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Gretsch Electric Guitars Specials

Updated on February 8, 2014

'Gretsch G5810' - Bo Diddley Signature series Electric Guitar

In an era of duplicate and copycat patterns and guitar duplicates, why not go for something unique, bold and different? Polished off in dazzling red, the Electromatic Bo Diddley electric guitar characterizes 2 chromium-plated humbucker pickups, rosewood fretboard with a maple-bolt on the neck, a adaptable bridge, loudness and master volume and tone control in addition to general tone and loudness controls. The guitar has amazing three way pickup selector and is tooled with die-cast tuners. The unique and masculine rectangular body of the guitar measures 9 - 3/4 inches x 17-1/3 inches x 1-5/8 inches.

Guitar overview :

  • Guitar Body: Bo Diddley Rectangle

  • Neck: Maple bolt

  • Pickups: 2 chrome humbucking pickups

  • Machine heads: Chrome-plated die-cast tuners

  • No. of Frets: 22

  • Back and sides: Luan Body, 17-3/4inch Long, 9-3/4 inch Wide, 1-5/8 inch Deep

  • Hardware: Chrome-plated

  • Bridge: Wraparound adaptable bridge

  • Scale: 25-1/2 inch (648mm)

  • Finish: burnish urethane

  • Unique characteristics: Truss rod cover has an awesome Bo Diddley Signature, pearloid dot spot inlays, knurled strap retainer pommels, changeable truss rod

Gretsch 'G6136T White Falcon' electric guitar

Deluxe golden fittings and graceful white glossy finish adds to the world known charm and appeal of the 'G6136T White Falcon' - one of the most classy Gretsch Guitar . The WhiteFalcon guitar characterizes double Extremely Sensitive Filter'Tron™ pick-ups, an erect Gretsch headstock logotype, vibrato tailpiece - Bigsby B6GB, and feather inscribed mother of pearl bulge block position marks. A hard-shell case is also included by Gretsch along with this wonderful G6136T White Falcon guitar.

Guitar overview :

  • Guitar has a Hollowbody

  • Laminated Maple Body, 17 inch broad, 2-3/4 inch Deep

  • Two Extremely Sensitive Filter'Tron Pick-ups

  • Ebony wood fretboard, 12 inch radius (305mm)

  • Bowed laminated maple top

  • Exclusive cutaway

  • Volume and Tone Controls: Volume 1. (Neck Pick-up), Volume 2. (Bridge Pick-up), Master Volume, 3-spot Toggle Master Tone Switch

  • 25-1/2 inch (648mm) scale measure

  • Grover® Imperial Die-cast Tuners with Gold plating

  • 1-11/16 inch (43mm) nut width

  • Three-Piece Maple neck

  • Three-Position toggle switch: 1st. Bridge Pickup, 2nd. Bridge and Neck Pick-ups, 3rd. Neck Pickup

  • Ebony-Based Space-Control Roller-Bridge

  • no. of Frets : 22 frets

  • Hardware is plated wih Gold

  • Bigsby B6GB Vibrato Tailpiece

  • Burnish urethane finishing

Incomparable Features and Uniqueness:

  • Multiple gold-sparkled body covers

  • Gretsch logotype on headstock decorated with Gold sparkle

  • feather inscribed mother of pearl bulge block position marks

  • V-pattern falcon headstock with upright Gretsch logotype

  • Adaptable truss rod

  • Awesome pick-guard (Gold plexi dove-pattern) with falcon detail

  • headstock bindings and gold-sparkled fretboard

  • Knurled strap retainer bosses

  • Large bound F-holes

Gretsch 'G6199 Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird' Electric Guitar

The Gretsch Billy-Bo electric guitar is an advanced and modernistic variant of the 'Jupiter Thunderbird' guitar which was made by Bo Diddley himself in the year 1959. Billy F. Gibbons developed a huge affinity and love for this original guitar given to him by Bo Diddley (Bo Diddley is considered to be a 'Rock legend' of the present and the past), but he performed some amendments in its design and imparted a few of his own mojo to this fresh edition that he created as his 'touring axe'. The Billy-Bo electric guitar characterizes a heavy chambered body made from Mahogany tree wood, single piece mahogany neck, Power'Tron "Plus" pickups (bridge) & TV Jones Power'Tron neck , extremely-slim laminate maple crest, Schaller Straplocks and a pinned adaptable (Adjusto-matic™) bridge part. It is a low-down electric rock guitar with amazing vibe that has not decreased in about fifty years.

Guitar Overview :

  • It is basically a Bo Diddley design made in 1959

  • Later varied and added-up by Billy F Gibbons

  • One-piece mahogany neck

  • Power'Tron "Plus" pickups (bridge) & TV Jones Power'Tron neck

  • extremely-slim laminate maple head

  • Schaller® Straplocks

  • Heavy chambered body made from Mahogany tree wood

  • Immobilized adaptable (Adjusto-matic™) bridge


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