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Grey's Anatomy -- 2013 Season Premiere

Updated on September 26, 2013

Will Shonda really whack off the Chief?

We pick up where we left off with Richard laying in the basement of the hospital in an uncertain condition, while everyone else is dealing with the aftermath of the storm. And three characters come off as the least sympathetic in the two hour premiere: Arizona, April and Ross.

I don't think April thought Jackson would treat her declaration of love with anger and downright disdain, but that's what she got. I wasn't surprised by his action. While the April and Jackson fans were hooting thinking their ship had come in, after the way she treated Jackson I didn't think he'd be all that anxious for a second go with her. And he wasn't.

He finally blew his top reaming her out for the way she treated him and basically called her a selfish B who only cared about herself. And then she went and proved everything Jackson said about her was true. She rushed to Bachelor #2 and proceeded to tell him how much she wanted to marry him. Of course, if Jackson had taken her up on her offer, she would have dumped him so fast it would make his head swim. Jackson is right and she is a selfish B. If you were going to dump Bachelor #2 for Bachelor #1 you have no business marrying your second choice. It's completely selfish.

Arizona is acting like it's no big deal that she cheated on Callie. She just can't get why Callie's so upset about it. She thinks it's no big deal. Imagine her shock when she comes home and finds Callie packed her things and her child and left the cheating floozy high and dry. Meredith offers to let Callie stay with her and Derek. Unfortunately she tells said cheating floozy where Callie is and she goes over and causes a scene going on about how dare Callie take her child from her. Since when has Arizona even given that child a thought. I felt sorry for Derek having to put up with the two fighting. I've been there and it's the absolutely last place you want to be. Callie tells her they can share Sofia, but selfish Arizona demands to see Sofia on a day that isn't her day. Well, it's all about Princess Selfish. I'm sorry, but I'm sick of her using her leg as a free pass for her crappy behavior. Here's the bottom line, cheater. You'd be dead if they hadn't cut your leg off and wouldn't be around to whine and make Callie miserable. Accept the facts and stop blaming Callie for saving your worthless life. If you can't, then go have sex with your new girlfriend and leave Callie alone.

Then we have spiteful petty jealous Ross. He's still smarting from his idol dumping him for Brooks. So when Derek tells Ross to get Brooks to work on a case, he lies and tells her Derek wants her to go look for Richard. He's so pleased with himself he even wears a self-satisfied grin on his face as he takes care of the patient Derek wanted Brooks to take care of.

Meanwhile Brooks finds Richard in the basement but doesn't see the live wire or puddle of water and steps into it. Her body starts convulsing as the electricity goes through her body and she falls and hits her head. As she does, Richard opens his eyes.

When both Brooks and Richard are missing, Ross is finally sent to do the job he was originally given to do and he finds them both. Derek fights to save Brooks life, with Ross as his assistant, keeping the truth of what he did to himself. And Bailey fights to save Richard's life with the help of Cristina. Unfortunately, Derek is unable to save Brooks and she dies. Meanwhile Bailey is convinced there's something wrong with Richard inside him and he needs to be opened up to fix it before it kills him, while Cristina is against opening the chief up again because he might not survive it.

That's when Meredith learns Richard put her in charge of making medical decisions for him and Meredith has to decide to go with Bailey or Cristina. She opts for Bailey. Unfortunately, Katherine Avery shows up in the middle of the surgery screaming like a banshee to close Richard up and accusing Bailey of trying to make herself feel better for calling Richard a drunk. This shakes Bailey's confidence and she closes Richard up. But after talking with Meredith, she says she knows there's something inside Richard that needs to be repaired and Meredith orders Richard taken back to surgery. When Katherine returns to cause more trouble she gets put in her place by being reminded Richard didn't choose her to make medical decisions for him.

Bailey opens Richard up again and finally finds out what's wrong with him and fixes it. While Katherine is once again trying to throw her weight around, Richard opens his eyes to find Meredith as his bedside. Of course, the question still is will Richard make a full recovery or will he face other medical problems as a result of nearly being electrocuted in the basement.

The interns realize they really don't know much about each other when they try to find memories to share about Brooks. They decide to tell one thing everyone else doesn't know about them. Edwards reveals she got through college on a cheerleading scholarship. Leah reveals she got in the program because Mark Sloan knew her mother. Jo reveals she spent time being homeless. But Ross keeps to himself the truth that because he lied to Brooks and sent her down to the basement she's now dead.

I suppose we were supposed to feel sorry for him being eaten up with guilt, but all I felt was what a slug he was when he allowed Brooks mother to embrace him. If she knew the truth, she'd probably take a gun and try to shoot him, instead.

Meredith wasn't impressed when she heard Cristina had broken it off with Owen. She says they always get together, and it turns out she's right. Twice they find excuses to have sex with each other, but Cristina finally breaks down that this isn't easy for her and the last sex session seems to have been their last, hopefully. I was a big Owen/Cristina fan, but there's just no way these two can be together because they want different things out of life and that's just how it is sometimes. So let's just end it for good and no more bed buddies.

The big cases for the hospital were a bunch of firemen who were brought in. One pair of firemen who were engaged faced being permanently being parted because Jackson discovered during the storm she'd gotten exposed to a flesh eating virus that may end up killing her. Jackson and April helped them to say their marriage vows and this just seemed to highlight to Jackson what a waste of space April is. Another involved a woman obsessed with the state of her house who had written vital info on the victims that were brought in with a sharpie marker that helped to save their lives.

When the firemen were going back out in the field, Ross decided he wanted to go to, probably to ease his guilty conscience. Edwards insisted the other interns go with him because they were each other's family. So maybe Ross can help get a few more of his fellow interns killed by indulging in his pity party. Of course, if he'd open his yap and tell them what he did, they'll all wish him to hell and not put their lives on the line to help him.

The big question seems to be how long Ross will be able to keep to himself what he did.


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