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Grey's Anatomy -- Cristina's Back

Updated on November 16, 2012

...but Owen doesn't seem happy about it

Cristina is back and staying at Meredith’s. She also goes back to work at the hospital. She’s a bit taken aback by how impersonal Owen is as if they don’t share any past together. Cristina meets Teddy’s replacement, Dr. Jeff Russell, and doesn’t know quite what to make of him. He basically just wants to do his own thing and gives her carte blanche to do what she wants. Owen calls a meeting when Cristina operates on one of Russell’s patients. He expects the man to be furious and demand her dismissal. He’s shocked when Russell basically tells Cristina well done and Cristina is shocked when Russell reveals that Owen fought hard for Russell to take her on.

Bailey takes on a new project; getting Arizona to come back to work at the hospital. She calls Arizona to consult on a case she has. She asks what Arizona thinks could be wrong and says she’ll leave the file outside her apartment door to study. Arizona puts on her leg and has a mishap when she breaks some pottery on the floor, but she continues on to the door, only to find there’s no file there. Arizona gets so incensed she actually comes to the hospital to talk to Bailey. Mission accomplished.

Now that Meredith is living in her dream house with Derek, she’s offered to sell her house to Alex. However, Alex, has a lot of requests before he’ll buy Meredith’s house. Meredith explains the stuff he wants to change is all part of the history she’s shared in the house. He relents and buys it as is, not changing anything about the house. After visiting the firehouse, Cristina goes to Alex wanting to rent a room. Like Owen, the place holds too many memories for Cristina to leave in the firehouse.

April and Jackson have sex, again; but she says it’s stupid, afterwards. Jackson takes offense. He later admits that it’s more than sex for him.

The lawyers handling the lawsuit over the plane crash seem like a bunch of incompetent ambulance chasers. First they wanted to blame the pilot and go after him, even though the man got paralyzed in the crash. Figuring they won’t be able to bleed the pilot dry, they decide to blame the hospital for the plane crash, because the hospital sent them to go to another hospital. What about the airliner? Wouldn’t that be the most logical person to sue? Going after the hospital makes absolutely no sense, at all.

The female lawyer handling the lawsuit want Callie to say in her opinion Derek won’t operate again to help with their case. She does and it results in a confrontation between Callie and Derek. She says he pushed her into doing the surgery and she wanted another doctor to do it, but later she tells Derek they haven’t done everything to try and fix his hand. There’s one more thing they can try.

They also featured the interns and I can’t really remember any of their names. They remind me of the group that came to the hospital when the Mercy West merger happened. So I’ll call them by the way I can tell them apart. Chick with vomit on her scrubs. The Eager Beavers. And the Alex sex groupie. I think they’re were others but they didn’t do anything to distinguish themselves and to earn a name.


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