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Grey's Anatomy -- Mixed-Signals, A False Alarm And A Happy Surprise

Updated on December 1, 2012

This week, all the characters seemed to be a turning points in their lives. Most of the changes would be positive, but a few would be negative.

Bailey's wedding to Ben was looming but she wasn't a Bridezilla about it. Instead, she's the anti-Bridezilla. She's just not that into it and more into taking care of her patients. She feels she's been there and done that and the second time around is no big deal. Cristina tries to get Bailey in the wedding spirit by telling her she went through the wedding for Owen and Bailey should do the same for Ben. When Bailey catches Cristina comforting one of her interns over a patient, she says that Cristina has changed and she actually cares now.

Cristina wonders why Owen acts like he wishes she weren't here when he wanted her to come back. He says they just don't work. Meredith gets Cristina to admit she wants Owen back. Meanwhile, Owen learns he's being blamed for the plane crash because he decided to change airlines. He wonders to Richard why the board hasn't just fired him, and then he figures it out. It's because he's married to Cristina and the board hopes the case will be thrown out because of conflict of interest. When Cristina meets him at the firehouse trying to feel Owen out about giving their marriage another try, before she can say anything he announces it's time they got divorced. It seems he's doing it because of the lawsuit, but I also think when Owen moved into Derek's trailer he gave up on Cristina and accepted it was over between them.

It's Arizona's first day back and one of the annoying new interns is following behind her with a squeaky wheelchair. The idiot intern can hear it squeaking and she won't oil it and find another chair. While Arizona is in surgery, being on her feet so long finally gets to her and she falls. Karev clears the operating room figuring it's going to be bad, but Arizona laughs it off and gets back on her feet and continues the surgery. Callie comes home to find her playing with the baby and Arizona seems well on her way to getting past the terrible nightmare she's been through.

April is late and she fears she's going to have a baby. The situation makes Jackson offer marriage, saying he's happy this happened and happy about the baby. When April learns she isn't going to have a baby, she goes on and on about how she's glad they don't have to get married and things can stay the same between them. Only not. Jackson has had enough of her crap and promptly kicks her to the curb. The rub, he pulls an April by declaring he believes this was a sign that they need to stop what they were doing. April is an idiot. Jackson may have been the only one that could put up with his stupid and moronic ways and she blew it.

Finally, when Callie tells Derek her plan to fix his hand, he nixes the idea, saying it'll cause more nerve damage. It takes Meredith telling him he needs to get his hand fixed so he can get back to performing brilliant surgeries only he can perform and saving lives to get him to be open to Callie's radical ideas. When Derek comes home after his consultation with Callie Meredith gives him some happy news. They're going to have a baby. It's still early days, and she's told no one but him. They both hope things will go right, this time.

So, Meredith and Derek had the happiest life change and their future looks bright, followed by Arizona starting to get her old life back and Bailey preparing to start a new life. Even though things look bad for Cristina and Owen I still have hope they may find their way back to each other. As for April, I cheered when Jackson dumped her. He deserves so much better than her.


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