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Grey's Anatomy -- Show Me Your Teeth

Updated on April 7, 2012

It's been a week since Owen dropped the A-bomb on Cristina and she hasn't spoken to him since. I'm shocked she's still living with him and hasn't packed her bag and moved in with Meredith. I still can't believe Owen cheated. I am so disappointed in him. And I absolutely loathe Shonda for doing this. Aside from the fact I never thought Owen would do something like this, I think it takes away from the real problem in their marriage; Cristina getting an abortion and not really giving Owen a voice in the matter.

I also think Owen putting Teddy's wishes before Cristina is another problem. He shouldn't have went along with letting Cristina think she was operating on a stranger and she should have been told she was operating on Henry. It was grossly unfair to her and she had to suffer the consequences when things went wrong and Henry died.

The problem is Owen and Cristina married without having a good talk about what they wanted out of their marriage; unfortunately, at the time Cristina wasn't in the emotional shape to have such a talk, but she needed Owen marrying her to give her a sense of security while she was going through post-traumatic stress from the hostage ordeal.

Given the way Cristina feels about having children she should have gone and had a tubal ligation down on herself then when she and Owen didn't use protection a pregnancy wouldn't have resulted and she wouldn't have gone through the trauma to having an abortion. Hopefully, she went through the procedure after the abortion to make sure an accidental pregnancy never happens again, when she's adamant about never having children. There's nothing wrong with the lifestyle choice Cristina has made, but if that's how she feels, she needs to put actions behind her decision to make sure an accidental pregnancy never happens.

Anyway, Cristina won't talk to Owen and she's keeping everything all bottled up inside of her. She's trying to go through the motions and acting like nothing is wrong. Out of desperation, Owen talks to Meredith about it, and I'm like [before he drops the A-bomb on her] isn't Meredith being a little too friendly to Owen if she knows he cheated on her best friend. Turns out she doesn't know until he drops it on her and after that it's like, "Get away from me, dude!" Has he forgotten how Meredith treated him when she thought he wanted Teddy? Duh, Owen, duh! Anyway, not can't Meredith tell Cristina she knows, she has to live with the knowledge that this is one time Cristina didn't come to her and confide in her what's going on. Meredith thinks it's because Cristina is trying to find some way to forgive Owen and that about sickens Meredith. Owen, if Meredith had known, she would have offered to castrate you, not been a Chatty Kathy to you.

Anyway, after a day of trying to help Teddy basically try to build a new heart, when Cristina is home eating a bowl of cereal she finally snaps and throws her bowl of cereal in Owen's face. I was thrilled she did it. I really don't think I could get past someone cheating on me. For me, it would be a deal breaker. But I would have also sat down with Owen and talked this thing out and explained I don't want children and if you do, then you married the wrong woman. I wouldn't have just made a unilateral decision the way Cristina did without even giving Owen a voice in the matter and that's where I think the crux of the problem is. Cristina presented Owen with a fait accompli without even respecting him enough to let him have a part in the decision.

Teddy is still trying to come to terms with Henry's death and goes to a grief counseling meeting and proceeds to make one of the women there feel even worse when she talks about the heart ailment her husband died from and Teddy gets all technical and sarcastic. At the hospital Teddy has an elderly man as a patient. It looks like the man will die and leave his wife alone, but in a shocking twist when Teddy goes to find the the man's wife and tell her he made it through the surgery fine and is going to be all right, she finds his wife dead on the waiting room sofa. She passed away while her husband was in surgery.

Teddy has to go and tell the man his wife is dead and he looks to her for comfort she really can't give to him. Afterwards, she finally says out loud to herself, like the grief counselor wanted everyone to say, that's she's a widow.

Alex asks to be let off his peds rotation because the mother of a premie is getting too attached to him and leaning on him too much. She's almost acting like he's the father of her baby. Unfortunately, getting off peds doesn't free him from her, as she keeps paging him non-stop wanting to know what she should do.

Mark is wondering if he should ask Julia to move in with him, while Lexie obviously wants Mark back. Lexie, however, doesn't tell Mark how she's feeling and everything seems to remain status quo.

When a departing nurse hugs Arizona a little too long, Callie begins obsessing over how many women at the hospital Arizona was involved with. Finally Mark helps put things in prospective for her. Arizona puts up with the fact that they have a child together so Callie needs to just deal with it.

The freak case of the week involved a lion. Derek and Meredith are out driving when they see it. Seems a woman had it as a pet and it attacked both it's owner and her potential new boyfriend. Needless to say it becomes a deal breaker. The woman doesn't seem to understand that they're both lucky to be alive and a lion is not something you can make a pet out of.

At the end of the day Meredith warns Derek that if he ever cheats on her she'll kill him. And just in case he thought she was joking, she makes sure he knows she's deadly serious about it.

Owen and Cristina got me watching Grey's Anatomy but I don't know if they can get past this. Sometimes things go too far and as sad as it is, you can't get past it, and you have to go your separate ways. Owen said he loves Cristina so much it hurts. That's not a good or healthy thing, and after what Owen did, Cristina may feel the same way. She may love him so much it hurt. Or another way of looking at it is loving each other causes them pain. If that's the case, it may time to throw in the towel and go their separate ways to end that pain.


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