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Grey's Anatomy -- Happiness Is Death

Updated on November 12, 2011

I told you so!

I think I called this in a previous Grey's Anatomy blog. I said I thought Henry would be roadkill because Teddy was too happy and Shondra Rhimes does not do happy. In short, in ShondraLand happiness is death.

I missed last week's episode because right before it came on a fire broke out in my building and we all had to evacuate. Everything was fine and we were allowed back in just as Grey's was going off and I saw Henry was coughing up blood, which had me rolling my eyes in disgust. It seems the only duo allowed to be happy in ShondraLand are Callie and Arizona. Otherwise, if you're happy misery and heartache will be coming your way. And if you're really happy, the Grim Reaper will coming knocking at your door.

I can't remember the last time Derek and Meredith were actually happy. Meredith had a miscarriage when Derek got shot during the seige on the hospital. Then Derek was a speed demon. Then Derek and Meredith had fertility problems. Then Meredith screwed up Derek's trial just as they were allowed to have Zola. Most of this season they've been dealing with the aftermath of Derek hating Meredith for ruining his trial, as well as losing Zola, and this episode was no different. While Derek and Meredith had started to make strides in their marriage, they learned they'd lost Zola for good, and Meredith informed Derek she doesn't want anymore kids. She's done.

Cristina and Owen aren't having any better a time of it. Owen had to get through Cristina's post-traumatic stress from the hostage crisis. Then Cristina got pregnant and she unilaterally decided to have an abortion without even giving a voice to Owen. They've been ignoring that elephant in the room and haven't dealt with that problem. Add a new one to it. Teddy got Owen to keep from Cristina that she was operating on Henry and Cristina only found out the truth after Henry died on her operating table. She was furious at Owen then broke down in his arms. These two really didn't need anymore added to the powder keg their already sitting on that is going to explode sooner or later. You can't keep something like that festering underneath the surface before it explodes in your face.

Callie and Avery are in deep doo-doo because they botched a surgery. Guess Callie and Arizona aren't sacrosanct after all. Callie was reading a magazine while Avery did the surgery. One of the screws he inserted came loose and pierced the patient's heart. Teddy lambasted Callie, already. Once she learns Henry is dead, I don't imagine she's going to suddenly be all these things happen guys. Especially because of their botch it cost her from being with Henry during his surgery and she'll probably feel if she had been there she could have done something to save Henry.

And then there's Teddy. She was the one who got everyone to keep from Cristina the fact she was operating on Henry. But will she be so understanding when she discovers Owen pulled the same thing on her. So she can complete the surgery on the woman she's operating on, Owen lied that Henry was fine.

As if losing Zola wasn't enough, Meredith and Alex got into a drama with a newborn baby. The ambulance they were in was in danger. At one point it seemed to have been knocked on it's side and it seemed like it might be curtains for them. A man had earlier warned them they had to evacuate the ambulance or they could be killed. When they finally evacuate the ambulance with the baby they find the highway strewn with dead bodies. They survived whatever happened outside the ambulance but no one else did.

Maybe this whole baby drama will get Meredith to rethink her baby stance. Maybe Derek's fear for Meredith's safety will finally get Derek to put behind him what Meredith did to his trial. It would be nice if something good might come of all this tragedy and misery.


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