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Grey's Anatomy Goes Glee

Updated on March 31, 2011

Would Have Been Better Without The Singing

I guess I'm a TV purist. I think a comedy shouldn't try to be a drama, and a drama shouldn't try to be a musical. Dharma and Greg was a cute little comedy until they tried to make it a drama with Dharma and Greg having marital problems, the cliffhanger car crash and Dharma not being able to walk. It's what killed the show. And I sincerely doubt that if Glee wasn't considered the IT show at the moment, Grey's Anatomy wouldn't have even decided to do a musical episode.

The episode begins after the crash. Arizona wakes up and sees Callie has been thrown through the windshield of the car and is laying prostrate on the roof watching as an unhurt version of herself is watching from afar.

Meredith comes and tells Mark about the accident and everyone awaits for Callie to arrive at the OR. Owen is put in charge of the case. And the singing begins as the doctors are working on Callie. Kevin McKidd has a great voice, but having the doctors singing while working on her, while a healthy Callie stands behind them warbling was not good.

Meanwhile, Alex goes to comfort Arizona who is standing in the observation balcony watching the surgery, and Lexie is told to go to Mark and keep him company. She does, singing while she does it.

While the docs are arguing which treatment is best, and Owen starts singing, there's a fantasy sequence that would fit great on Glee of all the Grey's couples singing and feeling each other up. Scott Foley also has a good voice. Didn't know he could sing so well.

Callie's medical crisis has Arizona and Mark still fighting over what's best for Callie and the baby. Surprisingly, Mark thinks the baby should be sacrificed to save Callie, while Arizona believes Callie would want the baby saved at all cost.

Owen is put in the position of siding with Christina or Teddy when Christina wants to use a surgical technique she learned from Burke to save Callie and her baby, and Teddy is against it. Owen sides with Teddy, but during the surgery when Teddy's approach doesn't work, Owen tells Christina to do the procedure and Teddy has to be ordered away from Callie refusing to give up her belief that her method is the right one.

Addison arrives to help save the baby. During surgery, the baby is taken out of Callie, and Mark signals Arizona to work on the baby and she saves her. Mark and Arizona seem to come to terms with each other and the roles they have in Callie and the baby's life.

Meredith has a mini-break down, confiding in Derek that she was jealous of Callie being pregnant, and now she's fighting for her life. She doesn't understand why people have to suffer so much. Derek vows to Meredith that they will have a baby one way or another.

Teddy tells Christina she refuses to teach her anything any longer, since she won't be taught by her. She still is refusing to admit Christina was right and she was wrong. I think it's more Christina has learned all she can from Teddy and has surpassed her and Teddy can't accept that.

While Mark kept a vigil by the baby's incubator, Arizona kept a vigil by Callie's side. Ghost Callie or whatever she was ultimately wakes Real Callie up by singing her awake. And Callie tells Arizona she'll marry her.

This could have been a really good dramatic episode that was ruined by the singing. Because of the singing I kept looking at the clock wondering when the episode would be off. My advice to the show: be Grey's Anatomy and not Glee. Glee isn't all that it's cracked up to be.


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    • darlynn86 profile image

      darlynn86 6 years ago from Indianapolis

      I really didn't like this episode very much either! They should stick to their genre!!!!