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Grey's Anatomy -- Sister, Sister

Updated on September 27, 2014

Richard's secret is out

It was the first episode of the new Grey's Anatomy, which I've come to think of it, now that Cristina is gone. Interesting enough I didn't really feel her absence. I actually enjoyed the episode and didn't think there was anything off without Cristina around. There was also a freshness about it.

The show begins with Meredith having a dream of being in an amusement park as a child with her mother. Her mother got sick and Meredith is credited for saving her life. As it turns out Ellis wasn't sick, but was going into labor. Then Ellis gives Baby Maggie away without looking at her once. When Meredith wakes up she appears to recall her terror of being abandoned by her mother in the amusement park, but not the fact her mother gave birth to her sister.

Meredith goes to Alex who since all the other interns they started with are gone is now her de facto person. She even kicks a bare naked Jo out of Alex's bed so she can crawl in bed with Alex. Needless to say, Jo is not pleased.

Interestingly enough, Jo and Stephanie are also the only two remaining interns from their group of interns. But they not really as interesting as either Meredith or Alex. They're still carrying on their dibs on patient thing which is pretty childish. And while Jo is forced to crawl in a car with a couple of pantless teens, Stephanie loses a patient's kidney. Yep, they're the cream of the crop. Strangely enough, I actually miss Leah, who was the best of the lot are Mouse got killed off last season.

Meanwhile, newbie Amelia discovers Richard's secret. Still reeling from the fact that Maggie is his and Ellis' love child, he goes to an AA meeting to make sure he doesn't give into his urge to go back to the bottle. Unfortunately, Amelia is at the same and Richard is not pleased that the cat is out of the bag.

And at the hospital Meredith and Maggie lock horns when they're on the same case. It all starts when Meredith, Owen and Maggie head to the roof to await a patient coming in on the helicopter. The wind is really hooping it up and the stretcher that was locked in place unlocks itself and goes careening over the side and impales itself in a car where two pantless teens were doing the nasty.

Once the patient from the copter is unloaded, Meredith and Maggie butt heads over treatment. Maggie wants to do some tests on the man's heart, but Meredith rushes him into surgery and at a critical moment the man crashes and Maggie has to take over the case.

Afterwards, Maggie tells Richard how much she hates Meredith and has decided she had a great family and doesn't need anymore. This crushes Richard, as he takes it as a rejection of him as her father, as well.

April is in mother hen mode over Owen. She believes he's crushed without Cristina being around and needs someone to be his friend. She gets Jackson to go make an attempt at becoming Owen's buddy, only it doesn't work. Derek also tries to get buddy-buddy with Owent and is met with similar success.

When Derek has to operate on a man and he dies telling his son about his father's death seems to get through to Derek what's really important. The boy says he already misses his father. Derek doesn't want his kids to miss him with him being in Washington and them living in Seattle. So he decides to turn down the job. Unfortunately, when he tells Meredith his decision, it isn't meant with happiness. She gets all upset and walks away to sit at the bar [next to her secret sister, Maggie] as they both order a Tequila shot.

Of course, one has to wonder what this will mean for Amelia's position as the head of neurology. Since Derek isn't leaving, will he get his position back? On other Amelia fronts, she tries to assure Richard her lips are sealed by what he said at the AA meeting but he makes it clear he doesn't want to be her new buddy and trade secrets. She seems to be keeping one of her own from Derek.

A new attending at the hospital challenges Arizona about going for a new specialty that would require Arizona going back to school. When she decides to go for it, it isn't met with happiness from Callie. All episode long Callie was kvetching about them using a surrogate, since she couldn't trust the surrogate could keep their baby safe, bringing up the accident she had while pregnant as an example of how even she couldn't protect her baby. But after talking with the mother of a teen with cancer who got stuck in the car impaled by the stretcher she realize she just have to go for it and do the best you can do. So Arizona's news seems to put them at cross purposes. In short, how can Arizona help with a new baby when she's busy going back to school.

The whole board seat mess Cristina left behind comes to light as both Bailey and Karev push for being given the seat. Bailey is smugly certain she'll get it, even though Karev now owns shares of the hospital. She really shouldn't be so smugly certain. Since Karev is Meredith's new person, she'll obviously vote for Alex. And Arizona made it clear she'll vote for him, too. While Callie made it clear she'll vote for Bailey and Derek most likely will vote for her, too, which makes it a tie. So deciding vote may go to Jackson and he could go either way, as I don't think he has a relationship with either Bailey or Karev.

So the season was off to a good start. As I said, I strangely enough didn't feel Cristina's absence. The show has some good stories going and it'll be interesting to see how it all unfolds.


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