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Grey's Anatomy -- A Pain In The ...

Updated on February 5, 2013

The two main stories in tonight’s episode was Arizona suffering from Phantom Limb Pain and a doctor coming to the hospital to advise how the hospital can save money.

Alana Cahill, the doctor doing the evaluating, was an old intern of Richard’s, but every hand of friendship he extended she slapped away. She started her assessment by pretending to be a patient in the ER having shortness of breath. She reamed out April and Edwards for taking 45 minutes to see her. She also wanted to observe Derek’s first surgery back, but he got Hobo Jo to make her think it was at a different time. She also had her eyes set on Arizona, who was having her own problems. Finally, she got on Richard for not logging in enough OR hours, not even trying to find out why. Like his wife just died.

Arizona was having horrible nightmares where she still had her leg and it started to disintegrate before her eyes. In her waking hours she was also having horrible pains. Owen explained that with Phantom Limb Pain the brain doesn’t understand the limb is no longer there and you have to educate your brain to accept the new reality. Owen tried all kinds of techniques to try and help Arizona, finally the only thing that worked was having Alex stab her in the foot with a scalpel. After that her brain seemed to finally accept the truth.

Cristina was back to her old ghoulish self when she got to operate on a rare condition because of one of Alex’s African Orphans. In a meeting she spoke up for not ending the program. She wasn’t too good at covering her own self-interest for wanting the program to continue. Meanwhile Bailey was pro-Cahill, even when she recommended shutting down the ER. She even dug Derek that all of them didn’t have millions to fall back on, hinting at the fact that because the hospital paid out money to the crash victims that’s why the hospital was in trouble.

Meredith was also suffering through a bout of out of control hormones. That was coupled by getting stuck with Derek’s pet intern, Ross, who she felt could do nothing right. He damaged a liver during a transplant and they had to get another liver. Ross, however, may have redeemed himself when he saw the new liver had a growth on it that thankfully turned out to not be cancerous. Meanwhile Derek was trying to deal with Hobo Jo who actually managed to pull through for him.

Edwards was also having a hard time working with April, who seemed to be riding her. You couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t in part because of her relationship with Jackson. But later, April told her she’d done a good job, then April got asked out by a paramedic.

Derek and Meredith are wondering if it’s their faults for the hospital’s problems. Meredith also reveals for the first time she made herself get on a plane and she was able to do it.


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