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Grey's Anatomy Recap -- After The Affair

Updated on April 12, 2012

Both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd should be nominated for a best acting Emmy when the time comes, because both gave stunning performances and they owned this episode from start to finish. Unfortunately, it seems like there's very little chance that they can salvage their marriage after the dissection of Owen's affair with a woman whose name he doesn't even remember.

Both Owen and Cristina have called in claiming they have the flu and they continue to hash things out. Owen thinks discussing every minute detail of his one night stand is too much information and will only hurt Cristina, but Cristina wants to know it all.

A blonde woman came into the ER with a patient. Owen saved the patient's life and he and the woman went out afterwards and had a drink. She asked Owen to kiss her even though he told her he was drunk and he was married, and the rest as they say is history. It only happened one time and Owen doesn't even remember the woman's name.

Cristina runs the gambit of emotions; from sobbing hysterically on the bed to locking herself in the bathroom, to the point Owen threatens to break down the door, fearing she may have done something to harm herself. Cristina opens the door as he makes a run to the door to break it down and he falls on the floor and hurts herself. This sets Cristina off laughing and she realizes she should be studying for the boards and all she can think about is a boy.

While Cristina and Owen are missing from the hospital, Mark steps up as acting Chief of Surgery. I personally didn't care for Chief Mark. Mark runs afoul of Richard and Derek, in polar opposite cases.

Mark wants Derek to operate on a boy, but he'll require special positioning, so Derek wants to hold off on the surgery. Mark insists Derek think of a solution and perform surgery. While he wants Richard to cancel a transplant surgery on a man named, Neal, who is all jaundiced looking and looks like he has very little time left, because the donor liver may be infected with cancer.

Bailey has a solution so they could still use the liver, but Mark won't hear of it. However, Richard has no intention of letting his patient die, so he disobeys orders and goes ahead with the surgery. In a showdown with Mark, Richard explains that Mark as a plastic surgeon wants perfection, and sometimes you have to make do with what you have. Mark backs down and let Richard do what he knows will work.

Meanwhile the residents are freaking out about their upcoming boards. Meredith has studied with Callie and Callie tells her she's ready for the boards. The other residents decide to blackmail Lexi into using her photographic memory to memorize cases to help them study. Meredith calls a halt to it when Lexi feels like she broke her brain from cramming too much information into it. Instead Meredith invites them to her place to help them study for the boards.

Neal, who didn't want his family around, when he believed the transplant wouldn't happen, is upset they didn't come to support him after he has the transplant and he's going to live. Meredith remedies the situation by calling his family up. He's finally happy when he's surrounded by his family.

Cristina realizes that Owen slept with another woman to hurt her because she hurt him when she had the abortion. And that seems to be all she wrote. Owen packs his bags and tells her she's the love of his life and he'll never love anyone else but her. Cristina feels that she could have accepted the affair better if Owen had loved her more than he does her and that's why he did it. The fact he did it to hurt her back seems to be something she can't accept.

Cristina shows up at Meredith's afraid she's going to fail the boards. She's been so wrapped up in her marital problems, she hasn't studied at all. She invites Cristina in to her study session with the other residents.

Meanwhile, Derek joins Owen on the roof of the hospital where he's playing golf. Owen reveals he asked for Richard or Derek to take over as chief while he was out. Apparently, Mark faked his way into the job, however, Derek tells Owen that Mark might not make a bad chief.

Bailey, Arizona and Callie have a very reluctant girls' night with Teddy. Bailey wants to ditch her fast so she could go have some romance time with Ben, and Callie and Arizona want to do the same. However, the plans get changed when Teddy brings a lot of booze and long-running chick flicks to watch.

You know, I really can't see Owen with anyone but Cristina. I don't know. Maybe finally getting all the stuff they've been stuffing beneath the surface might eventually be good and they can find a way back to each other. That is, if Sandra Oh renews her contract and doesn't leave the show.

I also thought it was interesting that Lexi didn't have an encounter with Chief Mark. I'd like to have seen her reaction to him. For me he was too serious and too much a pompous know-it-all. I like devil-may-care Mark better.


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