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Grey's Anatomy -- Now The Hospital's Been Saved...What's Next?

Updated on February 28, 2013

The hospital has been saved, but where does Seattle Grace-Mercy Westand the doctors go from here.

Catherine could have easily bought the hospital without turning it into an act of nepotism. She could have put Richard in charge, as he should have been put in charge. She shouldn’t have announced in front of everyone that she bought a hospital for Jackson and he’d be in charge. He knows nothing about running a hospital; he’s a doctor not an administrator. That one act is most likely going to cause Jackson a lot of trouble from the other doctors. None of them were happy by what Catherine said.

I don’t see Jackson being happy about this; because of the way Catherine handled things he’s going to be a boss instead of just one of the doctors. He’s going to lose that equality and camaraderie he had with the other doctors as being one of them. From now on, he’ll be the boss, much like Owen stopped being just one of the doctors when he took over as Chief. And that I don’t think Jackson is going to like. His mother has really messed things up for him at the hospital.

It could also cause some trouble between Richard and Catherine. He wasn’t happy by what she said and did. I think he believed she was purchasing the hospital because he told her how much it meant to him. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind something that would put the breaks on Richard and Catherine. After Adele just died it just seemed so wrong for Richard to be in bed with her. It was one thing when Adele was alive and having sex with that fellow Alzheimer’s patient, but now she’s dead it just seems so wrong.

Owen and Cristina seem to be at status quo. Owen understood and forgave Cristina for keeping him out of the loop, but like I said previously, it’s not like they have a real relationship, anymore. They’re just bed buddies that have sex and don’t really deal with any of the real problems that exist between them.

Derek and Meredith, while not thrilled that Jackson is in charge, seem in pretty good shape as they await the birth of their child. However, the same might not be said for Derek and Meredith’s friendship with Arizona. She said some pretty vile things to Derek when she argued against trying to buy the hospital. She revealed she’s pretty bitter and resentful in regards to Derek because she doesn’t feel he suffered like she has. She seems extremely bitter because Derek was able to get his hand fixed, while her leg had to be cut off. I really doubt Derek and Meredith are going to forget about what she said now the emergency for saving the hospital is over.

I guess, ultimately, Jackson and what he does as the big boss of the hospital will tell what fates await the doctors. Will he rehire the doctors that quit to stop the sale to Pegasus Horizons? Will he embrace his role as boss and make sweeping changes at the hospital that the doctors don’t like? I guess this thing could go anywhere from here. Everything may depend on just what Jackson does next.


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