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Grey's Anatomy -- Bailey Underfire

Updated on April 27, 2013

Original Airing: April 25, 2013

The Center for Disease Control hits the hospital trying to figure out why Bailey’s patients are dying and Bailey wasn’t taking it well. Jackson was proving that he can separate his personal feelings from running the hospital when he suggested everyone on the board needed to distance themselves from Bailey, but they all overruled him. It turned out it was Richard that Bailey would end up feeling the most betrayed by, though.

The tabloid medical case of the week was people coming in from a family reunion who had severed their fingers while playing tug of war. They all blamed their Uncle Al for what happened. Probably the grossest thing was the cooler with severed fingers and doctors trying to figure out whose fingers belonged to whom. In a Caddyshack moment, Callie found a hot dog that looked like a finger and tossed it. Thank God she didn’t pop it in her mouth and eat it like Bill Murray did with the chocolate bar everyone thought was a piece of poop.

The other gross moment was the repeated reference to pregnant women pooping all over the table when they give birth. That’s something I never needed to know about. Cristina didn’t want to watch Meredith give birth to see that, but a chat with Owen convinced her to agree. Derek didn’t know about the pooping thing, either, and needless to say it wasn’t something he was looking forward to finding out about. I guess they don’t teach that in medical school.

Bailey didn’t take well to being questioned by the CDC and as she had to go through everything she did with each case, she began to start confusing the cases in her mind. But the thing that absolutely crushed her was overhearing Richard tell the parents of one of her patients that was infected that she was the one who infected her patient and all the other doctors tested clean. He said it to stop the parents from having their son moved to another hospital, which would kill him. Something Bailey refused to understand. As it turned out it didn’t matter because when Richard was trying to save the boy’s life he died on the operating table, putting the number up to 3 patients that Bailey’s responsible for infecting.

The CDC ultimately ruled that Bailey wasn’t to blame for infecting her patients, even though she has MRSA. The gloves Pegasus used to save money were defective and that’s how the patients got infected by Bailey’s MRSA. That’s actually cold comfort to Bailey who knows because of her three of her patients that came to her to save their lives are now dead. Even though the gloves were proven to be faulty, it was Bailey having MRSA that caused the infections. Shouldn’t they be trying to figure out just how Bailey got infected? I guess she probably picked it up off a patient she used gloves to protect her from catching it and because they were defective she caught it and didn’t know she had it.

When Richard tried to comfort Bailey afterwards she went for his throat. Said how Adele was right about him and how she covered for him with her over the years. That she expected him to have her back and he’s not the person she thought he was. That’s the thing with Bailey. She’s a grudge-carrier. So Richard may be off her list for good.

Leah seemed to enjoy having the tables turned on Bailey after the way she went after her for infecting the patients. The fact is she got lucky it wasn’t her. While she’s the one who did something wrong, Bailey did what she was supposed to do and trusted the gloves provided to her by the hospital to do what they were supposed to do. I wonder if Bailey will also feel betrayed by the hospital for purchasing substandard gloves. How can she even trust the gloves she wears after this?

April lets Jackson know she blames him for Matthew dumping him and taking her virginity. So, I guess the reason Princess April stole all the stuff from the hospital wasn’t to help an impoverished country, but to pay Jackson back. I got an idea for her. Why doesn’t she own up to her own crap and take responsibility for it? No one forced her to have sex with Jackson or to lie to Matthew about it. That’s all on this nitwit. Jackson pretty much told her he didn’t force her to sleep with him and he doesn’t regret it. He also said he’d do it again. In the end, Matthew came back and asked April for another chance, so she can stop mewing about how this is all Jackson’s fault she lost Matthew. However, when it comes out that this dimwit stole from the hospital let’s see if Matthew stands by her. And after the way she’s treated Jackson, he should turn her over to the police for theft. Considering how he wanted to treat Bailey, I don’t think he’ll cut her any slack because they had a relationship in the past.

The drama with the child Owen’s attached himself to, Ethan, continued. His grandmother finally arrived but she’s completely useless. His father remains in a coma. And his mother suddenly had a seizure and died. I have a feeling Owen is going to end up adopting Ethan if his father also dies and that will probably spell the permanent end to Owen and Cristina.

Alex doesn’t want to lose Jo as a friend, so he tries to get along with her new boyfriend. While working on a case together, he mentions to her boyfriend about her Hobo Jo past. Apparently, she didn’t tell him about that and she reams Alex out saying she wants nothing more to do with him. Later, Alex confides in Cristina that he loves Jo, while Cristina returns the favor and reveals she’s afraid she’s going to lose Owen. It hasn’t happened yet, but she feels its coming.

With the season finale fast approaching will Meredith give birth before the season ends or will it wait until next season? Will April’s theft be discovered? Will the end come for Owen and Cristina? And how will Grey-Sloane’s most vindictive doctor deal with the guilt that three of her patients died because of her and she felt none of the doctors had her back. Will Richard be the only one she holds a grudge against? Or will the other doctors also be off her list, as well? But then, they’ve kind of been off her list since they won all that money in the lawsuit and she blamed them for all the trouble the hospital was having.

I’d also like to know if any of Bailey’s patients will try and sue Bailey for the deaths of their loved ones. Or will they go after Pegasus and the manufacturer of rubber gloves? Maybe the hospital should sue Pegasus since they ordered the gloves. I know Pegasus ordered the gloves, but the hospital was definitely negligent. The families of the patients’ who died really do seem to have a good case to sue the hospital. I can just picture the press release the hospital will send out:

Our gloves were faulty and caused the death of several of our patients. Dr. Miranda Bailey contracted MRSA because the gloves didn’t protect her and then she spread it to her patients. It’s not our fault, it’s the gloves fault. We’re going to purchase new gloves. Sucks for you that you can’t go out and purchase new family members. It’s not our fault, please don’t sue is. We’ve been there, done that and don’t want to do it again.

Seriously, even if the hospital doesn’t get sued, would anyone want to even go to that hospital for treatment after that? After this the hospital really needs to go through everything Pegasus did to cost cut at the hospital and make sure it’s safe. So far, this is the second incident. The first was the protocol they put into effect for transporting organs for transplant patients that could cause the organs to be damaged in transport. Right now the hospital is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.


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