cool English Hooligans Poster

I found this searching for cool hooligan posters. If you don´t Pin this you´re a dork.
I found this searching for cool hooligan posters. If you don´t Pin this you´re a dork. | Source

Story Line

Matt gets expelled from Harvard when security campus finds a stash of cocaine in his dorm, thanks to the coke-head of his roommate. He covers for him since apparently his father is an important politician and is going to be re-elected, so to avoid a family debacle Matt takes the blame. Not finding his journalist father, Matt moves to London with his American sister and her husband Steve. His sister family is Ok; it is her brother in-law, Steve´s old-timer hooligan younger brother Pete, who introduces Matt into the dark side of soccer fanatics, Hooligans.

In the beginning, Pete is not fond of the new family member that knows nothing about football and calls it soccer. After one night at the pub of heavy drinking, he changes his perception about Matt and invites him to watch a football match of West Ham United. On their way back from the football match, Birmingham City Hooligans harass Matt, and Pete and his friends have to intercede just in time before they give Matt the “Chelsea Grin”. Matt soon learns Pete and his friends are members of the GSE (Green Street Elite), a hooligan gang. Soon Matt finds himself enrolled in the gang and as clashes with rival gangs take place, what once was a simple football-cheering contest becomes a bloody street battle with deadly consequences.

Director: Lexi Alexander

Length: 109 minutes

Release Date: 2005

IMDB Rating: 7.5

GSE is the firm or gang of what English team?

West Ham United, eternal rival of Millwall, the rival in the film.

Hooligan Grin

A warm English smile. Cheers mate!
A warm English smile. Cheers mate! | Source

Cool Quotes From The Film

Never say soccer in the British Empire

Funny dialogue depicting British fanatism with soccer (or football):

“Was there a terrorist attack? What happened here?” - Matt

“Oh, welcome to match day madness. Tottenham was in town last night.” - Matt Sister

“Are you a soccer fan now?” - MATT

“Don´t let them hear you say the word soccer”. – Matt Sister

“Who´s them?” - Matt

“The British Empire.” – Matt Sister

Bring The Skullcap

“F**k me. If I knew we was going to a bar mitzvah, I would have brought me fu**in' skull cap. Mate, Tottenham's due north. Are you lost? Or just fuc**ng stupid?”

Blowing Bubbles Song – West Ham united

“I'm forever blowing bubbles / Pretty bubbles in the air / They fly so high / They reach the sky / And like my dreams they fade and die / Fortune's always hiding, I've looked everywhere / I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air. / United! United!”

Baseball Vs Football

“What are you talkin' about, baseball is a girl's game? The Red Sox has a guy that pitches the ball over 90 miles per hour!” - Matt

“ cares? All that means is that he can have a wank faster than you.” – Pete Dunham

Stop Saying Soccer!

“F**k it, I will take you with me. You might learn something...” - Pete

“About soccer?” - Matt

“No mate. Not about soccer, AND FOR F**K SAKE, STOP SAYING SOCCER!” Pete

I´m Forever Blowing Bubbles Song

Real Chelsea Grin

A real Chelsea Grin made with a knife
A real Chelsea Grin made with a knife | Source

What is a “Chelsea Grin”?

If you have seen Batman´s “Dark Night Movie”, you might be very familiar with the Chelsea Grin. The Joker wears one, and he tells his story throughout the movie which gives a fairly good description on what a Chelsea Grin is and how to acquire it. In Green Street Hooligans, a Birmingham City fan tries to rip Matt´s face by introducing a credit card into Matt´s mouth. The scariest method of realizing Chelsea Grin is to cut the sides of a victim´s mouth, who will in turn scream in pain ripping the cheeks open even more. The scar would look like a permanent grin, just like the Joker.

Best User Review On IMDB

“5 Stars; A truly great film, with a powerful story. Beautifully photographed, in London, Wow! The audience was quickly involved, and laughed, started, and gave a standing ovation at the end. Truly a complete film, thank you for having a real ending to the film, which is so rare these days... The characters were so clearly human, powerful and conflicted one was drawn to care for everything that happened to them and cheer at their triumphs and sit in horror at their losses…”

“Outstanding music, this production hits all the marks out of the ballpark and should be studied for how powerful film today could be. This is the level of film making I aspire to achieve.” – Review taken from

Football teams firms or gangs that appear in the movie:

West Ham United - the GSE (Green Street Elite). This is the leading firm in the film, the one Matt is part off.

Tottenham Hotspur – This firm appears in the opening scene of a subway station.

Birmingham City – They attack Matt after his first football match, who is later rescued by the GSE.

Manchester United - A firm pertaining to Manchester United awaits for the GSE on a train station in Manchester City. Matt gets past them using his American accent.

Millwall – This firm is the main antagonist of the film. In a past fight with the GSE they were involved in a fight where Terry´s son (a member of the GSE) died. The fight the final battle at the movie´s epic ending.

Stars In The Movie

Elijah Wood – as Matt Bucker

Charlie Hunnam – Pete Dunham

Claire Forlani – Shanon Dunham


La Femme Film Festival - Best feature Film

Malibu Film Festival – Best of the Fest

SXSW Film Festival – Special Jury Award


“Waterfall” by The Stone Roses


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