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Grey's Anatomy -- Life And Death

Updated on November 8, 2012

A Tale Of Two Cities

This was the promised Twisted Sister episode, which followed Meredith and Cristina on their day as the two were in constant contact with each other.

While Meredith is trying to potty train Zola, Cristina is waking up in bed with Parker and I'm like no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! He's trying to get rid of your Minnesota Meredith. How could you sleep with him? Don't you feel the need to have yourself sterilized and de-loused after that? Cristina said to herself she couldn't stand to look at him or herself.

Then we followed both Meredith and Cristina as they began their day. Cristina's car got snowed in and Thomas picked her up to drive her to work. Meanwhile, on he way to work, Meredith saw a woman being crushed under a car and started screaming at bystanders when they didn't want to help her get the car off of her. It had to bring shades of Lexie back to Meredtth. Richard certainly thought so when Meredith didn't want to close the patient, Melissa, up and ordered her to back away from the patient.

In Minnesota, Parker entered Thomas and Cristina's surgery and tried to take it over. Even though Thomas completed the surgery successfully, Parker tried to use it to force Thomas to give up his medical license. When Thomas wouldn't do it, Parker put him on probation. Cristina even stoops to trying to use her sexual relationship with Parker to get him to back off of Thomas but he won't do it. He's determined to get Thomas out.

I swear, every role I've seen Stephen Culp play, he's been a worm I've just wanted to smash under my foot.

Meanwhile, Zola gets passed from person to person as Meredith doesn't want to leave her patient alone. She sits by her bedside all night long. In the morning Richard allows her to take her patient back to surgery to try and save her life.

Cristina tries to get Thomas not to reopen their patient for a second time, because she knows Parker will try and use it to oust Thomas. Thomas says he doesn't care as long as he can give his patient a normal life. He also tells Cristina that no one has loved him the way she does for a very long time. During surgery he tells Cristina she'll be the surgeon of her time and people will try to diminish her the way they have him, but they won't succeed. Then he falls to the floor in apparent cardiac arrest.

Cristina manages to save her patient's life, but nothing can be done to save Thomas. When Parker tries to approach her she wants nothing to do with him. I was wishing she'd had said to Parker, "Well you finally got rid of him. I hope you're happy." As she walks to her locker she remembers everything she learned from Thomas.

In Seattle, Meredith is able to save her patient's life. The whole ordeal with this patient, whose situation was so similar to Lexie's helps Meredith come to terms with Lexie's death. When she opens the door to her house Cristina is standing there and she tells Cristina that Lexie is dead. Cristina has finally come home, because the only person that made Minnesota bearable for her is gone.

Grey's Anatomy did it again and made me cry. I actually cried more about Thomas' death than I did Lexie. I knew he would probably have to die, so Cristina could return to Seattle. When he was sitting on the bench outside of the hospital for a few seconds I wondered if Cristina was going to find him dead. I just never thought he'd die the way he did. But in a way dying that way he won. Parker didn't succeed at pushing him out of the hospital. Parker didn't win.


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