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Grey's Anatomy -- Owen Becomes the New Chief

Updated on September 30, 2011

The Residents Have Their First Solo Sugeries

Bailey is not pleased when she learns Owen will now be Chief of Surgery. She still blames Meredith for what happened to the chief, which is the exact right person to blame. So does Derek. Richard tries to talk to Bailey to not to take it out on Owen. He's happy to step down and spend more time with Adele.

The Residents first surgeries don't go very well for various reasons. Karev can't save his patient. Jackson isn't allowed to lay a finger on his while Mark does the operating. Cristina can't remember how to do an appendectomy and neither can her zen master Teddy. The nurse actually has to tell them what you do next in an appendectomy. And Meredith does find in surgery, despite Derek questioning her judgment on which instrument to use. She ignored him and used the instrument he told her not to use and pulled it off.

New chief resident April arranged a contest for who did the best first surgery, so Meredith won it. And instigated the contest again. She also mentored Karev through his first surgery. Still don't really care for her character all that much.

Karev is off everyone's bad list because he helped Meredith lie to the social worker. Don't you just love those one-episode resolves when a character does something really rotten.

Owen and Cristina are back together, but the abortion is like the big white elephant in the room. Both knows its there, but both are pretending it isn't and aren't talking about it. If you didn't know Cristina had an abortion the previous week, you wouldn't know she had one, as she was pretty chipper about everything. Meredith advises Cristina to talk to Owen about the abortion and how he feels about it, but when she attempts to, both she and Owen get food poisoning from the Chinese take-out they've eaten. Both fall asleep on the floor, once more ignoring the big white elephant in the room.

Meredith takes a more healthier approach to her problems with Derek. She confronts them head-on. Derek has moved back in with Meredith to honor is post-it marriage vows, and Meredith says he doesn't have to. She also brings up him second guessing her during the surgery. Derek says he can't trust her at work because of all the things she's done at the hospital and how it's her fault Richard had to step down as Chief. Meredith's solution is she not work with Derek at work, anymore. She wonders if Derek can trust her on a personal. Derek says the same reasons he hates her are the reasons he loves her.

So, Derek and Meredith are back living together, but things still aren't that good between them. On the other side of the marriage merry-go-round Owen and Cristina seem to be in a good place, but it's kind of all just an illusion. While Derek and Meredith's relationship remains strained, they are dealing with their problems in a healthy way, so if and when they get their relationship back to a good place it'll have a rock solid foundation. Meanwhile, the foundation of Cristina and Owen's marriage is made up of smoke and mirrors. Ignoring your problems only allows them to fester until things explode and the house comes tumbling down.


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