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Grey's Anatomy -- A Very Unexciting Day At Grey-Sloan Hospital

Updated on March 23, 2013

Original Airing: March 21, 2013

This episode was really kind of a dud. I’m not sure there’s even enough to discuss to make a decent-sized recap. The big excitement was a high-heel prosthetic leg and a full-body x-ray machine.

Meredith was worried about the baby, certain something was wrong to it. She also claimed the baby didn’t like her voice, since it kept kicking her hard when she talked and tried to get Cristina and Bailey to talk to it to get it to stop kicking her. Derek finally had Meredith do an ultrasound and they saw there was nothing wrong with the baby and that the baby was a boy.

April was worried she was courting disaster because she lied to her paramedic boyfriend that she hadn’t given the milk away for free to Farmer Jackson. She also feels guilty for wanting to lure her pure as the driven snow boyfriend into enjoying the sins of the flesh.

Alex cheered up one of his pediatric patients by pranking Hobo Jo’s boyfriend. First he had him paging a patient named Jenna Talia. Then tricked him into giving a sample of his urine to Bailey because he thought she was running mandatory drug tests. Karev’s victim, however, had the last laugh, when he told Karev he’s be sticking it to Jo on the couch, on the floor and on the towel by the door. Suddenly Karev wasn’t laughing anymore.

Bailey still had the bit between her teeth about her genetic mapping research idea that she first presented to Owen and got shot down. She pitched her idea to Meredith and Cristina. Later, Callie told her she’d be getting her geno research lab.

Cristina discovered the pitfalls of being a board member of the hospital. Learning someone she knew got published in a medical journal her competitive nature kicked in and she was determined to get herself published in the medical journal, as well. Then she discovered her cardiac boss, Russell, had no intention of letting her in on any big surgeries, and was pitching to her for an increase in his budget. So she used funding Bailey’s geno lab to cut his budget to the bare bones so he’s have no choice but to let her in on surgeries that could get her published.

Arizona got fitted with a new high-heeled prosthetic leg that was supposed to be a prelude to Callie getting some at long last. Callie ended up helping Arizona remove the leg when standing on it too long was beginning to cause her pain. And in the end Callie got her much-desired nookie.

Finally, the doctors were anxious to try out their brand new full-body x-ray machine. Only problem is none of the patients that came in the ER had need for a full-body x-ray. But finally one did and they were all amazed at being able to see the entire body in one x-ray instead of a series of x-rays.

Here’s hoping next week’s show is a bit more interesting.


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