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Grey's Anatomy -- Big Brother Is Watching

Updated on February 5, 2013

As part of Cahill’s plan to make the hospital more profitable, she’s installed cameras everywhere. Looks like it’ll be an end to in-hospital nookie that a lot of the docs like to engage in. Meanwhile Derek and April have teamed up to try and save the ER. Unfortunately, things go awry when Derek is called away, April mangles the plan.

Owen is trying to convince Cahill that the hospital needs to ER and while he’s doing it, Cahill gets involved in one of the cases. To everyone’s surprise she’s actually a very good doctor. When Owen asks why she gave up medicine, she doesn’t answer them. Owen and the rest of the doctor’s realize the real reason Cahill is there to make the hospital look as attractive as possible so it can be sold.

Cristina and Murphy are involved in a case of a man who is a Jehovah Witness. Because of his religion he can’t be given a blood transfusion, and the parents say if he doesn’t make it it will be God’s will. They feel it would be worse if he got a blood transfusion. Murphy can’t understand why Cristina won’t just give the patient blood. She doesn’t seem to get it’s called respecting the patient’s wishes. Much like when a patient has a DNR order you do not disregard that patient’s wishes to prolong their life. Murphy, however, thinks she knows best and tries to secretly give the patient blood and gets caught by the camera overhead manned by Big Brother Bob. Unfortunately, because the patient didn’t get a blood transfusion he dies from his injuries.

A Dr. Nesbaum has come to teach the surgeon’s the way all hernia operations are to be performed from now on. While Bailey is still on board, Richard balks feeling the way he repairs a hernia is a better way to do it, and that he’s trying to turn the OR into a conveyor belt on an assembly line. Richard finally riles up Nesbaum so much he admits the patient’s don’t matter, which turns Bailey off him and his plan.

Meredith thinks there’s something wrong with the baby when she feels a fluttering, but Bailey tells her it’s just the baby kicking her for the first time. Later that night, Derek feels the baby kick for the first time, too.

Derek manages to pull the plan out of the fire to save the ER, but finds out it’s all for nothing. Cahill says the ER will stay closed, because it’ll make the hospital more appealing to potential buyers.

Alex and Callie try to get a girl who’s had to have her hips replaced to get out of bed and start learning to walk again, but she refuses. She’s so nasty she even makes Alex and Callie feel bad about their selves. So Arizona takes over, reveals she lost her leg and the girl finally gets out of bed.

Finally, Cristina and Owen head for a drink together after both having a rotten day. So I guess things are still going on between them.

Someone speculated weeks ago that they thought the doctors who won the lawsuit would end up buying the hospital. It looks like that is exactly where this story is heading.


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