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Grey's Anatomy -- All About Maggie

Updated on October 6, 2014

Shonda Rhimes commits the number one rule of introducing new characters...

You don't make them the be all and end all of everything while making the rest of your established characters seem like nothing but background characters.The second big mistake is if you're going to hook up said new character with another character, make it a popular one, not an unpopular one like the Jo character.

I didn't really have a problem with the Maggie character one way or another until I heard her doing the voice intro and had her shoved down my throat for The Maggie Show while all the other characters that I know were pushed into the background. Sorry, but an over exposure of this character just shows how annoying and unlikable she truly is.

The episode started with her babbling on about how she loves puzzles and then we see Miss Maggie solving various "puzzle". Not to mention flitting from patient to patient like she's some kind of doctoring God. Seriously, it was like, "Stand aside. I'm here to save the day and the patient!" It would have made a great slapstick comedy if they weren't playing it for real.

Wilson was working with her, which is actually a suitable combination as both are as annoying as all get-out. Not sure why Shonda paired Wilson with Super Maggie. Was it because they're her two pets or did she think it would win brownie points with the viewers when Super Maggie treated her like crap. Super Maggie couldn't remember her name and then when Jo blew-off her big mouth about Alex being on the board, Super Maggie outted Karev in front of his boss and got Alex in trouble, so Super Maggie blamed Jo for it all and kicked her off her service.

Then Super Maggie proved she's greater than Yang by figuring out why the Heartbreak Kids all developed heart conditions, with the help of Bailey's geno lab. Something Cristina was unable to do, which won her kudos from Owen.

We also had a cringe worthy scene where Super Maggie's parents sent her a singing telegram to tell her how proud they were of her.

One of Super Maggie's patient's told the Great One that she wanted to die but her daughter wouldn't let her. So what does Super Maggie do? Why when the lady goes into cardiac arrest she barely administers CPR so the woman will die. Meredith witnessed what the Great One did and reported it to Owen and Super Maggie's reaction was to stomp her foot and declare Meredith was doing it because she hates her. Yeah, that's the reason. It's not because you let a patient die who didn't have a DNR order and if her daughter finds out, she'll sue the pants off the hospital. Nah, it couldn't be that. It could only because she doesn't like you.

Then Meredith hears the reason why Super Maggie let the woman die and she covers the annoying twits butt with the daughter. This apparently makes her think Meredith doesn't hate her, after all and she basically holds out her arms saying, "My sister, my friend," as she blurts out she's Ellis Grey's daughter, too. And Meredith look at her. "What are you? Nuts!"

Super Maggie even has a cliched little saying. Bring your thunder! Here's mine in response, "Kiss my butt."

I notice Super Maggie seems to have zero curiosity about who her bio dad might be. It makes me wonder if mommy dearest wasn't the famous Ellis Grey if she wouldn't be trying to claim the name of fame for being her daughter. And it doesn't hurt that Meredith is married to the equally famous neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd. But would she be so hot to claim her bio mommy that gave her away if she was just an ordinary Jane Schmo? I seriously have my doubts.

Some of the stories that we got an out of focus glimpse of as the camera's zoomed in for a close-up on Super Maggie's puss was Callie and Arizona having a fight. We could barely hear what they were saying, but in the end there was a quick scene where they came to a compromise so Arizona can go back to school.

We also saw Super Maggie waft by a few tables in the cafeteria. Meredith earned brownie points when Super Maggie discovered Meredith has a black adopted daughter. We saw Derek and Meredith sitting in the cafeteria together, seemingly with all the problems from last week resolved. When Super Maggie put her foot in her mouth about going on about the prestige Derek has for working for the White House, he announced he quit so he can spend time with his family.

She also wafted to the table where Richard was sitting with Amelia. Who knows what they'd been talking about. But Super Maggie got paged and she was off running to save another patient.

My overwhelming feeling while watching was I thought this was supposed to be the Year of Meredith. So far, it's the Year of Maggie, a character that has only been on for three episodes. But I shouldn't be surprised that Shonda lied. When she claims Derek and Meredith or just Meredith are going to have be stories it turns out to be big lies.

I hate to break it to Shonda, but if she thought this episode was going to make me enthralled by her new addition, it had just the opposite effect. I officially can't stand the character and wish she's just go away. While the annoying twit will continue to dominate the show, here's hoping we'll at least get some stories for the other characters and aren't ever treated again as glorified extras in the Wonderful World of Maggie.


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