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Grey's Anatomy -- A Tale Of Three Children

Updated on March 30, 2013

Original Airing: March 28, 2013

The doctors were personally affected by the tale of three children: one that had yet to be born, one whose parents were injured and one who was sick and only his mother knew deep in her gut he'd been given the wrong diagnosis.

This week’s episode the primary focus was on victims brought in because of an exploding tanker. Several victims were brought in immersed in gasoline. One victim wouldn’t heed the warning that he was coated in gasoline and had to just sneak out and smoke a secret, at which point he ran past the emergency doors on fire.

April got emotionally involved in the love story between a pregnant woman and her husband. The pregnant woman had to have the baby born through a caesarian birth, but after the baby removed she began to bleed out it. They managed to stop it, but later she started bleeding and this time it couldn’t be stopped and she died. April broke down over the thought of having to go break the news to the woman’s husband and Jackson comforted her. They almost kissed, but Alex interrupted. I’m calling it officially. Jackson and April are supposed to be the new Mark and Lexie. Let’s just hope they get together before they both die.

April’s paramedic boyfriend got injured in the accident, but it seemed to be minor and restricted to his backside, which April finally got a look at. The paramedic is obviously just a temporary obstacle, especially when he learns April lied about being a virgin. I really don’t think this guy is going to buy her spiel about she’s be re-virginized.

Cristina and Owen’s bed buddy relationship developed a bump when the elephant in the room [the issue about kids] reared its ugly head in an unexpected manner. A boy named Ethan was brought in with both his injured parents. Cristina took care of the father, while Derek took care of the mother, and Owen became the boy’s mental support. The boy needed it when he snuck in to see his mother and she had no memory of who he was. Derek operated on him again, but we never found out if it was a success, because when the boy went to see his mother afterwards she was still unconscious. Meanwhile Owen got on Cristina’s back questioning the method she was treating Ethan’s father with. Cristina had no idea what had gotten into Owen. When her treatment proved successful she suggested she and Owen leave the hospital together, but he blew her off to spend time with Ethan.

Owen showed with Ethan what a good father he’d be. Owen also showed the kid issue was still a big issue for him. At some point he’s going to have to make a choice. Either he gives up the idea of ever being a father or he gives up Cristina. Cristina made it clear to him she won’t compromise on the issue. So Owen can have one or the other but not both, and some point just being bed buddies isn’t going to be enough for either of them.

Alex was still having issues with Wilson and her chosen boyfriend. It didn’t help matters that every time you turned around you saw her off in a corner with her tongue down his throat. She’s just an intern at that hospital. It’s one thing for the established doctors to do stuff like that, but when a newbie is too busy to hear her beeper going off because she’s playing tonsil hockey, it’s time someone tells her to stick some ice cubes down her panties and remember she’s there to work not to have sex with a colleague.

The big case Wilson was involved in this week was a mother who was convinced that Wilson’s diagnosis of a strep throat was wrong. Wilson, upon discovering the woman had gone to other hospitals for a different diagnosis, called in a psychiatrist. Luckily for the woman and her son, Meredith showed up, and the woman’s certainty something was seriously wrong with her child got her to look into the case. She finally realized the child was suffering from Kawasaki Disease. Had he waited any longer for treatment he might have suffered damage to his heart.

Several of the staff members wanted Bailey to use her new research to genetically map them. Meredith moved by the mother who knew something was wrong with her child despite what the doctor’s were saying went to Bailey and asked her to genetically map Zola, because she knows next to nothing about her, and if she needs to fight for Zola the way the mother fought for her son, she needs to have a base of knowledge to base that fight on. She also asked Bailey to genetically map her, as well. She wants to know if she’s going to end up getting Alzheimer’s like her mother.

If Derek finds out about this, he’s going to hit the roof. Meredith wanted to find out before the possibility of her ending up developing Alzheimer’s and he convinced her not to do it.

I think I enjoy the show more when it’s more about the doctors personal lives and problems than about patients that come in and will disappear the next week. Here’s hoping next week focuses more on their personal lives than their patients.


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