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Grey's Anatomy -- Like Bunnies In Heat

Updated on October 22, 2011

While Some Can't Get No Satisfaction

This week's episode was a lighter episode than some of the previous weeks' episodes have been.

Owen and Cristina seem to be in heat as their having sex everywhere and anywhere. Unfortunately for Richard, he has the misfortune to either walk in on them or be resting on the top bunk while their going at it on the bottom bunk.

Things seemed to have thawed between Meredith and Derek, as he even kisses her in the hospital. Lexi is working on Derek's service and Meredith is working in obstetrics. When a pregnant woman comes in with a brain tumor, Meredith is sure that Derek can save the woman's life, but she knows she can't go to him, herself, so she gets Lexi to do it. Derek ends up saving the woman's life, but Meredith doesn't let Derek know she was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

One person that isn't getting any is Torres. Mark and Arizona have become buddies and Mark is with them all the time. Torres has to finally tell Mark to go away so she can have some alone time with Arizona.

Another doc that isn't getting any is Bailey. After having one man too many, she had none in this eppy. She was concentrating on the lab trial and having problems discovering why the mice were getting diabetes. April was supposed to be assisting her, but asked Meredith to do the grunt work for her. Considering how Bailey feels about Meredith, that wasn't a good thing. Richard coached Meredith on how to solve the problem and had a heck of a time getting Bailey to listen when she discovered Meredith's involvement.

Karev was a nasty jerk to April. It's times like these I miss George and wish he'd been the one that got caught under that bus, instead. It seems to help April toughen up and stop taking her fellow residents crap.

Owen gives a speech to the residents about not getting more than 10 bad marks against them or they'll have a hard time passing their boards. This causes Cristina, who has no demerits, to start playing it safe, to the point Torres kicks her out of her surgery. She says she wanted the Cristina who takes risks, not the one whose playing it safe.

In conclusion, Derek and Meredith seem to be getting over their problems and finding their way back to each other. Mark has learned he needs to respect some boundaries with Torres and Arizona. While Owen and Cristina may be using sex to avoid talking about their own issues.


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