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Grey's Anatomy -- I Think I'm Still In Shock

Updated on April 24, 2015

Never in a million years did I think this would happen

As you all know, I quit watching the show with the mid-season finale. I hated the way Meredith and everyone was treating Derek. I can't stand the Amelia character and the thought of Owen getting with her was revolting. I didn't like the Maggie character and I just didn't want to sit through the Jackson and April dead baby trauma that was about to play out. In short, I wasn't enjoying anything about this show anymore and I got out of Dodge and by what happened in last night's episode it appears it was a very wise decision.

I saw a story on Facebook about the shocking death and when I found out who it was I couldn't believe it. I thought it couldn't be true. That it had to be some kind of bad joke. Derek and Meredith are the showcase couple of this show. You can't kill off one of them. That's just the death knell for this show.

I want to clarify that I never saw any of the promo's hinting at Derek's demise. ABC cancelled all my daytime soaps I used to watch and none of their prime time shows interest me so I'm currently watching nothing on ABC anymore. When I quit watching Grey's it was my last ABC show I was still watching.

I went on to message boards to get the 911 on what had happened and then I heard the stories that Patrick Dempsey had been having problems with Shonda Rimes. There were stories of him being a diva on set. Quite coincidentally [or maybe not so] these are the same stories Rimes continues to spread to this day about Katherine Heigl who she continues to trash in the media.

Then I heard the details of how Rimes killed off the male lead of this show. He did a U-Turn and stopped his car in the middle of the road over two lanes to look for his cell phone. Who the heck does something that stupid. Everyone is taught to pull over to the side of the road. You're just an accident waiting to happen stopping your car across two lanes. And predictably, he was smashed into by a truck. But it only got worse...

Derek didn't have to die. His injuries wouldn't have killed him if he had gotten competent medical treatment. And that somehow makes the whole thing even worse. With George, the doctors did everything they could to save him but his injuries were too severe to survive. Knowing that helped making his dying palatable. Everything was done to save him but he was just too injured to survive. By comparison nothing was done to save Derek which makes his death a travesty and complete injustice. It's one thing to kill off your male lead, but to do it like this, what was this woman thinking [or should I say smoking]?

I can't help thinking Rimes was getting some kind of petty revenge on Dempsey. That she was sending him a message. The accident was totally Derek's fault by doing something stupid by stopping his car across two lanes. In short, this is your fault, Patrick. And by letting everyone know he wouldn't have died if he'd gotten competent medical care it's like she was telling him, "It didn't have to be this way." I understand that Dempsey wanted time off to pursue his love of car racing, and how did he get killed? In a car. How ironic was that.

The sad part about this is it's the viewers who loved this character for eleven years are the ones Rimes really kicked in the face. But it's not like it's the first time she did this. Mark and Lexie fans were begging for the two to get back together and how does she reunite them? As Lexie is laying dying and then she has Mark will himself to die because he doesn't want to go on without her. Yeah, that's great pay-off to the fans who watched faithfully for their reunion and ended up getting spit in the face, instead.

In retrospect, I can't help but wonder if Rimes had been planning this since last season. Of all the characters she could have brought to Grey's Anatomy from Private Practice there were a lot better characters than the abrasive and annoying Amelia. In a matter of episodes she had taken over Derek's job at the hospital, thus eliminating any need for Derek. When he came back to the hospital he was written as having no real place there, anymore.

The writing for Derek this season has been pretty atrocious. If Dempsey had complained about it, he had a right. Unfortunately, judging by Katherine Heigl criticizing Rimes writing, that's a line you better not cross with this woman, since whenever she talks about Heigl the woman sounds like she's on a witch hunt. And it only got worse after the show came back from finale.

Yeah, I kept up with it. The suggestion Derek was cheating. Not that I'd blame him after that shrew he married did everything she could to make him leave. And then he gets killed off and not even in the finale episode.

I don't know. Maybe Rimes thinks Justin Chambers can easily replace Patrick Dempsey. She foisted him in the role of Meredith's new Cristina, so I won't be surprised if she makes him into her new Derek. Only problem is Chambers is no Patrick Dempsey. He's Anger Boy with an unattractive personality.

I know no one character makes a show, but I really do believe Rimes signed the death warrant of Grey's Anatomy by killing off Derek Shepherd. It's not so much the killing, but the callous way she did it in.

I can't help wondering if Rimes has always carried a grudge against Dempsey for his part in the Isiah Washington debacle that ended up forcing her to fire him. She spews venom at the mention of Katherine Heigl's name and she played a part in it, as well. She spoke out against him in defense of her friend T. R. Knight. Not long after Washington was fired, T. R. Knight was written off in a pretty grisly manner. After being mowed down by a bus he arrived at the hospital looking like a raw piece of meat no one even recognized. And now we have how Dempsey was written out of the show. Could Rimes bringing back Isiah Washington last season been the start of the alleged trouble between Dempsey and Rimes? It's kind of telling after the big scandal Washington caused that Rimes brought him back, but adamantly refuses to every bring back Katherine Heigl. Well, the three actors that helped lead to Washington's dismissal from the show are now gone.

I have to believe Dempsey being killed off may be a blessing in disguise for him. This show is no longer what it was. As for Derek Shepherd, rest in peace, you will be missed.


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