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Grey's Anatomy -- Bad Doctors

Updated on November 10, 2013

Meredith and Bailey need to step away from the patient

Callie gives Owen's new girlfriend the job interview from hell. Jackson is hogging all the patients so Leah can't do anything or learn anything. Bailey starts spacing out during surgery. And Meredith puts a patient's life in danger to prove she's just as good a surgeon as Cristina.

Owen wants Emma to apply for a job at the hospital and Callie gets to do the interview. To say the interview was completely inappropriate is the understatement. Callie asked Emma a whole lot of too personal questions. As a result, Emma told Owen she'd prefer not to work there. That if they ever broke up everyone would be on his side and no one would be on hers.

Richard suddenly became one of those people that bore you with tales of their glory days as he kept regaling the interns with all his old war stories. That is until his neighbor fell to the floor in cardiac arrest. He performed CPR and it get Richard back in touch with who he is. He's a doctor not a storyteller. He vowed to get back to who he was and what he does.

Kepner took Richard's epiphany as a sign for one of her own. She and Matthew were considering playing Farm Boy and the Cow. In short, Matthew was going to milk the cow before he bought the cow. April convinced Matthew they should wait until he puts a ring on it or else he'll regret his first time wasn't on his wedding night. She doesn't want him to have buyer's remorse the way she did. She says it'll be like her first since since it'll be her first time with him. You know, no offense, but if Charlotte from Sex And The City taught us anything it is to let the farm boy milk the cow before he buys it so you can find out just how good he is at milking it. It isn't going to be pretty if after she has a ring on it and she discovers sex with Matthew isn't as good as sex with Jackson.

Speaking of Jackson he's been embracing his inner Mark Sloan and it aint pretty. Leah is on his service and he's hogging all the cases and won't let her do anything, thus she isn't learning anything. Just like he did with Mark before him when he was doing the same thing to Jackson, Derek counseled Jackson to not hog all the glory and to teach Leah so she becomes a good doctor.

Ever since Richard fired Bailey off his case she's been acting weird. One thing very unlikable about Richard is he devastates both Bailey and Meredith and doesn't even think what he did to them. Then he pulls out some apology when he needs something from them.

Anyway, Bailey keeps imagining she smells some smell in the house. Then she starts to freak when she's given a different operating room from the one she booked. During the surgery she starts zoning out and keeps imagining something is wrong with the surgery and taking precautions so nothing goes wrong. I'm guessing Richard's insensitivity has triggered a return of Bailey's surgery phobia. I noticed she was using the hand sanitizer very liberally. Ben confronted her after the surgery but she wouldn't admit there's something wrong with her. Personally, the way she was zoning out during surgery she should have been asked to step away from the patient. She really had no business operating when her head really isn't into it.

Meredith was another doctor who should have been asked to step away from the patient. First, Meredith started making her patient all sort of promises she had no way of knowing she could keep. Alex tried to shut her up by correcting her by saying they would try their best, but every time he did she would correct him over and over that they would do it.

Then when they were in surgery she was determined to get out all the tumors even if she was risking her patients life. When Alex and Meredith got into a fight over it, Edwards brought up the three doctor rule and voted who was right. Shockingly enough, since Edwards was working on Meredith's research project with her and she knew if she went against her she'd be kicked off it, but go against Meredith she did. Edwards sided with Alex knowing he was right and Meredith was wrong.

Afterwards, Alex called Meredith out for using his patient for trying to prove she's just as good a surgeon as Cristina. Alex tell her she isn't and she was a lousy doctor for what she did to his patient.

It only got better for Meredith. She was using a 3-D printer to map an organ and it was creating a model of it, but it basically needed to cook a little longer before it was done. Meanwhile Cristina needed to use the printer to save a patient's life and Meredith refused to set her research back a few days to let Cristina use it.

Unfortunately, Cristina had Ross whispering in her ear and urging her to take what she wants cause their sharks. Ross is a shark that needs to have all his teeth pulled. The dude is getting way out of control. Unfortunately for Meredith Cristina gives in to his egging her on to take use of the printer and ruin Meredith's research project.

She basically did what some people do at the laundromat when someone's clothes are done drying but they don't come back soon enough to take them out. They remove them from the dryer so they can use the dryer themselves. I've never done that myself, although there's been a few times I've wanted to do just that.

So Meredith arrives at the lab to check her project to find it sitting on the table ruined as Cristina and Ross are using the printer. Needless to say this is just another nail in the coffin of the Meredith/Cristina friendship that's been going downhill since Cristina told Meredith she's not as good a doctor as she is.


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