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Gremlins 3 Movie!!! Its Coming....

Updated on July 9, 2010

New Gremlins 3 Movie – Hollywood Rumors

Hollywood rumors about a new Gremlins movie have been cropping up for some time. But will Mogwai, Gizmo & Gremlins 3 actually be on screens in the near future? I think that all signs point ot yes!

The Gremlins franchise, sitting neatly on a potential trilogy, has been a source of much gossip and speculation. Since the release of The New Batch in 1990, numerous rumors about a new Gremlins movie have surfaced only to be quickly dismissed.

Somewhat recently Hollywood was all a buzz about wrappingup the wildly successful franchise as a trilogy, in July 2009. Joe Dante, director of the original movies, told Empire: "I hear they're going to make another one soon". Even though this was just his own speculation it did cause the many cult Gremlin fans to cultivate and discuss.Although it ended up that fans were to be disappointed when 2009 came and went without further Gremlins in the works.

The good news for fans is that 2010 we have a new glimmer of hope. MarketSaw, a well respected movie blog, announced in late January that Gremlins 3 “is in the early stages with still lots of hurdles to pass, but it is being developed”. So far there is nothing for sure in the works as far as the cast goes and no dates have been set as of right now but we still have hope of the great Gizmo emerging once again!

Return of the Mogwai – Gizmo on Board, Joe Dante Doubtful

The bad news, however, is that Joe Dante will not be signing on as director of the reborn film. In a interview he mentioned that he would not be coming back on, however I don't see this being a huge problem even though everyone would love to see him on board there are so many ways you could go with a script that any director should be happy to have some fun and imagination with it!

Now as far as the other Gremlins stars go like Zach Gallagin and Phoebe Cates  there has been no word about them yet but I imagine they will be starting with a fresh new plot and fresh new actors. Lets just pray that they do not replace our lovable animontronic fuzzy mogwai with a new CGI version. I dont want film industry to do to Gizmo what they did to aliens and star wars!

A New Gremlins 3 Movie Release – Will it Actually Happen?

The current Hollywood obsession for remakes (particularly 80s movies) makes Gremlins 3 a distinct possibility. Also it doesn't hurt that many of the original fan base for the movie have kids of their own now and luckily for us the Gizmo hasn't lost any of his contagious adorableness with age. All I know is that when they are ready to make Gremlins 3 I will be one of the first in line!


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    • profile image

      Tim South 20 months ago

      A new Gremlins movie wil be Super cool!!!!!It is one of the best movies ever.I wil go and see it and know lots of people wil!!But i think gizmo should stay a puppet, it seems more realistic and looks very cool and cute!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Bob Lee 20 months ago

      I hope there is n Gremlins 3 before I die!!!!I love,love Gremlins 1 and 2 was ok.I love,love,love Gizmo!!Bud if they us CGI I wil not go see the movie.

    • profile image

      Gabriel Z. 4 years ago

      I am Gabriel and i'm 9 years old I

      would really love if there's a Gremlins 3! I'm Gizmo's #1 fan.I have a gizmo doll.

    • profile image

      Gerald Rivera 4 years ago

      I hope stripe the gremlin return in gremlins 3

    • profile image

      Rita 5 years ago

      If they come out with Gremlins 3 i would die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Gremlins 5 years ago

      I am only 12 but I would love it if they came out with a new one.i would be the first one in line.but I might need a car first.

    • profile image

      Ry 5 years ago

      Ok im only nine and I Love!!!!!!!! Gremlins 3 is going to be the Canterbury wait to just want to know when its Out.Write back

    • profile image

      dj 5 years ago

      they are making a gremlin 3 movie all you have to do is type in is warner bros.gremlins3

    • profile image

      kev 5 years ago

      come on make it

    • profile image

      jd 6 years ago

      If there is no third gremlins I will just die because the first 2é were so good

    • profile image

      NightHawk143 6 years ago

      They need to make this movie and make it fast,Gizmo was so cute and is a one true child hood memory that along with the Smurfs deserves a third movie,I just hope they make it like they did Garfield if they cant do puppets.

    • profile image

      ADF 6 years ago

      critters, Ghoulies, Munchies, kamillons, Hobgoblins, Spookies. There all inspired by gremlins and Ghoulies came first and it sucks. Why did they have to do gh... not saying it I would rather watch critters or munchies. Critters 3 had Leonardo Decaprio in it. Critters 3 was his first film role back in 91. I love it but not that stupid kitchen scene were the critters have a pie fight it's... unfortunetaly there doing a Hobgoblins 3 aswewll it should have been a remake of Hobgoblins it's rubish infact it's... now face to face with gremlins and critters I like them both. My fulll name Aidan De - Frietas forester and i'm going to be a famous actor and writer. I want a critters 5, a Gremlins 3 and 4 and a Munchies 2,3, and 4. If there's one thing just one thing that I've got to say about Gremlins, Critters and munchies it's ... THEY ROCK!!!!!!

    • John Emerald profile image

      John Emerald 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I would LOVE to see Gremlins 3 and have waiting on Steven Spielberg to get it done but has been concentrating on new projects like Super 8. Just like an E.T. follow up film Gremlins 3 has been put in the back of Spielberg's mind as a list priorities otherwise it would have been done years ago! Hopefully a voice will reach Steven's ears and he will hire a great director in his network and start pre production with Amblin Entertainment immediately.

    • profile image

      GremlinFan22 7 years ago

      OMG! I LOVE the Gremlins movies! I wasn't even alive when the first two came out and I own most of the collectibles from them! They're starting to re-release the original action figures, too. NECA is planning on releasing a new Gremlins toyline in 2011 with all new figures from Gremlins 2! I saw the pics online! They're amazing! Can't wait for Gremlins 3! And I'll make sure it happens! :)

    • profile image

      suzanne 7 years ago

      suzanne buying sruff gremlins 3 on dvd

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Yeah, i would totally love to see a new Grimlins movie if they kept the animatronic puppets in it. However, if joe dante isn't coming back, then this causes me to worry about who exactly will come to direct this. after all, a new director means a new writing staff and thus changes can and most likely be made to suit his interests and style. however, we'll have to wait and see. although i don't know if this film will ever get made, as both this film and ghost buster 3 have been on the hollywood backburner for years.

    • profile image

      bla bla 7 years ago

      I love the grimlins movie and i think they should do a third but still using the puppets for some scenes and cgi for others, like i think gizmo should stay a puppet, it seems more realistic

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 7 years ago from Never Never Land

      Andy I couldn't agree with you more!! I hate when they turn to CGI for everything now! The puppets are what made that movie great!! I didn't hear the part about the direct remake but they would be stupid to do that, I mean why would u remake something that was perfect to begin with. Thanks for the comment!!

    • Andy Webb profile image

      Andy Webb 7 years ago

      I remember reading all the rumours about Gremlins 3 a few months back on the movie blogosphere. Part of me would love another Gremlins movie, the first one still remains one of my favourite movies and a third would be welcome addition. But I would hate, as some rumours have speculated, that they will abandon the puppets and go with CGI, it just wouldn’t seem right. I also hope that they don’t do a direct remake as some other rumours have speculated, if they do a third I want a third part to the story, not a reworking of the original.

    • GREMLIN5 profile image

      GREMLIN5 7 years ago

      I am in love with all things gremlin! Love this hub and if there is a new movie coming out I will be rigt in line with you on opening night! I have a few Gremlin hubs of my own if you would like to take a look :)