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Grey's Anatomy -- All About Ellis

Updated on October 21, 2014

Alex feels betrayed!

It was a show almost dedicated to Ellis Grey in flashbacks of her life when she was both young and old. It actually kind of made me wish that Ellis was a current character on the show, as she's far more interesting than any of the characters currently on the show. It made me understand why all these years later Richard is still enthralled by her.

In flashbacks of young Richard and Ellis, they're all hot and heavy and Ellis wants Richard to tell Adele their marriage is over and he wants a divorce. That's the plan Superman, only things don't go as planned. When Ellis gets nominated for the Harper Avery for her surgery technique, Richard gets jealous about it and decides to not leave Adele, after all. After initially lying, Present Day Richard admits what he did to Meredith.

I was wondering if Meredith might see the parallels between Ellis and Richard's relationship and her and Derek's relationship. Things were still pretty bad in Derek and Meredith Land. He even crossed the line and said the unforgivable by proclaiming that Meredith was behaving like her mother. Meredith still hasn't told him that Maggie May is her sister. She does, however, tell Derek to just call up the president and take back the job and leave Seattle.

Meredith spends the day reading her mother's old journal when she was pregnant with Maggie May and remembering the past with her mother. I hate to say it but Ellen Pompeo has really aged since some of those flashbacks. She looks like a completely different person now. Anyway, Meredith remembers that when her mother took her to the amusement park, she was meeting Richard and that's when he told her he wasn't going to tell Adele about them or leave her. Later, Meredith found Ellis after she tried to kill herself. Meredith has the epiphany that sometimes people can see something and just pretend it away and that's what Meredith thinks she did with Ellis' pregnancy.

At the hospital news spreads that Maggie May has decided to quit. Bailey, of course, will have none of that, especially now that she's a member of the board. She starts badgering everyone and centers her beady little eyes on Richard. He finally can take no more and blurts out that he's Maggie May's daddy and she's leaving because of him. Since Richard has always been such a great mentor to her, she urges him to reach out to her and not let her leave.

Sister Amelia is also meddling, too. After throwing a fit because Derek hijacked her patient, she asks him to help with a patient. She wants to throw him and Maggie May together. As she hoped, Maggie May blurts to Derek that she's Meredith's sister. Derek has a shocking reaction. He throws his arms around Maggie May and welcomes her to the family, the first positive response to the news the woman has had. He tries to tell Maggie May that Meredith is just bad with sisters.

The news is enough for Derek to try to make peace with Meredith. He urges her to not let her sister leave. So Meredith decides to reach out to Maggie May and share Ellis' journal with her. Richard sees the two sisters together and just walks away, seeming to accept because he got jealous because Ellis won the Harper Avery and didn't do what he promised this is the price he must pay. Not to know his own child.

Meanwhile Alex is not a happy camper when Edwards shoots off her big mouth and reveals Bailey's vote to the board was unanimous. Meaning that both Meredith and Arizona voting for Bailey against him. Needless to say Alex is a Bitter Betty over that and he has every right to be.

Meredith reveals she felt Bailey was just better. After declaring that Alex was her Twisted Mister, you'd expect better from her. Especially after how Alex has had to put up with her crawling in his bed, hanging outside the shower while he's showering and how he helped her prove Maggie May was her sister. There's also the fact this was what her Twisted Sister Cristina wanted. So just based on that alone you'd think Alex would have gotten Meredith's vote. But not so.

Arizona's reasons for voting for Bailey were actually worse than Meredith's betrayal. She did it because she wants him to look after Peds for her while she's off doing her fellowship. So her reasons were pretty selfish. It's kind of cold comfort that Alex gets his old job back with what seems like a promotion. A betrayal is still a betrayal, but it's no shock that Arizona doesn't see it that way. When she cheated on Callie she didn't think it was any big deal, either.

So it seems that Maggie May will be staying not that Meredith reached the hand of sisterhood out to her and shared Ellis with her. And at some point Richard and Maggie May are going to have to deal with each other. No, Richard didn't know about Maggie May but his jealousy of Ellis cost him being a father to his own child. That's something he has to live with. No wonder it almost sent him back to the bottle. And Derek and Meredith are hopefully back on the road to patching things up between them, but he's going to have to stop being such a Bitter Betty about things. While Alex was justified because he was betrayed by two of the closest people to him, Derek isn't. He made the choice he made and he needs to suck it up and just live with it.

In regards to Maggie May's two biggest supporters, Amelia and Bailey, I can't help thinking their support was self-motivated. Would Amelia be so pro-Maggie if she wasn't the first one to not treat her like Derek's little sister? And would Bailey be so hot to keep Maggie May if she wasn't so high on Bailey's genome research?

Well, the Maggie May bomb is out and the aftermath has been dealt with what new drama will take center stage?


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    • yasirchohan profile image

      Yasir chohan 3 years ago from Reisterstown

      I used to love this show, but I left watching it somewhere along the way. This brought back memories :)