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Grey's Anatomy -- After The Ball

Updated on May 10, 2014

Is this how Cristina leaves?

For those of us that suspected Cristina wouldn't win the Harper-Avery we were right, but I doubt any of us would have guessed on just why she'd lose. I came close when wondered if maybe it was a conflict of interest, but I never even dreamed of how it really went down. Cristina won, but Catherine Avery overruled them and picked her own winner instead, claiming conflict of interest for the reason she did it.

In retrospect I can't help but wonder if the real reason is Catherine Avery won't let anyone but her son win the award at the hospital. Just like Richard was more qualified to put in charge of the hospital, but she put her son in charge, instead. The woman is a nepotistic monster when it comes to her son.

And if it was a conflict of interest for Cristina to win, it should have also been one to have nominated her in the first place, but apparently Catherine wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She got good publicity from Cristina's nomination.

Since it was Catherine who overruled Cristina winning, the least she could have done was tell Cristina she wasn't going to win, so she wouldn't get her hopes up to fall flat on her face afterwards. It would have been the decent thing to do, but instead all she did was give Cristina THE LOOK at the Harper Avery Awards Ceremony and just waited like a snake and watched while her prey fell into the trap of thinking she was going to win only to have to sit there and watch someone else win.

When Richard found out the truth, he revealed to Catherine he intended to ask her to marry him. Instead he dumps her. And when he gets back to the hospital he spreads the news about how no one at the hospital will win the Harper Avery and takes out his anger on Jackson, until April stands up for Jackson and tells Richard to back-off.

On a personal side April and Jackson are dealing with April being pregnant. Because of the religious debate it's not exactly a happy occasion. But finally Jackson says he'll go to church with their child if they can have waffles afterwards.

As if losing the Harper Avery isn't bad enough, Cristina has to deal with the Heart Failure kids having more heart problems. The mother makes Cristina decide when a donor heart can only save one of two of her kids. Afterwards, Owen tells Cristina the real reason she lost the Harper Avery. She walks out of the hospital looking like she's done with the hospital for good.

When Cristina is invited to Switzerland to speak Meredith encourages her to go. While there, she learns her ex-lover, Burke, was behind the invitation. Burke tells her he wants her to come to work at his hospital and tries to seduce her with technology. He gets her to assist in one of his surgery and he shows her he's developed a hologram that can show the heart of the patient you're working on. Although tempted, she turns him down, not wanting to go back to Burke Land. Burke reveals he's married to the love of his life who gave it all up as a surgeon to raise their kids and now he wants to return the favor. He's resigning from the hospital and wants her to take his place. Since Cristina's goal is to print a fully-functional heart and she knows she'll never be able to do that at Grey-Sloan, she accepts his offer.

Bailey, who has been a mental basket case all season long, is still living at the Whacky Factory. After the Heart Failure Kids mom has a little chat with Bubble Boy's mother, she rescinds her permission for Bailey to inject her kid with the altered AIDS virus to cure the boy. Bailey, however, decides to give it to the boy anyway and sneaks into his hospital room and does just that. Lucky for Bailey the cure seems to work since she could have been up on murder charges if it hadn't worked. Good luck telling the court you used a treatment you hadn't even tested on lab rats to see if it would work on a child.

Karev finally tells Arizona he's leaving Grey-Sloan's to go into private practice. She's actually pretty cool about it, considering how she behaved last time he wanted to leave. Meanwhile, Karev's squeeze Jo runs into major trouble when she tries to be all things to all doctors and harms one of her patients and Owen has to fixed the mistake she made. To make matters worse, the interns learn one of them is about to be fired.

Derek's little sister Amelia [from Private Practice] drops by for a visit. She said she wants to see if she can do the home and family life and offers to take care of the kids. That's music to Meredith's ears, as it solves the child care problem for the moment. She also assist Derek in a surgery to separate two twins who are joined at their heads.

Leah is also working on the conjoined twins surgery and is afraid she's going to screw-up again and harm another patient. Coming full circle [since Ross plotted against Brooks to sabotage her] Ross tries to coach Leah through the surgery so she'll be prepared for it.

Meanwhile Edwards figures out that Bailey secretly gave Bubble Boy the treatment. She thinks Bailey's like the coolest for what she did. Bailey won't deny or confirm what she did, but she's very pleased with herself.

Of course the minute Meredith sees Cristina she knows the truth. Cristina is going to leave the hospital and go to work in Switzerland. It seems after Meredith and Cristina have gotten through their rough patch, they'll face separation as they go down their separate career paths.


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