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Grey's Anatomy -- Betrayal

Updated on November 25, 2013

Cristina needs to stop listening to Jaws

Seriously, things weren't great between Meredith and Cristina after Cristina's little truth talk to Meredith, but Cristina listening to this troll as he whispers in her ear and eggs her on to tick Meredith off even further is just making matters worse. Cristina made a bad mistake completing this troll on being a shark, because Jaws has attached himself to her and he doesn't show signs of letting go.

As we last left Cristina and Jaws they had tossed Meredith's project out of the printer to go with Ross' idea to save Alex's sick pediatric patient. This week they had tried twice using the printer to make it work and failed both times. Then Jaws started whispering in Cristina's ear for them to keep trying and passed the onerous task off on Edward [who is already in the doghouse with Meredith for getting her kicked out of surgery] to tell her.

I don't really care for Edwards and Avery, but I actually felt sorry for her when Meredith made her displeasure known that Edwards was on her service. Too bad Edwards can't get away with the crap Jaws does, cause she could have answered, "I'm no more thrilled to be working with you, Sunshine."

When Meredith wasn't going to allow them to hog the printer, since she was on a deadline and if she doesn't have enough time to redo the project they ruined by hijacking the printer from her, she would lose her funding, Meredith accused Cristina of trying to use a sick back to manipulate her. Then when she caught them hogging the printer once again. Meredith went on the attack and accused Cristina of letting her ego get in the way of accepting this brainchild of Jaw's wasn't going to work. Then Jaws went on the attack and told Meredith they were going to use the printer for as long as he like. It's time this punk was taken down. He's totally out of control. And Cristina, is what had to be the most out of character moment of the episode stuck her tongue down Jaws throat in thanks. She better watch out he doesn't bite it off.

When Owen learns Emma can cook he volunteers her to cook Thanksgiving dinner at Derek and Meredith's. The question becomes will they invite Cristina. It's left up to Meredith and since she isn't feeling the love, I think that's going to be a negative.

Arizona, the most unrepentant of adulteresses, demands Callie let her sleep in their bed with her. She also tells Callie she was also screwing someone else while they were apart, but doesn't mention names. Callie, however, figures out it was Leah who has a mental meltdown. Edwards tells her to pull herself together and stop sitting around mooning about Arizona.

Edwards, meanwhile, is wondering why April invited her to her wedding but not any of the other interns. It's because she wants to invite Jackson, but since his last name begins with A, it might look the wrong way to Matthew if she just out-and-out invited Jackson. So by inviting Edwards it's her roundabout way of inviting Jackson. I wonder if Edwards knows about April and Avery?

Nailing another coffin in the marriage that is Ben and Bailey, Ben outs Bailey to Derek for her current mental problems. He says she kept a patient in surgery well past the time she should have because she's having an attack of OCD. Derek gets Ben to go to Owen with the problem. So right in the middle of Bailey's surgery he relieves her from duty and has Meredith take over the operation. Needless to say Bailey is not happy when Ben takes her home.

Finally, Richard wants to go home for the holidays, but Meredith says he's not recovered enough and suggests her go to rehab. He wants none of that. Instead he pushing himself beyond his physical limitations and falls during his stress test to prove he's ready to be released. As a result, Richard will be staying in the hospital for Thanksgiving and the interns [minus Jaws] suggest ordering Kentucky Fried Chicken as a substitute for turkey. It seems the interns plan to keep Richard company for the holidays.

The writing really doesn't seem to be there this season. Richard's recovery has dragged out past the time it's interesting. Bailey with more mental problems isn't interesting, either. The way Arizona is getting free passed for her infidelity is kind of disgusting, as well. Since saying in the press that Arizona has PTSD, thus she was mentally sick and not thinking carefully when she cheated, wasn't worked, they made up this whole miscarriage thing to excuse her next. I'm sorry, I saw them during last season and there's no way that even fits into what we saw going on between them. And when that didn't work they had Papa Torres come to town, reveal he was a cheater and urge Callie to take her cheating spouse back. The whole Meredith and Cristina break-up isn't must see TV with Jaws causing more trouble between them. And there's just a little too much of Jaws in the entire show.

Seriously, the stuff this punk has done in this season should have gotten him reprimanded at the very least. He rudely tells Derek he doesn't want to be on his service. He just raked Meredith over the coals for daring to give Cristina some of the harsh truth she gave her a few weeks back. He acts like he's an equal to these established doctors and can be as disrespectful as he wants to them. And in another example of Rimes writing the story in a press story instead of the show, she claimed we'd see how guilty Ross felt about his part in Brooks death, but we haven't seen any evidence of his guilt. In fact, that he's shown none make him seem like some kind of sociopath. And now this troll has attached himself to Cristina and they even had Cristina stick her tongue down his throat. I'm sorry, Shonda, but Jaws isn't the second coming of Burke. Derek dumped his butt from his service last season because he just wasn't that good of a doctor. Now what is he? Some wunderkind because he caused the death of a fellow doctor?


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